How to excite a woman: ideas and advice
By clothing-bag, 21/06/2022

How to excite a woman: ideas and advice

There is no magic formula to excite a woman

How to do... ?

Do you want to know how to excite a woman?We show you some more common tips, secrets and mistakes to take into account so that you both enjoy pleasure to the fullest.

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Ada Funes

Exciteing a woman is not an easy task, especially because the techniques that can work for a woman do not work just as well for another.There are many mistakes that are usually made due to ignorance of how women's mind works at the sexual level and what are the differences with respect to men in terms of excitement.

Cómo excitar a una mujer: ideas y consejos

We are going to show you everything you should know to be better in bed and know how to excite a woman making her enjoy both the experience and you.

What you should know before starting

Women are not like men as far as sex are concerned, although they are also sexual beings, they do not go from 0 to 100 in two seconds, with them you have to spend a time that they enter into heat.You must create a sexual tension between her and you.It consists of giving one of lime and another of sand, that is, sees a step forward and another back: kiss it passionately and then slow down a little, with this strip and loosen you will want to want the time for the bed to arrive, byWhat you will have a lot of advanced, since in the preliminaries it will be excited much earlier.

On the other hand, when the time comes, you must have planned that the environment mustYour breath, if you have dinner before it is a good idea to carry a gum or something that can improve the smell of your breath in case you have no opportunity to wash your teeth.

The secrets to excite a woman

The usual mistakes when exciting a woman

Next, we list the usual mistakes that men make when they want to excite a woman:

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