Disposable panties, cellulose compresses, breastfeeders
By clothing-bag, 22/11/2022

Disposable panties, cellulose compresses, breastfeeders

Tengo a una persona muy querida de la familia en la recta final de su embarazo. Y no sé por qué me ha dado por recordar que justo en ese momento, yo en su lugar andaba haciendo acopio de lo poco que me quedaba por conseguir para tener todo listo para el día P (p de parto, claro).Bragas desechables, compresas de celulosa, sujetadores de lactancia Bragas desechables, compresas de celulosa, sujetadores de lactancia

It must be related to nest instinct.But the truth is that the last month was impossible for me not to be mentally reviewing what I could need.To me and the baby.

It was like an officer of the Intendance before the war, ruminating what I needed.

In my case it was at least more obvious with the first child.With Julia everything was (being) much more relaxed.

Bragas desechables, compresas de celulosa, sujetadores de lactancia

In both cases I was pretrechating with what the post titled today: disposable panties, cellulose compresses, breastfeeding fasteners.

The truth is that the underwear of a woman who has just given birth is not like to organize a Victoria’s Secret pass.Worse than the underwear of pregnant women, which we have already talked about on occasion.

Very different from when you prepared the trousseau for your first trip with your boyfriend.TRUE?

The panties of using and throwing was an excellent illness of the midwife.During the first ten days, with the loquios in tow and the body halfway between pregnancy and normality, nothing better than that, however ugly they are.

The huge cellulose -bound compresses, better than cotton, were another recommendation of the midwife.Modern extrafine compresses are not recommended at the beginning.

It is a way to solidarize you with your little girl and their diapers.Or to put yourself in your grandmother's skin and her cloths.

And breastfeeding fasteners give for another whole post.In my case I have recycled those of the little one.

I will see it today.Will everything have already prepared? I have to ask him.

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