By clothing-bag, 27/09/2022

Leggins: 5 diseases that can cause your excessive use

Leggins are a very comfortable garment, however, it can be harmful to health if used for a long time.The situation is aggravated if we use the leggins to exercise and do not change or dry the sweat of our skin.

To explain the problems of the abuse of the leggins, the MIC interviewed Dr. Michael Eidelman, medical director of Chelsea Skin and Laser in New York.Eidelman listed seven diseases related to the lack of care when using this popular garment.

1) Foliculitis.This is the inflammation of the follicle of the hairs, produced by the damage or blocking of said follicles, thanks to the tight garments or the constant friction."Making spinning with leggins can increase the risk of having folliculitis in the hairs of the buttocks," said Dr. Eidelman.

Leggins: 5 enfermedades que te pueden causar su uso excesivo

2) Tinea Cruris.Wet and hot environments in our skin help the development of fungi and yeasts."The tinea cruris is a fungal infection that affects the skin of internal thighs, the rear and the genitals".According to the American doctor, this disease is more common in men but can also happen in women.

3) Vaginitis.It is a common disease in women who wear underwear and tight and humid garments for a long time."The risk of vaginitis is increased if antibiotics are taken to combat other diseases," Eidelman added.

4) intertrigo.It is an eruption of the skin that arises in wet skin, such as armpits, behind the knees and under the breasts."This inflammation causes the skin to flush and be irritated".

5) Acne.Sweat and body fat arises when they are trapped thanks to the use of tight garments.Dr. Eidelman explains that it is common for acne to arise in the back and chest.