Return to the past: Street Fighter II 25 Anniversary
By clothing-bag, 30/10/2022

Return to the past: Street Fighter II 25 Anniversary

They say that the story, that with capital H, that which feels a chair and becomes part of both the textbooks and the legacy of humanity, the winners write it.However, the story that we prepare to tell you now does not begin recalling the deeds and exploits of a winner, but of a humble and current video game that 29 years ago went on tiptoe through the recreational halls.This video game responded to the name ofStreet Fighter.Few paid attention to him at the time, since he suffered from a few failures that struck his gameplay, also belonging to a genre rather than a minority such as that of the fight versus one against one.Nor is it that it had it easy to make known, since its distribution inArcade rooms was very restricted due to the very nature of its control system, which used six attack buttons when at that time they were two, or at mostthree buttons that a game needed to manage all its commands.The story (again with capital letters) of the video game has shown us that a title that generates these results is a game destined to fall into oblivion.But, whether by avatars of destiny or simply because the name "Street Fighter" sounded well, this was not so with the title that occupies us.However, its humble initial result was something that did not go unnoticed by its developer, Capcom, which was about to change from head to toe the new installment of the then incipient franchise to relaunch it as something totally different calledStreet Fighter'89, a title that would go from the fight versus one against one to the beat 'street em up in the purest Double Dragon style.However, the Fortuna goddess smiled atStreet Fighter, since Capcom finally decided to rename that beat ’em up as final Fight, reserving both theStreet Fighter brand and the characters and background that were part of that title for later.Even so, the one who could end up callingStreet Fighter ’89 became a gigantic and unquestionable success.But this success ended up overshadowed by an even bigger triumph.

The moment forStreet Fighter definitely arrived in1991.Yot was his son and heir,Street Fighter YoYo, who managed not only to achieve the success that his father and predecessor had been denied, but also much further, transcending to the craziest and crazy expectations that Capcom would have raisedWith your new project.Which Julio César in the full delirium of conquest,Street Fighter YoYo arrived, saw and won, and thereafter the video game industry in its entirety ceased to be the same the same.The rest, as they say, is history.A story that we prepare to tell you in this macroreportajeto aimed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the most important video games of this industry.Videogame that, by the way, has a new imminent launch offspring that, under the name ofStreet Fighter V, prepares to reverde the laurels of a legendary saga.The place where the franchise must be positioned is already a matter of the tastes of each one, but of course the merits that the street Fighter has reaped throughout its 29 years of travel makes it mandatory deserving of being well placedYon this top regardless of trends, fashions or personal preferences.

The text that you now get to read is a very special product, the result of several years of work.They have not been continuous years, obviously (this humble server of you cannot afford luxury size), but it has been brewing along that temporal framework.Yot all started inAugust 2008 with theStreet Fighter article: Round EYoTHERne, published on the occasion of the new popular wave achieved by the franchise thanks toStreet Fighter YoV, and in which the first games of the saga were reviewed as well as its scarceYon the world of animation.From there several more articles occurred, in which attention was paid to subsagas such asStreet FighterAlpha andStreet Fighter YoYoYo.Well, this report that we now offer you is nothing but the ultra version of these texts, initially launched in 2012 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the franchise at a general level, only that updated, chrome and gleaming, ready to travel to the Valhalla and proudthat you are witnesses.EYoTHERur old and faithful Delorean is already anxious to embark on the most extensive trip of his already dilate career.Willing to accompany us?Round EYoTHERne, Fight!

The legend of the wandering fighter is the story of a young orphan who dreamed of becoming the best globe fighter.A young man who, against all forecast, manages to reach his goal;Although shortly after, everything he wanted and venerated in life ends up being destroyed because of a man -shaped demon namedAkuma, who from that moment becomes a curse at all levels of which the young warrior cannotget away.This is the story of how the warrior begins to err around the world, always in motion, without ever looking back, while trying to flee a shadow that is none other than his own.But nobody can escape his own shadow, that the warrior well knows.He is aware that one day the dreaded time will come when he must accept the dark power that grows inside.But how without ending up being consumed by him?How to avoid becoming a demon similar to the one who destroyed his life?While the warrior tries to find an answer to the questions that torment his soul, he continues to erred around the world.Always in motion, without ever looking back, while the shadow that persecutes him is a little closer to him every day.

This is also the story of a young, energetic and ambitious, who dreamed of becoming the best fighter of all time.A young man who, to achieve his goal, decided to sell his body and soul to powers that were beyond all understanding.Those powers gave him everything he had always wanted, although at a high price that the warrior thought he was willing to pay.He soon realized his mistake, because what had previously been unbridled ambition, was now insatiable avidity;What had previously been infinite passion, was now inevitable destruction;What had been life before, now was death...But not for him, but for everything that surrounded him.So the warrior, now turned into a man -shaped demon, begins to err the world, leaving behind a crimson trail, a river of blood on which the destroyed corpses float of their countless victims float.With his aged body, with a demonic will taking over his mind in an increasingMiserable existence.With death the rest would come;With death, salvation would come.But what if not even the grimace is able to get rid of his curse?What if the powers that have taken over the existence of it are not willing to allow him to throw himself into the stark, dildo and cold hug ofMrs. Death?

While the warrior tries to find an answer to the questions that torment his soul, he continues to erred around the world.The words of pride that his teacher dedicated to him;Happy days with his brother;the promises of the future with the only woman who came to love him ... all that still remains fresh in her memory, martyrizing her, tormenting her.Evocations of a past life, reminiscences of an era that will never return, memories that the warrior would certainly erase his head without hesitation a single moment.But the powers beyond any understanding of those who a fateful day sold his soul are not willing to let him forget, just as they are not willing to allow him to rest.The warrior only has to suffer unspeakable suffering while continuing to sow death wherever he goes.The years pass and envy threatens to break the little sanity that it has left;He envies for all those whom he killed, envies to end up providing them what he longs for.

The sequel that changed everything

Second parts never was good.Yot is a topical phrase, coined in the world of celluloid, which aims to understand that there is nothing better than the original, the genuine.Trying to repeat a success formula, recycling its elements to offer more of the same with a view to getting back the favors of a previously conquered audience, it is one of the many elements that the film industry shares with that of video games.Even more in current times, with the development costs of a minimally competitive title shooting up to infinity and beyond.Since there is more and more money at stake, companies are tremendously suspicious when risk or speculate with the result.Better go for sure: the sequel, spin-off, remake, reboot, prequel or revision of a franchise that already reaped good results in the past.You just have to take a look at any list of recent or future releases to realize that the sequels dominate the market.Approximately 90 % of the most successful and/or expected games take a number at the end of their name.But is the topic true?Yos it true that second parts were never good?Returning to the world of celluloid, there are many exceptions that break that rule: the godfather YoYo,Aliens, Terminator 2, the dark gentleman ...

Yon our world there are also numerous examples of second (or third, or quarters, or fifths ...) parts that manage to be at the same level as the original title.The surprise may be lost, or the impact of that first game that managed to capture the favor of the public;But when things are done well, success is not usually elusive. Eso sí, si hay que buscar un ejemplo que rompa la regla de “Second parts never was good" en lo que a videojuegos se refiere, no existe otro mejor queStreet Fighter YoYo.Street Fighter YoYo: The World Warrior was much more than the sequel to a modest title born in recreational halls back in1987.SFYoYo was a game that created school, revolutionized the industry, raised a genre and crossed the borders of interactive leisure.Yots echoes are heard even today, 25 years after its launch.And, if it weren't for SFYoYo, surely today we couldn't enjoy Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, Soul Calibur V,Mortal Kombat X, Tekken 7, Blazblue, Dead EYoTHERrAlive 5, Guilty Gear Xrd, Person 4ArenaUltimax or any other fighting game versus that has arrived or is about to appear on the market.But the success of SFYoYo (and the innumerable sequelae of the saga that arose over time) went out years later.Street Fighter Ex 3 (2000), was the last launch of a franchise that Capcom had exhausted until exhaustion and squeezed until oppression.Without the slightest remorse, the Japanese company decided to leave the saga that had given so many joys.And the years passed, years of simple ports, remakes and recycled substitutes;Until one day, against all forecast, a new installment of the saga was announced.A game,Street Fighter YoV, which was more second part of what a fourth installment has ever become.The franchise recovered a good part of the fame and attention that should never have lost thanks to this launch, and it will undoubted.Yot is no longer like once, much less;But for all of us who value and treasure the genre that SFYoYo raised the altars, the genre that became a master and lord of the recreational halls in its era of greatest splendor, on the18th of this month it will mean an entire event, a reunionWith that great friend who we thought we were lost years and we missed.So, while we crossed out the last days that remain in the calendar and blows the 25 candles that theStreet Fighter YoYo cake has, nothing better than looking back, at the beginning of the franchise.

Street Fighter

Release Year:1987 Platforms:Arcade, PC Engine CD, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64,Atari St,Amiga, PC, PSP (within the Capcom Classics Collection Remixed), PS2 (within the Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2) The birth of a genre of human being has always liked to hit cakes.And if they are cakes with style, then much better.Although in the first years of our beloved world, what was carried was to killMartians, jump barriles thrown by a rabid gorilla or eat yellow dots while launching levels, soon the technical level of these original video games advanced enough asTo allow the emergence of games in which the protagonist had to get rid of his enemies to a clean punch (we left the titles based on contact sports such as boxing, which do have a quite old background).The primal titles of martial arts were as a rule "one against all" in which our fighter had to face successive waves of clonic enemies in phases with scroll or without it;that is, the genesis of what would later be announced as beat ’em up.A perfect example of this in the great Kung-FuMaster (YoREM,1984).Yot did not take too long to appear a variant of the genre in which the concept was simplified in order to offer a greater spectacular and depth of play.YieAr Kung-Fu (Konami,1985) is considered the first fighting game against one of the story.Yon it, most of the bases of the genre were laid: a warrior (named EYoTHERolong) had to face a series of opponents, teachers in various martial arts, one by one.To overcome in each fight it was necessary to empty the adversary's health bar before he did the same with ours.Easy, simple and direct.There were still no "rounds" as we know them now, but the classic (and forgotten long) lives, and our character could not block attacks.But the perfect was already there!and adversaries of all kinds and condition that forced us to vary our strategy from one fight to another.

Although the new genre did not prove to be especially prolific, in successive years interesting proposals arose that continued the legacy of the aforementioned Konami game, such as Yonternational Karate (System 3,1986) or Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior (Palace Software,1987),While these bet on clonic enemies of growing difficulty instead of the differentiated adversaries to those who had faced each other in YieAr Kung-Fu.Yot was during that time, onAugust 30,1987 for more signs, when oneStreet Fighter broke into the recreational halls.

The first steps of a Leyendacapcom decided.The fight versus was a genre not too popular due to its limitations and simplicity, so the Japanese company decided that to hook the fan we had to control a warrior who had a wide range of different attacks.To do this, the Japanese company designed a recreational fed by 3 interconnected 8 -bit plates (a crazyness for the time, which made clear the tremendous technical requirements needed by the game), holding six attack buttons (another shower for a timein which arcade furniture used to have two, or at most three action buttons), each of which corresponded to a certain blow (weak, middle and strong punch; weak, medium and strong kick).Yon addition, there were the possibility of executing 3 especially deadly techniques by combining turns of the control lever plus the pulsation of a certain button.As a curiosity, in addition to the standard furniture with the six attack buttons, there was a dedicated recreational with two pressure sensitive pads, one to execute the punches and another kicks the kicks.Depending on the force with which we hit the pad, our character would execute weak, medium or strong attacks.This furniture stopped being manufactured shortly after, since the pads ended up being crushed by the energetic players who were so easily being carried away by the heat of the fighting.

Yon the game we took the role of Ryu, a young Japanese orphan versed in one of the most lethal branches of karate, the arts anxiesuken martial art.The apprentice toured the globe by order of his teacher Gouken with the intention of facing the most powerful fighters in each country.Throughout the game we visited five different nations (Japan, the United States, China, England and Thailand) to face the two most powerful warriors in each region.Yon the event that a second player joined the game, he took the role of KenMasters, second student of Gouken and Ryu's partner.After a confrontation between the two, the winner was granted the privilege of continuing to fight in the CPU tournament.Although in this firstStreet Fighter we could only select Ryu or Ken (both with identical movements), the game did not fall into monotony thanks to the great range of possibilities when fighting that they offered their six attack buttons.Since that first moment, both Ryu and Ken were able to put their famous special techniques into practice, such as Hadoken or Shoryuken;EYoTHERf course, it was tremendously difficult to execute them.Maybe because of this they were so lethal when we managed to carry them out, since they fulminated half a bar of the adversary's health.Many of the ten fighters that Ryu and Ken faced in this firstStreet Fighter appeared in later deliveries of the series.Next we will offer you the biographies of the game of participants in the game.Before starting, it is convenient to review that both the history of the characters ofStreet Fighter in particular and the plot plots of video games in general have been visibly modified by Capcom with the passing of the years.To add more confusion, many of the most revealing moments in the history of the saga have taken place outside the series itself.The EYoTHERVA (acronym for original VideoAnimation, which is what anime films released on DVD) StreetAlpha generations or the filmStreet Fighter:Assassin's Fist are called in Japan:Assassin's Fist are good examples of this.So both in these and in future reviews we will try to condense the plots, giving them a way that there are as clear as possible for the reader while discarding those plot lines that have been outdated with the passing of the years.

Ryuun young fighter of great talent, orphan from his earliest childhood.When Ryu was just a child, he was adopted by a legendary martial arts master named Gouken, who took him as a student to train him in the legendary martial art namedAnsatsuken, one of the most lethal branches of Karate.Ryu trains for years next to the other pupil of his teacher, anAmerican named KenMasters, with whom he starts a great friendship.When Gouken arrives at the ears that is about to celebrate a great world fighting tournament known as World Warrior, he decides to order Ryu to participate in him as the final proof of his training.

KenMastersA wealthy wealthy, rebel and crazy, born in one of the most wealthy families in the United States.His father, restless to the neglect and carefree that the young man shows before life, decides to send him to Japan so that Gouken, a great martial arts master with whom he began friendship in his multiple business trips to the country, instills some discipline.Surprisingly, Ken ends up revealing himself as a more than applied student, while beginning to learn values that will make him mature in the future.As soon as his partner Ryu will participate in the World Warrior tournament, he decides to register too;although behind his back, since he does not believe that Ken is prepared to face the challenge.Retsuun JapaneseMaster in the Kempo discipline, whose only appearance took place in thisStreet Fighter.EYoTHERf course, later he returned in theStreet Fighter YoYo Drama CD (a kind of very popular radionovelas in Japan) and in the spectacular NorthAmerican Comics ofStreet Fighter created by you.


Japanese teacher in the art of Ninjutsu that uses many of the topical attacks of ninjas when fighting, such as the launch of shurikens and teleports.


AnAmerican military who, after passing without penalty or glory through the first World Warrior tournament, nothing else knows again.When fighting use techniques based on the Kick Boxing.

MikeBison (Balrog)A lethal boxer who was expelled from international rings when he was about to conquer the world title of heavyweight champion, since he killed one of his adversaries after establishing a bloody combat in which he jumped toThe bullfighter a good part of the rules that govern this sport.After this, he decides to participate in the Semiclandestino World Warrior tournament, since there he will not have to worry about containing or continuing any regulations.Yot is one of the most prolific characters of theStreet Fighter saga, although from the second installment its name was changed to Balrog for reasons that we will review later.Leeun Kung Fu master.He participated in this first World Warrior without much success, so since then little more is known about him, unless he is a relative of Yun and Yang (characters appeared inStreet Fighter YoYoYo).

Genuno of the most talented martial arts in China, an expert in numerous styles such as the so -called crane and mantis, which usually use when fighting.He is a friend of Chun-li's father, whom he trained as a girl at his request.He also trained Yun and Yang at Lee's request, another of his great friends.Gen makes act of appearance again in theStreet FighterAlpha series, as well as inStreet Fighter YoV.British British Punk who dreams of becoming a fat fish of low funds.Birdie again acts inStreet FighterAlpha, although with a remarkable redesign that makes it practically unrecognizable.Already in recent times he would reappear again inStreet Fighter V, with a good number of kilos of more.

Eagleun British bodyguards who enter the World Warrior tournament when an anonymous client hires him to beat Sagat.When fighting, use two Kali canes.Appears again in Capcom vs.SNK 2 (one of the best two -dimensional fighting games in history).Your sprite is subsequently recycled by Capcom to add it to theStreet FighterAlpha 3 Conversions Site for GBA and PSP.Adonluchador versed in the Thai art ofMuay Thai.He is a student of Sagat, to which he reverence and idolatra.Adon will once again make an appearance atStreet FighterAlpha and SuperStreet Fighter YoV, becoming another of the recurring characters of the franchise.

Sagatcampeón of the world ofMuay Thai, considered in his country as the God of the aforementioned martial discipline.A giant who crushes his adversaries without contemplations when they just put a foot on the ring.Tired of not finding a rival at its height, he decides to enter the World Warrior tournament in search of a worthy opponent to face.However, it exceeds the different qualifiers of the competition with the same ease with which he defeats the warriors of his country.Tired when knowing any other fighter in the world, access the final of the tournament with the security of overcoming it without the least difficulty.Sagat can't help displaying a sarcastic smile by meeting what will be his rival in the final, a Japanese boy named Ryu.But this is to hide a potential as huge as deadly.After a brutal battle, Sagat falls before the young fighter.A great scar will cross the chest of the Thai giant since then as a war wound, reminding him of the humiliation suffered and pushing him to revenge.Ryu is finally made and against all forecast, with the title of champion of the tournament.Ken, on the other hand, had fallen eliminated in the first rounds, and decided to return immediately to Japan before his teacher noticed his absence.When Ryu returns to his home a few days later, he meets a dantesque scene: Gouken's dwell.His partner Ken, after recovering knowledge, babbles something about a man of reddish hair and demonized appearance, which Gouken had called "brother" before they both get engaged in a deadly combat.

At the doors of success

The recreational ofStreet Fighter did not enjoy a good distribution in the arcade halls, mainly due to the six action buttons needed by the game, which made it incompatible with the standard furniture installed in most recreational halls.Yon Spain there were very few of these machines, so the majority of fans did not even know about the existence of the title until the homemade versions arrived, which unfortunately were auctionally bad.Maybe the only one saved from burning was PC Engine CD.Who subscribes had his first contact withStreet Fighter thanks to the conversion toAtari St, which was simply delznable.Despite all these problems, Capcom ended up programming a sequel, which would be razing with everything that was put ahead.Street Fighter YoYo: The World WarriorAño de lanzamiento:1991Plataformas:Arcade, Super Nintendo, Wii (Consola Virtual), PC,Amiga,Atari ST, ZX Spectrum,Master System, NES (versión no oficial renombrada, curiosamente, comoStreet Fighter YoV), Game Boy, PlayStation (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter Collection 2), PlayStation 2 & Xbox (dentro del recopilatorio Capcom Classics Collection), Saturn (dentro del recopilatorio Capcom Generations), iEYoTHERSHasta que llegó su horaStreet Fighter ’89; ése iba a ser en principio el título de la secuela delStreet Fighter original.At the head of the project was a young programmer named Yoshiki EYoTHERkamoto, who plannedAll that began to reap notable successes in theArcade halls thanks to games like Double Dragon (Technos,1987).EYoTHERkamoto gave his project more than spectacular graphics for the time, a section that stood out greatly thanks to his sprites of enormous extraordinarily animated dimensions.The project was increasing.Finally, the new game was completely unlinked to the SF franchise, changed its nameStreet Fighter ’89 to the end Fight and reaped a huge success.This title, together with GoldenAx (Sega,1989) and Ninja Turtles (Konami,1989), was the starting point for the golden age.But Capcom did not want to discard the idea of putting continuation to that first street Fighter.

His next attempt is undoubted.EYoTHERf course, the culprit that todayStreet Fighter 2010: The Final Fight (Capcom,1990) is considered by many as a title belonging to the franchise is Capcom USA, who changed the name of the protagonist of the game (Kevin Striker) for theof Ken, so that the title enjoyed greater popularity, while inventing a bizarre story in which the co -star ofStreet Fighter, 23 years after the events narrated in that title, became a scientist who discovered a formula thatYot gave superhuman strength.As it usually happens whenever someone discovers a formula that gives superhuman strength, they end up stealing the invention, so Ken, neither short nor lazy, undertakes an odyssey to hunt the thief in a classic two -dimensional action game with reminiscences to Stider orBionic Commando.Fortunately, after so much disruption, two great Capcom swords calledAkira Nishitani andAkira Yasuda (the latter is better known by fans of Capcom's historical recreational ones andAkiman) resumed the original idea of programming a true Sequel toStreet Fighter;And this arrived inMarch1991 with the title, this time, byStreet Fighter YoYo.TheStreet Fighter YocapCom fever arrives, kept four characters from the previous game (Ryu, Ken,Mike Bise- rolled in the West as Balrog- and Sagat) and designed a whole squad of new fighters, taking care that they would highlight great differences between them while whileThey were endowed with a marking charisma.EYoTHERf the twelve characters that would finally make an act of appearance in the recreational, Capcom decided to allow the players to select eight of them, a characteristic that became one of the keys to the tremendous success of the game.The genre of the fight versus had never been very popular among the jugones, due above all to those that were their main limitations: very short games compared to other games, which became quite repetitive by having a single fighter under our control.The possibility that inStreet Fighter YoYo was given to us to be able to select eight characters in total, perfectly differentiated between them, gave a new dimension to the genre, making it tremendously competitive in games to two players while deep and long in the monojugator games.

Street Fighter Yo rescued the game system that used six attack buttons, as well as the possibility of executing special techniques by means of movements with the joystick.A graphic infarction section, gigantic perfectly animated characters moving in environments full of life and detailed to the extreme, catchy melodies that today remain unquestionably the best in the saga, a shocking sound section and a simply perfect gameplay made the rest the rest made the rest.The popularity of the recreational rose like the foam a few days after being launched;The parishioners of those longing for interactive leisure temples called recreational halls began to form large tails around the machine, eager to polish the weekly pay in such a spectacular game.The benefits soon arrived.Street Fighter YoYo became the machine that generated more money in theArcade rooms, pushing the owners of these premises to acquire the plate at all costs, despite the fact that the vast majority of them did not have the necessary furniture to house it.And is that the biggest diffusion ofStreet Fighter YoYo took place in the standard furniture, which only had three action buttons.These were configured so that the players could use the weak punch attacks, strong punch and strong kick, discarding the rest.There were even furniture in which the movements were limited even more (who subscribes came to play in a recreationalStreet Fighter YoYo in which only the weak punch button was available).Despite these deficiencies, theStreet Fighter YoYo fever does not stop increasing practically daily.A legend was born that, in addition to reign in the recreational, also expanded fever to bars, restaurants, inns, taverns and the like;And it was strange to find some public place that did not possess a recreational with a SFYoYo plate inside.

Everyone got into the car of the fight versus, so it ended up becoming the gender par excellence for years.Capcom did not react well to the unexpected and devastating success ofStreet Fighter YoYo.Due to a large extent that most SFYoYo programmers endedto launch in years to come reviews of the original SFYoYo in which the additions were null or scarce.From these reviewings we will take later, since we will use the following paragraphs to offer you the biographies of the12 participating characters inStreet Fighter YoYo.The members of this dozen fighters have ended up becoming great icons of the video game, reaching the same level of popularity that was both and within the industry enjoy characters likeMario, Pacman or Sonic, so they are undoubtedly thebest known from the saga.


The champion of the first World Warrior tournament returns to the scene, although he is no longer the optimistic and cheerful young.Between the first and second tournament, Ryu has a fatal encounter with his teacher's murderer, who is none other thanAkuma, Gouken's own brother (a Gouken who would be miraculously returned to life by Capcom inStreet Fighter YoV).Weeks after the deadly confrontation occurs, which Ryu hardly achieves leaving alive, discovers very much that the mysterious evil that has possessedAkuma is also in his own interior, threatening to seize his will.That is why Ryu ends up becoming a lonely and pessimistic man;Always traveling from one place to another, refusing to find a place to consider home or people to call friends, mainly for fear of losing control and ending up hurting them, while fighting evil that nests inside the only wayWhat knows: overcoming day by day.He goes to the second tournament not to revalidate his champion title, since the victory or victory has stopped making sense to him, but to try to obtain the strength and balance he needs to reach his goal.Yon addition, he knows thatAkuma will make an appearance sooner or later, and wants to be prepared for when that happens.

KenMastersken is not the rebel and carefree young who once was.After Gouken's death, he decided to perfect everything he had learned, until he became a tremendously respected fighter in his native country.He has a stable girlfriend, with whom he intends to marry shortly, and has not stopped maintaining Ryu even though he rejects any kind of friendship.Enter the second World Warrior tournament with the intention of helping your friend as much as possible.William f.NorthAmerican military guileun that enters the second World Warrior tournament with the intention of adjusting accounts withM.Bison, who killed his best friend and companion of arms for some time ago.

Chun-Liuna beautiful Chinese woman who enters the tournament for reasons similar to those of Guile: wants to endM.Bison as fair revenge for the disappearance of his father, allegedly murdered years ago at the hands of the ruthless leader of Shadaloo.Edmond Hondahonda is the undisputed great champion of Japan.Knowing that outside his country he is barely known, he decides to travel around the world participating in international struggle tournaments to demonstrate that his discipline has nothing to envy to more traditional martial arts like karate.The paintings he has on the face reflect his great passion for Kabuki.

Dhalsim Dhalsim is an Yondian warrior who fights in world tournaments with the aim of winning the awards in metallic and using them to alleviate as far as possible the famine that his people suffer.He is a real teacher in the art of yoga, a discipline that allows him to levitate, stretch his members at will and exhale large shots of fire.Zangiefangief is a wrestling specialist who usually trained by gurgating polar bears and pincon mortifers to the orcs.He is considered the best wrestling fighter in the world, and participates in the different tournaments to leave the name of the very high Soviet Union as a good comrade that is (remember that the game was released in1991, the same year in which the U was diluted.R.S.S.).

Blankael real name of Blanka is Jimmy.When Yo was little, he suffered an aviation accident;The airplane in which he was traveling was severely damaged after crossing a strong thunderstorm and ended up crashing in the middle of the Jungle of Brazil.Blanka was the only survivor and was forced to adapt to the new hostile environment, observing the beasts and predators around him to learn his wild attacks and thus be able to survive.Boxeste Boxer was once one of the best fighters in the world, until he killed a rival and was forced to leave official competitions.Now work forM.Bison as one of the outstanding leaders of the Shadaloo EYoTHERrganization.Balrog is none other than SFYo'sMike Bise, whose name was decided to change in the western versions of SFYoYo for fear that the popular boxerMike Tyson ended up demanding Capcom USA USA.The fact is that this Capcom subsidiary (which in those days generated disasters of apocalyptic proportions in practically everything he did), instead of limiting himself to renamed the boxer in another way, decided to boil it even more brown, so neither cuts neither cuts norlazy renamed the character that occupies us with the name that the Spanish character possessed in Japan.Because of this, this character (Balrog in the original) was renamed Vega, which was neither more nor less than the name Boss's end of the game in the original Japanese version.Thus, said Boss final was renamed as m.Bison (Western players interpreted that m.As a "myster", as far as the character became known asMister B birth), thereby closing one of the most chaotic and absurd circles that the times have seen in terms of video games.


This Spanish is one of the most rare characters ever created.Yot is a psycho bullfighter trained in the art of Ninjutsu (take now!), Who uses a steel claw in fighting.He loves all beautiful things, especially himself, and in the clashes he uses an iron mask to protect his beautiful (example) face of the injuries that may suffer.As a good cornering murderer, he works in the organization ofM.Bison as one of the four kings of Shadaloo.As a curiosity, to mention that the Spanish flag that appears in theMapamundi of the original SFYoYo was (fortunately) more than outdated by that time.These of Capcom ... SagatelAmo and Lord ofMuay Thai.The scar on the chest is a reminder of its painful defeat at the hands of Ryu in the final of the first World Warrior tournament.Yot has become one of the most lethal murderers of the Shadaloo organization.


Bison is a powerful fighter with psychic powers who, as a good bad to stand it, seeks to dominate the world.To achieve its objective, instead of assembling economic crises, raising taxes, decreeing budget cuts and ensuring that the risk premium is fatal, prefers to organize tournaments to meet the strongest fighters in the world, which you try to workto transform them into brain -free soldiers that fulfill their orders without grinding (as you can see, different method for the same end).He is the leader of a powerful crime union known as Shadaloo.

Yos there life beyondStreet Fighter YoYo? Capcom got drunk with success thanks to SFYoYo.EYoTHERf course, the sequel to the game was more than sung, although the Japanese company decided to squeeze the golden egg chicken until it was dry before renewing it.Many of the programmers who had developed SFYoYo ended up emigrating to SNK, so Capcom spent several years without being able to react by not having sufficient talents to compete against the extraordinary struggle titles that the longing creator of Neo Geo began to develop to Espuertas.Anyway, if something works, why change it?The quality would be on the SNK side, but Capcom continued to have the overwhelming fame harvested by SFYoYo.Said and done, and in just one year, a revision ofStreet Fighter YoYo arrived to the recreational halls with the Champion Edition coletilla.

Street Fighter YoYo’ Champion EditionPlataformas:Arcade, PC Engine,Mega Drive, PlayStation (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter Collection 2), PlayStation 2 & Xbox (dentro del recopilatorio Capcom Classics Collection), PC (dentro del recopilatorio CapcomArcade Hits Volume1), iEYoTHERSEn esta revisión de la recreativa, Capcom añadió los cuatro jefes finales del SFYoYo original (Balrog, Vega, Sagat yM.Bison) al plantel de selección de personajes, con lo que ya eran12 los caracteres a disposición de los jugadores.Yon addition, it included the possibility of allowing two opponents to select the same character.To avoid confusion of who controls who, Capcom changed the color palette of the “cloned" fighter with respect to the original version (in the slang of the recreational halls, these photocopied fighters were known as “shadows").During the story mode for a player, it was also possible to face the same fighter we controlled at that time.

Street Fighter YoYo Turbo Hyper FightingPlataformas:Arcade, Super Nintendo, Wii (Consola Virtual), Xbox 360 (Xbox LiveArcade), PlayStation (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter Collection 2), PlayStation 2 & Xbox (dentro del recopilatorio Capcom Classics Collection), iEYoTHERS

Capcom game demand seemed to have no end.To the official versions were added many other illegally modified that allowed the fighters to execute increasing, characters that crossed the screen from side to side at vertigo speeds, etc..).Surely many of those who lived the golden age of the recreational halls you came to top with some of these "tuned" machines.And it is that the CPS, a plate on whichStreet Fighter YoYo was scheduled, had no defense against hacking.Yon response to all this riot, Capcom developed a new version of SFYoYo, a while after the launch of SFYoYo Champion Edition, which he called Turbo Hyper Fighting.Yots main changes were an augmented game speed, new movements for each fighter (Chun-li could already execute its famous Kikoken, or Dhalsim began to teleport thanks to its teleport yoga) and a renewed color palette for the characters that replaced theclassic (original tones became alternatives).SuperStreet Fighter YoYo: The New ChallengersPlataformas:Arcade, Super Nintendo,Mega Drive, Wii (Consola Virtual), FM Towns, PlayStation & Saturn (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter Collection)Afortunadamente, para la siguiente revisión de su exitoso arcade, Capcom decidió crear cuatro nuevos personajes en lugar de limitarse a un más de lo mismo.The graphics were also significantly improved since with this SSFYoYo the franchise moved from the classic CPS1 plate to the new and brand new CPS2 (although the transfer, rather than to improve the game, was made to avoid the illegal modifications mentioned above);Likewise, the inclusion of Q-Sound technology allowed the sound section of the title to rise several integers with respect to previous versions.The fever of alternative colors reached its maximum expression with this title, since they became neither more nor less than 8 the shades available for each fighter.This was mainly due to the fact that the luxury version of the recreational (called SuperStreet Fighter YoYo: The Tournament Battle) consisted of eight interconnected machines, with which tournaments were held in which an identical number of players could participate.New blows and special movements were also added for each fighter.For example, Ryu's Fire Hadoken ceased to be a colored palette bug (in previous SFYoYo versions) to become a flare capable of burning the opponents.Ken also won his flaming shoryuken, began to visibly differentiate himself from Ryu in terms of normal and special movements.Finally, an accountant was incorporated that gave us points as the first to attack the opponent or for chaining several consecutive blows, which led to the birth of the popular combos that today can not be missing in any fighting game that isDurry to be.

SuperStreet Fighter YoYo became a much more technical and elaborate game thanks to these additions, while the four new additions (Cammy, Thunder Hawk, Dee Jay and Fei Long) offered a more than necessary breath of fresh air to the squadcharacters.Yon spite of this, the recreational failed to achieve the success of previous versions of SFYoYo, mainly due to the wear and tear suffered by a title that shouted a truly original sequel instead of a simple update, so that its distribution was seenVery diminished, especially in the West.EYoTHERf the novelties in the characters, two were created by Capcom USA (T.Hawk and Dee Jay) and two by Capcom Japan (Fei Long and Cammy).Before closing the review to SSFYoYo, we will offer you brief biographies of each of them.Feilongpersonage one hundred percent traced to the mythical Bruce Lee.He is an actor of martial arts, teacher in art Jeet Kune Do, who wants to demonstrate his real capacity as a fighter.Cammyuna of the first fighters to which m.Bison sometió en el pasado para lavarle el cerebro con el objetivo de que pasara a engrosar las filas de la unidad Doll, su cuerpo de guardaespaldas personal. Cammy logró librarse de la influencia deBison, y ahora busca pararle los pies a toda costa.Thunder Hawkun Gigantic Yondian warrior who declares war to Shadaloo when the sinister organization decides to establish its base on sacred lands protected by its tribe.Dee Jayun Jamaican, skilled Kick Boxing and star music fighter, who fights only to have fun and inspire to create rhythms in his new compositions.

SuperStreet Fighter YoYo TurboPlataformas:Arcade, 3DEYoTHER, PC,Amiga, PlayStation & Saturn (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter Collection), Dreamcast, Game BoyAdvance, PlayStation 2 & Xbox (dentro de los recopilatorios HyperStreet Fighter YoYo: TheAnniversary Edition y Capcom Classics Collection Vol.2), Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (HD version available for digital download) Capcom, far from surrendering, launched a newStreet Fighter YoYo review in January1994.As replaces the spectacular desperate attacks (called that, to execute them, the fighter's health bar had to be under minimum) that its main rival, SNK, included in Sagas such asArt of Fighting or Fatal Fury, Capcom took out of themanga what he called Super Combo attacks, which were nothing more forceful versions of special techniques already seen in previous SFYoYo, to which a shading effect was added to increase its spectacularity.To execute these super combos we had to fill the usual energy bar, located at the lower end of the screen.The super combos were not the only novelty of the title, since more possibilities were added when fighting, such as Tech Hit to escape the rival's dam, as well as new movements for each fighter.Yon addition, the ogre of the struggle, better known asAkum.Yof we committed the boldness of overcoming all the rivals of the tournament without continuing (fed hob.Bison de un solo golpe y pasaba a enfrentarse a nosotros.

Before going to offer you the biography ofAkuma, it is convenient to mention the last and more than extraordinary review of the game that concerns us.This is SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo HD Remix, was launched in 2008 for Xbox 360 digital download platforms and PlayStation 3, and has the honor of being the remake more work of a 2D fighting game that has seen thelight to date.With a completely renewed visual section, inspired by the work of Udon Entertaiment artists, a remembered soundtrack, online game support and the same excellent playability of always, this last review of an timeless classic must be mandatory in the hard drives of the hard drives ofEvery genre fan that boasts of being.Akuma also known as the EYoTHERgro of the fight,Akuma is a human possessed by terrible and demonic powers.Yon the past a dark power known as the SATSUYo did not fate, which led him to become the most powerful fighter on the planet.However, he had to pay a high price for his ambition: the Satsui did not do his will and increases his power to unbearable limits for a human being, so he always has to keep himself in tension if he does not want him to, either his bodyexploits the pressure to which he is subjected or his mind is completely annulled by the darkness that governs his actions.After annihilating his teacher, Gutetsu, who had started in theAnsatsuken arts of which he was now a master and undisputed Lord,Akuma began to roam aimAll he wanted was to be able to end his suffering.However, the years pass without managing anyone capable of beating him and killing him;Until the day comes when he sees in Ryu, one of Gouken's young students (Akuma's older brother), enough talent to defeat him.

When considering that the slow and benevolent teachings of Gouken will prevent Ryu from reaching its maximum potential,Akuma decides to kill his own brother (although he failed.At present, the ogre of the fight has been defeated by Ryu, but this has not served to get rid of the curse that his soul consumes.What follows is something that with the passage of time Capcom has decided to mark as non -canonical, even though it sheds enough light on the relationship between both characters.And it is that the two staunch rivals (Akuma and Ryu) do not know that they are actually a father and son.Ryu was begotten whenAkuma had not yet been possessed at all by the power of Satsui not fate, although this did not prevent the young man from inheriting that dark force.The only being about the face of the earth who knows the truth about this kinship is Gouken, who swore Ryu's mother, when she was on her deathbed, who would take care of her nephew and keep the secret forever.The thousand and one conversions as you can see in each first section of the sections in which the different versions ofStreet Fighter YoYo have been reviewed, both the original game and its successive extensions have seen the light in an infinity of systems, some so popularasMega Drive and others as strange as FM Towns;All this without forgetting the not a few installments of doubtful origin (mostly destined for nes) among whichStreet Fighter YoVMari Turbo stands out, which includedMario as a selectable character.These illegal versions are more than curious, since among them is one of Korean origin for PC, known asStreet Fighter YoBM, which gave the user the possibility of modifying both scenarios and music and characters, so you canConsider predecessor of the popularMugen how popular they were made in the late 90s and beginning of the present century.Thus, it is not surprising that games of such popularity and success such asStreet Fighter YoYo and its four pseudo-sequels will have conversions for all systems and for having, whether legal or not.Even today they continue to reissue on current platforms, either as part of classic compilation compilations or the catalog of Xbox Live orApp Store type virtual stores.But it was certainly during the first years of the SFYoYo phenomenon (the era of greatest glory and popularity of the franchise) when there was a real pitched battle in the field of domestic platforms, with exclusive that gave rise to earthquakes that you laughRecently byStreet Fighter V.

The contestants in that original exclusive war were Nintendo and Sega.Yon the early 90s, Super Nintendo, the new and brand new16 -bit console of the Great N, debuted in the United States with a remarkable delay with respect to what was its great rival, theMegadrive of Sega (known by those parts as genesis).The new super nes did not take off in its first months for sale, since theAmerican public paid all their attention toMega Drive.To counterattack, Nintendo secured exclusively the conversion to domestic consoles of the game that had become a master and undisputed lord of the recreational halls:Street Fighter YoYo.Success did not wait, and sales in the United States Super Nintendo fired.As soon as he saw that the play had obtained the expected success, the Great N put on sale a pack that included the SFYoYo and SuperMario World Games next to the console, so the volume of sales between Super Nintendo andMegaDrive ended up balancing in a short space of time.But Sega did not run out of his ration of SFYoYo, since Capcom launched a champion edition conversion forMD.Give, which caused Sega.SuperStreet Fighter YoYo has already been launched simultaneously both inMega Drive and Super Nintendo, without exclusive wars in between.

NoStreet Fighter Yoitras The launch of SSFYoYo Turbo, Capcom recorded losses of more than1’2 billion yen, something that was seen coming after four years exploiting the franchise in a bad way.Not surprisingly, the Japanese company was limited to launching a revision after another of SFYoYo while SNK, its main rival, took the time to develop wonders of the two -dimensional struggle such as Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown,Art of Fighting 2 orThe King of Fighters '9.To recover the favor of fans, Capcom finally decided to put the batteries, beginning to develop completely new fighting titles such as Darkstalkers, in addition to a continuation (or rather prequel) in full rule of theStreet Fighter sagaStreet FighterAlpha.EYoTHERf course, with the passage of time, and once the boredom was finished towards the myriad of pseudo expansions of SFYoYo that Capcom launched to take advantage of the success of the game, SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo ended up revealing himself as one of the best titles of the saga,especially for fans.And something good should have to devote only to polish a single game over five versions.The devotion that fans of theStreet Fighter saga dedicate to SSFYoYo Turbo still today led to the development of a spectacular update in HD format, which we have already mentioned above.And before continuing, allow us to add a paragraph from the fist and lyrics by JuanArenas, driver of theMeripodcast, creator of the juicy sectionMemory Card, and one of the largest street Fighter fans that the times have seen.“When someone talks aboutStreet Fighter, especially from the second part, something inside is removed...And Yo wouldn't know how to say well why.Maybe it has to do with the originalStreet Fighter, the recreational one, was the first game that Yo managed to finish kid, and one of the few that Yo have ever completed inArcade version.Yo clearly remember how each of the rivals, their weaknesses and the movements that ensured victory had to face if the slightest error was not committed when executing them.Then only a lotdoubt.EYoTHERr it may also that the emotional bond that unites me to the Capcom franchise goes back to the time of the16 bits and the shock Yo suffered when Yo saw the enormous conversion for the Supernes of The World Warrior at the house of a good friend, in a timein which this one who speaks to you was absolutely faithful to his belovedMegadrive.How much envy Yo felt that afternoon...The fact is that all this, the infinite games to the second part in the recreational of my neighborhood after storing endless tails -then surrounded by a multitude of eager eyes to see you fall and mouths that were not opened by observing a new movement that nobodyHe had the most remote idea of how to execute - and, above all, the highly anticipated launch of the Champion Edition with its 24 megabytes for the16 bits of SEGA - Yo reserved the game in Canadian more than a year before the wool andYo literally jumped, when they called me to tell me that Yo could go to pick it up-, they ended up making the father of the fighting games in 2D an absolute fetish to whom even today surgery on the altar of my memories.So much, that years later Yo decided to get each and every one of the conversions thatStreet Fighter 2 and its variants have had throughout history...And the family, finally gathered, observes me from its showcase when entering the house, making me remember silently while Yo smile the endless winter afternoons with friends who gave us the most unrepeatable and iconographic title that the genre of the1VS1 has seennever."

Street FighterAlpha: Warriors' Draamaño launch:1995 Platforms:Arcade, PlayStation1 (Version available also for PSP and PS3 via PlayStation Network), Saturn, Game Boy Color, PC, PlayStation 2 (within theStreet FighterAlphaAnthology Pack)

Yo had to pass sooner or later.Although the success ofStreet Fighter YoYo had been huge, if you since then dedicate yourself to launch only remakes, expansions or refritos of the same game, fans will end up giving your back.Such a thing happened with SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo (1994), fourth and last review of the originalStreet Fighter YoYo, which stuck a huge Batacazo in Sales.The fans (and the franchise itself) shouted a completely newStreet Fighter, created from scratch;And Capcom finally decided to get to work, using the new and brand new CPS2 recreational plaque as a programming tool.This hardware saw its debut in the arcade halls with SuperStreet Fighter YoYo (1993), although Capcom decided to schedule this game under CPS2 more to avoid the piracy suffered by the previous versions of SFYoYo than to take advantage of the potential of the plate, soYot was still to see the appearance that a street Fighter could achieve when programmed under said system.Así, el nuevo hardware acabaría demostrando todo su buen hacer y potencial en el año1994, gracias a títulos de la talla de Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom,Alien Vs.Predator, Darkstalkers or X-Men: Children of theAtom.EYoTHERf course, the Capcom division destined to the programming of recreational machines was in full creative boiling, and CPS2 proved to be the ideal tool to give birth games that became masters and lords of theArcade halls of then.These titles showed an exceptional graphic section thanks to the color, detail and high number of animated frames that CPS2 allowed to put on the table.

Regreso al Pasado:Street Fighter YoYo 25Aniversario

Yon1995 it was finally the time to schedule, starting from zero, aStreet Fighter for CPS2.To do this, Capcom was inspired by the remarkable animated filmStreet Fighter YoYoMovie (1994).Yon that film, a wandering and sad Ryu wandered from one place to another without a fixed destination, constantly recalling through various flashbacks his much happier years of youth, in which he trained with Ken under the orders of the teacher Gouken.The youthful designs of Ryu and Ken used in these flashbacks served Capcom to give a new aspect to the protagonists of the franchise, also taking advantage of to place the plot line of the saga to the years elapsed between the first and secondStreet Fighter.Finally, this new installment was baptized asStreet FighterAlpha (SF Zero in Japan), seeing the light in the recreational halls on June 5,1995.The number of selectable characters amounted to13:10 available from the beginning and 3 to unlock.Capcom took the opportunity to introduce notable changes in the template with respect to what was seen in SFYoYo, so they were finally Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Sagat,Akuma andM.Bison los únicos luchadores provenientes de la revisión final deStreet Fighter YoYo que repetían presencia en esta nueva entrega de la saga.Akuma and Sagat remained practically equal to how we remembered them, while Ryu, Ken and Chun-li had a more youthful appearance.For the newM design.Bison, Capcom volvía a inspirarse enStreet Fighter YoYoMovie, creando un auténtico armario empotrado que distaba mucho del personaje de complexión atlética que conocíamos.The rest of the squad highlighted two unexpected returns:Adon and Birdie, characters from the originalStreet Fighter.WhileAdon's design was quite similar to that shown in the first installment of the series, Birdie changed radically appearance, being very different from the character seen in SFYo.But these were not the only family faces for Capcom Games fans.The Japanese company decided to include Guy and Sodom in SFA's squad, characters from the final video game Fight (1989).With this, Capcom closed the circle since, as we mentioned in the first pages of this report, the Japanese company had initially planned that Final Fight was the sequel to SFYo.They completed campus 3 completely new incorporations: Charlie, comrade of Guile, killed byM.Bison antes del comienzo de SFYoYo; Rose, una enigmática mujer poseedora de grandes poderes psíquicos; y Dan, un peculiar personaje del que hablaremos más en profundidad en las biografías dedicadas a cada luchador, las cuales comienzan ahora precisamente.Do you want to know each and every one of the characters ofStreet FighterAlpha more carefully?Well, you just have to keep reading ...


The brand new winner of the first World Warrior tournament, a title he got after defeating nothing more and nothing less than Sagat, a Thai giant considered until then as an unbeatable warrior.Unfortunately, this victory had a more than bitter taste for Ryu, since when the young fighter returned home he found a dantic scene: his adopted teacher and father, Gouken, killed (until Capcom said otherwise in SFYoV);And his training partner, Ken, seriously injured.Shortly after burying his teacher, Ryu moved to the United States at the insistence of his partner;However, the young part of the trip constantly despite residing as a guest in the lavish mansion of theMasters family, since he triesResponsible for Gouken's death.But a very different threat stalks on the horizon: the man who sponsored the first World Warrior, until now hidden in the shadows, seems to be very interested in the young man who ended up winning said tournament against all prognosis.KenMasters years of training in Japan with Ryu have served to completely transform KenMasters, a young member of one of the most wealthy families in the United States.The teachings and discipline instilled by Gouken have made him not only a great potential warrior, but also a much more focused and responsible person.After burying his teacher and recovering from the wounds that Gouken's mysterious murderer inflicted him, Ken decides to return to the United States with his family, insisting his partner to travel with him and become his guest.Although the young blond hair jokes, putting as an excuse that he wants to continue training with his comrade so as not to neglect the teachings learned in his years with Gouken, the real reason he wants Ryu to accompany him is very different.Ken can barely remember anything about the fight against the demoniad Guerrero who assaulted the abode of his sensei, but he does clear one thing: if Ryu ends up giving him, he will die in the same way as Gouken.That is why he wants to move his partner from Japan away as long as possible.However, Ryu insists on constantly abandoning the NorthAmerican country to try to find clues that reveal the identity of his teacher's murderer.EYoTHERn one of those trips, Ken ends up losing all contact with his comrade, so he does not hesitate to launch in his search.

Chun-Liuna young and beautiful agent of the Yonterpol who tirelessly seeks some explanation to the disappearance of his father, who worked on an important investigation that followed the steps of a mysterious international crime union from which, except his name (Shadaloo),Little more is known.The few clues they have to an international martial arts tournament held a year ago called World Warrior.Knowing that his former teacher, Gen, participated in that tournament, Chun-li decides to leave in his search, hoping that he can give him some answers.Adoncomo student more outstanding of Sagat, god ofMuay Thai,Adon was one of the most respected fighters in his country, until the dishonor suffered by his teacher (falling into the final of the first World Warrior tournament, being defeated by a young newbie andimberbe) ended up splashing him.Now,Adon seeks to find his own way.He has renegated Sagat as his teacher, has adapted the techniques learned from him towards a much more acrobatic style, and now seeks to challenge him to snatch him the title of God fromMuay Thai, since he does not consider the giant Thai worthy of possessing it for a longer time.

Birdietras surrendering to a criminal life without a remission and disrupting with the only hope that he had to resume the career of a professional fighter who longedThe one who only knows the name, Shadaloo, and the work that has been commissioned: to find the young man who defeated him in the World Warrior tournament, a Japanese boy who apparently responds to the name of Ryu, to immediately inform about his whereabouts about his whereabouts.But Birdie has a better idea: to crush that irreverent boy and personally deliver it to the organization for which she now provides her services.Guytras Help Cody, his training partner, to eliminateMetro City to the criminal bandMad Gear, Guy undertakes a trip with the reason to take his skills of fighting to the limit, since within a year he must faceTo a decisive test: following the tradition Bushin Ryu, he will face his mentor, Zeku, in a bloody combat that he must win if he wants to become the 39th teacher of his clan.

Sodomsodom has been obsessed with Japanese culture since its earliest childhood, to the point of ending up being a kind of renegade samurai aimed at governing in low funds as if it were a Yakuza leader, despite having been born in the United Statesand be moreAmerican than hamburgers.Years ago it became one of the visible heads of theMad Gear clan, until Guy defeated him in an intense fight.Now, Sodom plans to rebuild the clan, this time under his leadership, while looking for Guy to eliminate him before he has the opportunity to interfere in his plans.Charlieun Lieutenant of the USAir Forces that seeks to end the corruption that is ravanding the US army, which seems to come from the same source: a mysterious organization called Shadaloo.Charlie is a great martial arts expert, which has led him to be crowned by the United States champion twice.

Roseuna mysterious woman possessing great psychic powers, which seem to be similar to those possessed by m.Bison, el dictatorial líder de la organización criminal Shadaloo.These powers grant him the gift of prophecy, which allows him to make a living as guess in Yotaly.EYoTHERne day is assaulted by a terrible vision in which you can see a cruel dictator whose desire to be able to end up triggering a nuclear apocalypse that nothing or anyone will come out alive.This vision shows him the face ofM.Bison, un hombre que Rose jamás había visto, pero que aun así le resulta familiar.Determined to reveal the mystery, part in search of the tyrant without hesitation for a single moment.Sagatla huge scar that crosses the chest of the still known as the god ofMuay Thai remembered the humiliation suffered at the hands of a young and unknown fighter named Ryu, who defeated him in the final of the WorldMardArts Tournament known as World Warrior,held a year ago.Sagat wants to face the boy again and take revenge.However, he has more immediate problems than to deal with.His former student,Adon, has challenged him in a fight for the title of God ofMuay Thai, while a fighter named Dan, son of a fighter who faced in the past (a bloodstream that cost Sagat his right eyeAnd to the rival life), he cries revenge for the death of his father.

Dan 'TheMan' Hibikila Creation of the character at hand is more than curious.After the success of the firstStreet Fighter YoYo, the companies that launched to program versus fighting games were innumerable in an attempt to get a piece of the juicy cake that the Capcom franchise devoured full hands.Yon these titles it was common for prominence.These examples can be seen in Sagas such as World Heroes (Hanzo and Fuuma) or The King of Fighters (Kyo and Yoori).But it is in theArt of Fighting trilogy that this inspiration is most evidence.This resemblance was so obvious that he even led Capcom to complain against his main rival in the genre of the fight versus: SNK, the creator ofArt of Fighting.The actions in the courts ended up taking a dead end, so finally the creative company of SFYoYo decided to take justice by its hand, creating Dan Hibiki, a full -fledged parody of Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia.Dan's countenance resembles Robert's, while the techniques are listed to Ryo's, only much more chaotic and ineffective.Regarding the plot line ofStreet FighterAlpha, it includes Dan as son of the late Go Hibiki, a legendary fighter who lost his life years ago at the hands of Sagat.Dan wanted to avenge his father more than anything in the world, so he insisted on learning martial arts along with Gouken himself, Ryu and Ken's teacher.Yot is assumed that Gouken began to train Dan during the months in which his pupils were traveling from one end to the world to participate in the different qualifiers of the World Warrior tournament, although he ended up refusing to continue instructing him in the secrets of theAnsatsuken, because Dan was completely corrupted by revenge.

M.BisonEl líder de la organización criminal Shadaloo, quien auspició el primer torneo World Warrior a pesar de ser consciente de que ello llamaría la atención de potenciales amenazas a sus planes de dominación global.The risk was worth it, since thanks to this tournament he could discover a huge talent fighter named Ryu.M.Bison intuye que el muchacho oculta en su interior un descomunal potencial oscuro, el cual quiere investigar a fondo, tratando obviamente al joven como simple cobaya humana. Para intentar localizar a Ryu, quien no parece tener residencia fija,M.Bison activa su red de espionaje global a pesar de que con ello sacará a la organización de la clandestinidad bajo la que siempre se había movido. Esto acaba por atraer la atención de organizaciones antiterroristas como la Yonterpol; peroBison ya se ocupará de ellos más adelante, ya que en la actualidad su única prioridad es la de encontrar a Ryu.Akumael EYoTHERgro de la Lucha continues to tour the world in search of powerful warriors to face, in a desperate attempt to find a rival strong enough to end their suffering.His search is still in vain, since everyone who challenges in combat ends.Soon he is aware that his only hope of finding someone capable of defeating him resides in Ryu, the young student of the deceased Gouken who, for some reason, has tremendous potential inside.Akuma is aware that the boy tries to find his whereabouts;However, the ogre of the fight will not be revealed until he is sure that Ryu has enough strength to stand up with guarantees.

Guerrerostreet FighterAlpha's dream: Warriors' Dream differed significantly regarding what could be seen in SFYoYo both at the mechanics and aesthetics level, something very much appreciated taking into account the overexploitation that suffered the second installment of the saga.Thus, SFA's graphics were elaborated with an anime marked style, which together with the high quality of the movements of sprites equipped with a notable number of animated frames resulted in a spectacular game at the visual level, of the best appearedUntil then under the CPS2 plate. Los escenarios recibían el mismo mimo por parte de los grafistas, destacando por encima de todo la riqueza en color de la que hacían gala (especial mención para el decorado en el que tanto Charlie como Ken libran sus combates, un bulevar nocturno seguramente emplazado en laMetro City de Final Fight).EYoTHERf course, the number of decorations was lower than that of playable characters, so many of them shared battlefield.The sound section of the game used the power of the famous Q-Sound that Capcom implemented in its recreational, in order to offer a frankly spectacular sound quality.The soundtrack was composed of both remix for fighters who came fromStreet Fighter YoYo and new compositions for debutants.All were as catchy as they were previously in SFYoYo, so we were facing another point in favor of SFA.Battle screams and sound effects also emerged with total clarity, appreciating a remarkable improvement with respect to snoring voices and hollow effects of the previous delivery of the franchise.

Focusing on playability and combat mechanics itself, the first thing that caught attention was the new super combo bar.This already appeared in SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo, although in this game he did it artificially and simplona, noting from afar that it was a last -minute addition.YonStreet FighterAlpha, the way to execute the deadliest techniques of each fighter had received a complete setting.The bar destined for this purpose was divided into three sections, so it depended on us to choose if we wanted to execute a level1 super combo (we would have to wait little for the bar to fill up to that level, although our attack would be somewhat weak), 2 or 3 (the latter and with the super combo bar to the fullest, giving rise to an attack of enormous power capable of leaving low the health of the rival).Yon addition, each fighter possessed several super combo attacks, another remarkable improvement since in SSFYoYo Turbo there was only one of these overwhelming attacks by character.From the remaining added techniques, theAir Blocking, which gave the fighters the possibility of covering in the air.Mención especial por último al denominado Dramatic Battle, el cual permitía que dos jugadores se enfrentaran de manera simultanea a un luchador controlado por la computadora, algo que ya se había visto en el primer Fatal Fury (SNK,1991). Eso sí, este modo de juego adolecía de encontrarse bastante limitado, ya que los usuarios únicamente podían controlar a Ryu o Ken, siendo el rival a batirM.Bison, en una escena inspirada en el combate final del film de animaciónStreet Fighter YoYoMovie.

Regarding conversions,Street FighterAlpha initially appeared in PlayStation1 and Saturn, both traces of the original recreational being (something especially meritorious in the PS1 version, given the difficulty suffered by the console when showing two -dimensional graphics).Además, se añadió una banda sonora arrange que mejoraba aún más la música original de la recreativa, así como el obligatorioModo Versus, junto al debutanteModo Entrenamiento (siendo éste el primerStreet Fighter consolero que lo incluía).Yon1998, PC received a conversion from the game, based on the PS1 SFA.Finally, Crawfish Yonteractive programmed in 2000 a conversion in Game Boy Color, of remarkable quality despite the limitations of the hardware that housed it.Already in 2006 he saw the LightStreet FighterAlphaAnthology for PS2, a compilation of the saga that obviously included the game that occupies us. De dicha conversión destacaba un modo Dramatic Battle mejorado, en el que ya se permitía a ambos jugadores seleccionar a cualquier personaje del juego, para posteriormente luchar contra cuatro rivales de forma sucesiva:Adon, Sagat,M.Bison yAkuma.

Street FighterAlpha 2 Yarn launch:1996 Platforms:Arcade, PlayStation (PSP and PS3 version in the PS Store), Saturn, Super Nintendo (Available version for Wii in the virtual console), PC, PlayStation 2 (within the collectionStreet FighterAlphaAnthology) Yon1995, a Capcom in a state of grace had managed to recover in a short time all the terrain that its main rival of that time, SNK, managed to conquer some time ago. La placa Capcom Play System 2 (CPS2 para los amigos) estaba siendo exprimida al máximo, pariéndose gracias a sus bondades auténticos juegazos de lucha versus como DarkStalkers (1994), X-Men: Children of theAtom (1994), Night Warriors: DarkStalkers’ Revenge (1995), Cyberbots: FullMetalMadness (1995),Street FighterAlpha (1995) oMarvel Super Heroes (1995).We were in the middle of the golden age of the genre and that was noticeable by admiring the catalog of the two companies mentioned above, indisputable queens of the fight versus engaged in a fight without truce in order to take the approval of the fans.That pulse without truce that genre lovers lived with total intensity and passion promised to ascend to a new level in1996.SNK was beginning to put on the caliber titles ofArt of Fighting 3, Kizun.So overwhelming catalog was enough for any competition developer to limit himself to bend his head and retire to crying into a corner.But Capcom, far from amilasting, accepted the challenge and set out to stand up with all its forces.The creator of the immortalStreet Fighter YoYo had raised the genre to the altars and was not willing to get on the beards whether in hardware or software. La compañía nipona planeaba estrenar en aquel año su nueva y flamante placa recreativa CPS3, sistema poseedor de una alucinante potencia a la hora de gestionar gráficos bidimensionales con el que pretendía situarse definitivamente a años luz del hardware que SNK seguía exprimiendo a fondo (la placaMVS, más conocida como Neo Geo).

The premiere of CPS3 would take place at the end of November with the Warzard game, but until then Capcom did not plan to stay with crossed arms.His CPS2 still had rope for a while, so he used it to develop two fighting games destined to stand up to them alone to the entire catalog that SNK put in the recreational halls (and in the homes of the users who could afford it) also.We talk aboutStreet FighterAlpha 2 (how not) and X-Men vs.Street Fighter, crossover with which he linked his two most successful fight franchises in a maneuver similar to that carried out by SNK with his saga The King of Fighters.Since this article focuses on theStreet Fighter saga, it is time to focus the objective on what interests us.Street FighterAlpha 2 (known as SF Zero 2 in Japan) carried the responsibility of becoming a new referent of the fighting genre on its back.Not surprisingly, we are talking about the sequel to the remarkableStreet FighterAlpha released a year ago, which in turn had collected theStreet Fighter YoYo witness when becoming the Capcom flagship.Fortunately, the Japanese company was not willing to make the mistake that SFYoYo had worn up until the earrings.Street FighterAlpha 2 was not an update/review/refrit.Para comenzar, al plantel de personajes provenientes del primerStreet FighterAlpha (Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li,Adon, Guy, Charlie, Birdie, Rose, Sodom, Sagat, Dan,M.Bison yAkuma) se unían cinco luchadores, la mayoría de ellos viejos conocidos para los aficionados a los juegos de Capcom. El más veterano de todos era Gen, personaje proveniente del primerStreet Fighter (1987) que, como maestro de artes marciales al que unía una inquebrantable amistad con el padre de Chun-Li, decide tomar a dicha joven bajo su tutela tras la desaparición de su amigo y antiguo alumno a manos deM.Bison y sus sicarios.EYoTHERn theArgument ofStreet FighterAlpha 2 we are told as GEN, after participating in the first World Warrior tournament, discovers that he has the days counted because of leukemia.Determined to die in combat instead of prostrate in a bed, the old man in search of a rival with enough power to end its existence.

Another veteran of Capcom who makes an appearance in SFA2 is Roles of all times.The narrative reason for the presence of Rolento in SFA2 is pure and simply that the mercenary plans to create a powerful military organization, seeking to get part of Shadaloo's resources to fulfill his dream. El plantel de “nuevos luchadores, viejos conocidos" deStreet FighterAlpha 2 se completa con Dhalsim y Zangief, personajes provenientes deStreet Fighter YoYo (1991) que prácticamente no necesitan presentación.Point only that SFYoYo's passage to theAlpha sub -SagCartoon, how good they feel.That said, it only remains to focus attention on the only really new character to whomStreet FighterAlpha 2 saw birth.This is Sakura Kasugano, a fighter who received a special treatment from Capcom designers in her conception since they planned to attract the attention of a new generation of young users.At first it was planned that Sakura wore traditional Japanese clothes (kimono and hakama pants similar to those of Kasumi Todoh, SNK character) although, in order to capture the interest of the kid, the young woman ended up wearing Japanese schoolgirl clothes, with a skirtas short as possible so that their charms could be further highlighted for revelry and debauchery of the triggered male hormones of the teenage player.

SFA2's plot background shows Sakura as a schoolgirl who stands out among her companions for being a staunch fond of martial arts fighting.The first World Warrior Tourna.What most caught Sakura's attention every time he saw these videos was the remarkable skill of the young fighter named Ryu, who ended up becoming the winner of the tournament.So much time dedicated to reviewing the fighting in which the young Karateka participated, who finally ended up emulating his struggle, being able to execute techniques as complex as the Hadoken or the Shoryuken, although with an obviously more amateur style.Finally, Sakura decides to travel the world to try to find Ryu.

And since we talk about plot background, to say that SFA2's fighting, such as those of theAlpha saga, are not set in any tournament unlike what happened in titles such as the first SF, the second and historical delivery or themost recent at the quarter -year -old time of the series.Thus, each character has its particular history mode, which leads him to face in the last fight a fighter of the squad with whom he has a special relationship or a specific interest (therefore, in this game there are no final bosses to theuse).The most important narrative thread is, as can be seen thanks to the cover image of the game, which implies Ryu andAkuma, since the first (and fatal) chronological encounter between the two characters occurs in this title.Ryu finally faces the murderer of his teacher Gouken, although he soon discovers that he is a rival too powerful.When the young Karateka is already completely cornered, from the interior the dark power of the SATSUYo is not made, manifesting for the first time in all its potential.

Focusing on the playable section,Street FighterAlpha 2 retains all the virtues of the previous delivery, introducing the novelties and fair changes so as not to break the balance and the exquisite gameplay that had become the main strong point of the original SFA of the SFA.We have as much as one of the main signs of evolution of the franchise with an energy bar to execute the super combos or special techniques divided into three sections, thus allowing each of the most powerful attacks of each fighter to be carried out with eventhree degrees of power;Alpha counters also return (automatic counterattack technique that consumes a section of the energy bar) and the possibility of blocking in the air.The most relevant novelty of SFA2 at the playable level is undoubted.The visual section ofStreet FighterAlpha 2 is a delight for the view. Los grafistas de Capcom siguieron tomando como referencia el mejor largometraje anime que jamás ha tenido la franquicia (Street Fighter YoYo TheMovie) para elaborar unos sprites que exhalan aspecto manga por todos sus poros.Mención especial para los escenarios del juego, uno de los puntos flacos del SFA original que aquí es corregido y convertido en una de las mayores virtudes en la parcela visual.Each character has its own personalized scenario, also elaborated with a pamper worthy of relevance. Desde el impresionante elevador que nos transporta a las alturas cuando luchamos contra Rolento (uno de los mejores escenarios del juego) hasta el Harrier suspendido en el decorado de Charlie, pasando por las bicicletas de la zona de combate de Chun-Li o la calle deMetro City en la que Guy libra los combates, todos y cada uno de los decorados son un auténtico lujo repleto de colorido y detalles por doquier.Especially relevant are the cameos of other Capcom characters, visible especially in the Guy and Ken stages.Yon the case of the first, its combat zone is crowded with final characters Fight both allies and enemies, while on the scenario of Ken (a yachAmong the public to characters from Captain Commando,Alien vs..Predator, Stider, Darkstalkers or many other Capcom video games.

Yon the musical section we are faced with the last great soundtrack of a classic cut created by Capcom for the franchise.Each character has his own melody, which is based on previous compositions of said fighter (for example, personalized music for Ryu is a delicious remix of the composition of that character that we could hear inStreet Fighter YoYo).The new music are at the height of these remixes, being mandatory to make a special mention to the Sakura theme, which perfectly captures the essence of the character while feeling like a glove.Too bad that in the next installment of the saga (SFA3, game in which we will stop shortly) the quality of the melodic compositions fell into chopped, since Capcom musicians signed with this SFA2 one of their best jobs.As for sound, we have the typical effects for digitized blows and voices for the characters, the latter of great quality thanks to the virtues treasured by the chip q-sound that proudly wore the CPS2 plate.Finally focusing on the different conversions and reviews of the game that concerns us, say thatStreet FighterAlpha 2 made the initial leap of the arcades to the PlayStation and Saturn domestic platforms.The conversion to Saturn was practically perfect thanks to the virtues treasured by its hardware when dealing with two -dimensional graphics, while the PlayStation case was different due to the irisies two megabytes of RAM possessed by said console.With such very poor memory it was very difficult.Cases such as the Rolento stage were also relevant in that sense, since the building we were ascending did not have as much variety of floors as those that could be admired in theStreet FighterAlpha 2 ofArcade and Saturn.

A short time later, a new SFA2 conversion arrived on the market that surprised its own and strangers both for their quality and unexpected.This was due to the fact that the recipient of this version was Super Nintendo, the16 bits of the great N that there for1996 was already giving its last pumps.Yot was an unexpected conversion because the console had already far exceeded its last life cycle, not to mention that the firstStreet FighterAlpha did not become launched in that system;And the most painted surprised because it seemed incredible that the16 -bit sfa2 managed to stay so faithful to the original launched in recreational and 32 -bit platforms.EYoTHERbviously, numerous cuts at the audiovisual level had to.The secret of the power housed inside the 32 megas cartridge of theStreet FighterAlpha 2 of Super Nintendo would have to look for it in the improvement chip included inside said storage support, which made it possible that the16 bits of the greatN could break the limitations of your hardware at the visual level.This chip responded to the name of S-DD1, had as a specialty the compression and decompression of graphic data, and only became included in the game that concerns us and in Star EYoTHERcean (Tri-Ace,1996).Add as curiosity that this chip took its time to decompress the visual data of the game, so there were small load times between combat and combat (something much less common in a cartridge).Yon short, Super Nintendo was able to enjoy in his retirement the best fighting game of all his catalog thanks to both Capcom and the power of the S-DD1.

Yon1997, the Collection Street Collection compilation was launched, a game for PlayStation and Saturn that included the SuperStreet Fighter YoYo, SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo andStreet FighterAlpha 2 Gold titles.The latter was a special edition of SFA2 that included as the main novelty the addition of Cammy to the selectable characters, something that did not mean much effort for Capcom since the sprite of that fighter had been created a year ago for its inclusion in X-Men vs..Street Fighter. Los recreativos nipones también recibieron una edición especial de SFA2, denominadaStreet Fighter Zero 2Alpha (recordemos que en Japón la sagaAlpha es conocida como Zero), en la que se incluía como principal novedad una versión tremendamente destructiva de Evil Ryu (personaje que no es otro que Ryu con sus poderes y técnicas potenciadas gracias a la energía oscura del Satsui No Hado). Dicha versión también prestaba atención especial al llamado DramaticMode, que al igual que ya sucedía con el primer SFA nos permitía entablar combates 2 vs.1.Street FighterAlpha 3Año de lanzamiento:1998Plataformas:Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn, Dreamcast, Game BoyAdvance, PlayStation 2 (dentro del recopilatorioStreet FighterAlphaAnthology), PlayStation Portable1998 es sin duda el año de mayor gloria para la sagaStreet Fighter, dado que las tres sub-sagas en las que se dividía la franquicia por entonces lanzaban nuevas entregas en aquel año.Así, los aficionados a las peripecias de Ryu y compañía se encontraron de golpe y porrazo conStreet Fighter EX 2 (la rama poligonal de los SF),Street Fighter YoYoYo 2º Yompact (la evolución de la serie SF, creada bajo la potente placa recreativa CPS3) y el juego que nos ocupa:Street FighterAlpha 3.ALPHA 3 continued to program under the CPS2 plate, so he was technically lower than the SFYoYoYo Sub-Serie. Sin embargo, ello no era impedimento para considerar aStreet FighterAlpha 3 como el mejor de aquel año al encontrarse a un nivel muy superior respecto a sus hermanos de franquicia, dado que con dicho título Capcom ponía toda la carne en el asador con el objetivo de cerrar la subsagaAlpha por todo lo alto.There are so many SFA3 news regarding their already notable predecessor (and elements were not added on all four sides to the game as adaptations to domestic platforms), which we can undoubtedly say that Capcom fulfilled its mission.A día de hoy,Street FighterAlpha 3 se encuentra entre los mejores juegos de la franquicia, compartiendo así podio con títulos de la talla de SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo,Street Fighter YoYoYo 3º Strike o UltraStreet Fighter YoV.The reasons to include it in this authentic Poquer ofAses are not few, and as we have just mentioned, they continued to increase year after the domestic conversions occurred.

De entrada,Street FighterAlpha 3 debutó en los salones recreativos añadiendo varios luchadores seleccionables a la base ya existente enAlpha 2.We were like that with Cammy (already appeared in SFA2 Gold), and. Honda, Blanka, Vega (personajes provenientes deStreet Fighter YoYo), un muy cambiado Cody que llegaba desde Final Fight y el debut en la franquiciaStreet Fighter en particular y el universo de Capcom en general de las féminas Karin y R.Mika. La plantilla de personajes ascendía así a 25 en esta versión inicial del juego que nos ocupa, un número que no haría sino aumentar en conversiones venideras hasta alcanzar la impresionante cifra de 36 en la última revisión del título (elStreet FighterAlpha 3Max lanzado en 2006 para PSP).The SFA3 destined for recreational also caught the attention by offering up to three different styles for the energy bar, all of them selectable before starting the game.Thus, theA-YoSM bar remained identical to that of the previous two deliveries: three power levels to be able to execute the most powerful techniques of each fighter in light, medium or strong degrees. La barra V-YoSM nos permitía ejecutar los Custom Combos ya vistos en SFA2 con un mayor grado de libertad y contundencia, mientras la barra X-YoSM se inspiraba completamente en el medidor de energía aparecido en SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo, por lo que solo podía cargar un nivel de potencia (aunque dicho nivel era inmensamente poderoso), carecía de la posibilidad de cubrirse en el aire y reducía el número de Super Combos por personaje también a la unidad (por ejemplo, con la barra X-YoSM Ryu sólo podía ejecutar su Shinku Hadoken, mientras con la barraA-YoSM también era capaz de realizar su Shinku Tatsumakisen y elMetsu Shoryuken).

Many characters also saw their special movements modified depending on the YoSM bar that we chose before starting the game. Tal era el caso de Chun-Li (con la barra X-YoSM utilizaba las técnicas deStreet Fighter YoYo en lugar de las de SFA, e incluso cambiaba su vestimenta de la juvenil de la serieAlpha a su traje clásico, posibilidad también recogida en SFA2) oM.Bison (con la barra X-YoSM perdía su Psycho Shot pero podía ejecutar el Psycho Crusher al estilo SFYoYo, es decir, como movimiento especial en lugar de Super Combo, convirtiéndose por lo tanto en un luchador mucho más peligroso).Street FighterAlpha 3 queda así instaurado como uno de los títulos de la franquicia en los que sus personajes cuentan con más variedad de ataques y técnicas para usar.Yot is also the addition of the guard bar, which created school in the genre and was copied in much of the fighting titles appeared in coming years.This bar is located just under health, and is destined to enable more offensive fighting since it descends every time a fighter covers an attack.Yof the bar is completely emptied, the defense of the character that would have abused the possibility of covering, leaving him helpless for a brief but decisive period of time is broken.The guard bar is gradually filled whenever we do not receive attacks, so the player was pushed to balance his offensive and defensive techniques if he did not want to end at a clear disadvantage.Así, los usuarios hasta entonces conocidos por los aficionados al género como “muros de ladrillos" (se especializaban en cubrirse de los ataques del rival siempre que contaran con una barra de salud más larga, para así ganar el combate por tiempo en lugar de por KEYoTHER) acabaron desapareciendo del mapa.

En esteStreet FighterAlpha 3 de recreativa los modos de juego no destacan por su número (algo por otro lado normal), pero en sucesivas conversiones aumentarían en cantidad al igual que la plantilla de luchadores, llegando a superar la docena en la versión PSP del juego que nos ocupa. Este primer SFA3 de recreativas contaba con unModoArcade mucho más trabajado que en entregas anteriores. El hilo narrativo seguía a grandes rasgos el primer enfrentamiento cronológico deM.Bison con el resto de luchadores de la franquicia, aunque si seleccionábamos aBison el último rival a batir sería Ryu dado que el principal objetivo del dictador era capturar al joven karateka para hacerse con el inmenso poder oscuro que latía en su interior. Los combates ascendían a un total de10, consistiendo el quinto y noveno enfrentamiento en encuentros especiales con personajes con los que el luchador que controlábamos en ese momento mantenía algún tipo de relación especial.Yon the ninth, depending again on the selected character, we could fight Balrog (secret fighter) or even establish fight against two characters simultaneously (Juni and Juli, also secret fighters). En el último de ellos nos esperabaM.Bison con sus poderes potenciados al máximo, siendo capaz gracias a ello de ejecutar un Psycho Crusher que cubría la totalidad de la pantalla, o lanzar mortíferas ondas de energía psíquica de corto alcance con una simple pulsación del botón de puñetazo fuerte.Street FighterAlpha 3 tardó muy poco tiempo en ser notablemente expandido por Capcom. Ya en1998 fue lanzada al mercado la conversión destinada a PlayStation, repleta de novedades por los cuatro costados.Yonput, Balrog, Juni and Juli (secret characters in the original recreational) were completely selectable starting here, and up to four new unpublished fighters in ElArcade were added: Guile, T.Hawk, Fei Long and Dee Jay. Esto nos dejaba con un total de 31 personajes disponibles, un número que podía aumentar teniendo en cuenta que en esteStreet FighterAlpha 3 doméstico también era posible seleccionar a las versiones EX de Ryu,Akuma,M.Bison y Balrog.Yoncredible as it might seem, Capcom did not settle for such a number of news, so he also added game modes to bore.

The most remarkable of all of them, and that like the guard bar marked a before and after in the genre, was undoubtedly the World Tour. Hasta el lanzamiento de la versión PS1 deStreet FighterAlpha 3, la mecánica de los combates en losStreet Fighter solía reducirse a derrotar a nuestro contrincante con todas las herramientas a nuestra disposición.The World Tour mode introduced many more variables to said game system, since we were requiredWe participated with our fighter while we were traveling around the world.Yon addition, progress in this mode allowed us.El modo World Tour fue por lo tanto todo un acierto que dotó de una agradecida variedad a la mecánica clásica uno contra uno y aumentó notablemente la longevidad deStreet FighterAlpha 3 en las partidas monojugador. Tal y como mencionamos más atrás, la idea caló hondo en el género (aunque dicha idea no fue inventada por SFA3, dado que por ejemplo en la conversión para PS1 de Soul Edge, juego lanzado en1996, ya existía algo similar), y muchas otras compañías se prestaron a copiar sus características de una u otra forma para implementarlas en sus propios títulos.The Dramatic Battle mode, an entire institution within theAlpha saga, returned in this third installment to offer intense two fighting against one, although in this PS1 version this modality was quite limited as we will see later.

Also mention that Capcom threw the rest on the subject of the scenarios.Despite the high number of characters with whom he had the game, all of them (except Juni and Juli) had their own personalized decoration where to receive their opponents.Thus, the number of scenarios amounted to the surprising figure of 31, and that although Juni and Juli did not have their own scenario there were a couple of extra decorations not attributed to any character who balanced the balance. Por si esto no fuera suficiente, Capcom había cuidado cada uno de los decorados al milímetro tal y como hizo con los campos de batalla deStreet FighterAlpha 2.Mención especial a escenarios como el de Guile (el combate se desarrolla en un vagón en marcha, recordando así al histórico decorado de Terry Bogard en Fatal Fury 2), Balrog (un delicioso remix del que había sido su campo de batalla enStreet Fighter YoYo) o Guy (de nuevo, una zona deMetro City repleta de personajes de Final Fight, entre los que se incluye al granMike Haggar), aunque tal y como acabamos de mencionar todos rallaban a un gran nivel.Entrando en el apartado de “peros", sin duda debemos nombrar a la banda sonora deStreet FighterAlpha 3 como la única oveja negra entre el rebaño de virtudes que habían convertido al título en uno de los mejores juegos de lucha jamás creados.Yot is not that Capcom took a step back with this BSEYoTHER with respect to what could be heard in SFA2, but that it was directly sank into the abyss of machacone and hollow music lacking any hint of harmony or personality. El gran error fue sin duda hacer borrón y cuenta nueva con respecto a lo escuchado en anterioresStreet Fighter.Each and every one of SFA3's characters lost their characteristic melodies, being replaced by delectable compositions that pushed us to lower the volume of the console shortly after starting to play.Unfortunately this was something that could not be done in theArcade version, although at least the mixture of sounds typical of recreational halls drowned so horrible melodies?For relief from our auditory pavilions.Yot is still a matter of taste, and there are fans to those who like this BSEYoTHER, although as a rule the music of SFA3 was poorly received by the public, the most critical being those who had delighted their ears with the compositionsincluded both in the previous two SFA and in SFYoYo and their subsequent reviews.

Ya entrando en las carencias de la conversión a PlayStation deStreet FighterAlpha 3 con respecto a lo visto en la versión original, existía un claro recorte de frames de animación en muchos de los luchadores del título.This was due, as we mentioned in the SFA2 review, to the poor amount of RAM possessed by the Sony console (a few irishs two megabytes), which did not involve much impediment to games built with polygonal engines butYot became a headache for programmers when they had to deal with two -dimensional graphics.Dump in such a limited amount of memory The graphic information regarding all the animation frames of two characters next to the scenarios themselves was like trying to introduce an elephant in a shoe box.

Capcom resorted to several visual tricks, such as replacing the visual two -dimensional impact effects of the original recreational for polygonal effects to leave more RAM available for 2D graphics (a polygon occupies much less RAM space than an animated sprite).Even with everything, the cuts were inevitable, so entry or victory sequences of certain fighters were eliminated (for example, the chef who works on the Karin yacht does not make an act of appearance, or the victory sequence is completely eliminatedof Cody in which he is persecuted by EDYo.E-another old known Fight-), complete animations were suppressed (Cody walks back in the same way that does it, something also applicable to Zangief and the occasional more fighter), etc..Point as curiosity that all eliminated animations were however included in the game of the game, being only visible when a fighter faced a copy of himself (here the PS1 RAM had to only house the animations of a character, ofThere that said fighter made an act of appearance with all its intact frames).RAM's limitations of PS1 also negatively influenced Dramatic Battle mode.Yof the reading memory of Sony's 32 bits was already suffocated by having to house two fighters simultaneously, imagine what could happen when being forced to deal with three.That is why any character could not be selected to participate in this mode, but to certain couples of fighters who were practically identical in their body aspect, such as Ryu and Ken or Juni and Juli, characters who possessed similar animations in practically everything except the faces.

Afortunadamente, todas estas limitaciones pasaron a mejor vida cuandoStreet FighterAlpha 3 fue desembarcando en otras plataformas. La versión Dreamcast del juego llegó en1999 y se convirtió en la mejor encarnación del título dado que conservaba todos los añadidos de la edición para PS1 mientras en el aspecto técnico era una conversión1:1 de la recreativa original gracias a la mayor capacidad de memoria RAM de la que hacía gala la consola de Sega, lo que le permitía lidiar con hasta tres personajes cualesquiera de manera simultánea en el Dramatic Battle sin tan siquiera despeinarse.As if this were not enough, Capcom added even more possibilities to the already incredible offer of the PS1 SFA3.To highlight the so -called Saikyo Dojo, a challenge for experts since in that way we had to overcome two rivals simultaneously using a single character that also saw many of its attributes diminish.EYoTHERnline characteristics were also included, although these were limited to upload our best scores to a global table in order to compare our skills with those of other users.Saturn, la 32 bits de Sega, recibió también en1999 una conversión de SFA3 pese a que por aquella época dicha plataforma ya estaba más que acabada.Al igual que sucedía con elStreet FighterAlpha 3 de Dreamcast, este título mantenía todos los añadidos de la conversión a PS1, aunque para verse libre de las limitaciones que tuvo que sufrir dicha versión necesitó echar mano del cartucho de expansión de cuatro megas de RAM, el cual era frecuentemente usado tanto por Capcom como por SNK en sus conversiones de juegos de lucha a Saturn para así asegurar unos ports1:1 respecto a las versiones originales que aparecían en recreativa.This SATURN SFA3 did not include the Saikyo dojo of the Dreamcast edition, although it perfectly supplied this lack thanks to the call Dramatic Battle, which also offered one fights against two putting the player in a clear numerical disadvantage to the player. Ya en el año 2000, y terminando con las consolas de Sega, Dreamcast recibió una revisión deStreet FighterAlpha 3 que con el nombre de SFA3:Matching Service incluía como principal añadido la inclusión de un modo versus online.

En 2001Street FighterAlpha 3 regresó a los salones recreativos con el llamado SFA3 Upper, el cual no era sino la versión Dreamcast trasladada a la placa Naomi (basada en la arquitectura de dicha consola). Ya en 2002 se llevó a cabo una conversión que resulto si cabe aún más sorprendente que el históricoStreet FighterAlpha 2 lanzado en Super Nintendo en1996. Hablamos, cómo no, del soberbio e increíbleStreet FighterAlpha 3 Upper de Game BoyAdvance.The 32 -bit portable console of Nintendo had already demonstrated then being a real teacher when dealing with two -dimensional games, although this time everything pointed out that the challenge would be too big for her. Trasladar todo un señorStreet FighterAlpha 3 a la pequeña gran consola de Nintendo parecía una tarea imposible teniendo en cuenta que PlayStation apenas pudo recibir una conversión decente, mientras Saturn necesitó la ayuda de hardware extra para poder mantenerse a la altura de las circunstancias.Fans therefore expected a visibly limited SFA3, with approximately a dozen selectable and little more fighters.However, these contained expectations ended up being far exceeded.Crawfish Yonteractive, estudio especializado en el desarrollo de juegos para Game BoyAdvance que además en el pasado se encargó de una potable conversión del primerStreet FighterAlpha destinada a Game Boy Color, fue el encargado de llevar a cabo algo que en un principio se antojaba imposible. Pero dicha compañía demostró conocer al milímetro hasta el último rincón del hardware de Game BoyAdvance, desarrollando una conversión deStreet FighterAlpha 3 que eliminaba de la ecuación lo estrictamente necesario con el objetivo de mantener intactas todas las virtudes de las ediciones destinadas a plataformas de sobremesa.Así, el número de escenarios, melodías, voces y efectos de sonido se redujo drásticamente (mencionar como curiosidad que las voces de Ken se modificaron para ser usadas también como gritos de guerra de Sakura), dejando en el cartucho espacio suficiente no solo para introducir a todos y cada uno de los 31 personajes de anteriores versiones de SFA3 (incluso sin las restricciones de frames de animación de la conversión a PS1), sino que además introdujeron a 3 luchadores inéditos:Maki (proveniente de Final Fight 2), Eagle (cuya primera aparición databa delStreet Fighter original) y Yun (personaje que se dio a conocer enStreet Fighter YoYoYo).

These fighters originally appeared with their new redesign in Capcom vs..SNK 2 (2001), one of the best created fighting games, being covered as is the small dimensions of the Game BoyAdvance screen. En definitiva, y aunque se perdieron escenarios, sonidos y el modo World Tour, este sorprendenteStreet FighterAlpha 3 de Game BoyAdvance incluía todos los personajes de otras versiones, tres luchadores inéditos y todas las bondades en cuanto a estilos de lucha y frames de animación.EYoTHERbviously, the title became the best fighting game of the GBA catalog with an abysmal difference over the second, as well as a palpable test of what the small 32 -bit laptop of Nintendo was able to get.Ya en 2006,Street FighterAlpha 3 fue objeto de una última y definitiva remodelación, destinada en exclusiva a PSP con el nombre de SFA3Max.Yon its graphic section it was identical to the original recreational, it also retained the additions of both the versions destined for desktop consoles and the surprising conversion to Game BoyAdvance, and even added a new fighter to the equation (Yongrid, originally appeared in theFalling Capcom Fighting Jam released in 2004) and an amazing amount of new game modes among which the Battle variable (the characters took turns during combat, although unfortunately the number of fighters remained limited to two against one) and the vs. the vs..100 Kumite (un modo de supervivencia extremo en el que debíamos derribar a un centenar de contrincantes).

Street Fighter EXAño de lanzamiento:1996Plataformas:Arcade, PlayStationEntre la miríada de títulos ajenos a Capcom que quisieron emular el arrollador éxito obtenido porStreet Fighter YoYo en1991, muchos pasaron completamente desapercibidos, otros destacaron por su calidad (los títulos de SNK), y algunos lo hicieron por un apartado visual revolucionario (Mortal Kombat). Pero si hay un “primo lejano" deStreet Fighter YoYo que destacar entre todos los lanzados durante los primeros años de la fiebre SF, ese es sin duda Virtua Fighter. Programado por Sega en1993, dicho juego llamó la atención especialmente por su apartado técnico, construido mediante polígonos en lugar de los sprites de toda la vida.From then on, the genre of the fight versus continued on two slopes: 2 and 3 dimensions.Each of them had their followers and detractors, although as the 3D years passed, they were increasingbits. Pese a ello, los juegos de lucha versus gozaron de buena salud hasta prácticamente comienzos del siglo XXYo, por lo queStreet Fighter permaneció en un principio ajeno a la fiebre de las tres dimensiones, con Capcom desarrollando los nuevos títulos de la franquicia al estilo clásico, a golpe de píxel y sprite. Pese a tener que lidiar con títulos de la talla de Tekken o el propio Virtua Fighter, la por entonces nueva subsaga de la marcaStreet Fighter, SFAlpha, se defendía perfectamente tanto en el terreno arcade como en el mercado doméstico, codeándose sin problemas con juegos como Tekken 2, Virtua Fighter 2 o Soul Edge.Para Capcom, los planes de futuro paraStreet Fighter pasaban por potenciar la estética 2D que había sido santo y seña de la franquicia desde sus inicios, continuando para ello con la subsagaAlpha además de preparar el proyecto que acabaría dando lugar aStreet Fighter YoYoYo. Pero el éxito de los juegos de lucha poligonales estaba ahí y no podía ser ignorado así que, ¿por qué no probar suerte de igual manera en dicha vertiente? Ello dio inicio al proyecto en un principio conocido comoStreet Fighter Gaiden, destinado a convertirse en la primera irrupción de la franquicia en el mundo de los polígonos y las tres dimensiones.For the programming of this title, Capcom decided to put responsibility in the hands of an external study, which at that time had just been born.Yon this way, it may seem reckless that Capcom yields his chicken from the golden eggs so that a newborn developer would carry out his first game, but in reality the risk was not such, since this new study was more than familiar to the developerJapanese.

Arika fue fundada en1995 por varios ex desarrolladores de Capcom, entre los que se encontrabaAkira Nishitani, miembro fundador y cabeza visible de dicho estudio, además de en su día co-creador deStreet Fighter YoYo bajo el seudónimo de Nin Nin.Así, era obvio queStreet Fighter Gaiden, el primer título poligonal de la franquicia, no podía estar en mejores manos. Con el tiempo, SF Gaiden acabó convirtiéndose enStreet Fighter EX, adquiriendo personalidad propia aunque, eso sí, sin renegar en ningún momento de sus raíces.Así, y al igual que sucediera conStreet Fighter YoV años después,Street Fighter EX es un juego100% bidimensional, a pesar de su apartado técnico enteramente poligonal, el cual atesora en su interior numerosísimas virtudes jugables que lo hacen un más que digno miembro de la por entonces ya muy numerosa familia SF.En lo referente al apartado argumental, tantoStreet Fighter EX como las secuelas que estaban por venir no son consideradas canónicas respecto al resto de la franquicia, aunque cronológicamente hablando pueden situarse perfectamente como una historia alternativa (de ahí el Gaiden que llevó el juego en sus inicios) a los acontecimientos narrados enStreet Fighter YoYo.Además de echar mano de personajes tan clásicos e icónicos como Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Guile,M.Bison yAkuma,Arika creó un buen puñado de personajes inéditos que, dada la naturaleza alternativa de la subsaga EX, no han hecho acto de aparición en ningún otroStreet Fighter.Yes, they have done so in the occasionalArika title, which implies that it is said company instead of Capcom that has the rights of these characters.

En esta primera versión deStreet Fighter EX lanzada en los salones arcade contamos, además de los luchadores clásicos de la franquicia anteriormente mencionados, con estos nuevos personajes: Hokuto (joven japonesa experta en el arte marcial conocido como Kobujutsu), Kairi (hermano de Hokuto y luchador experto en técnicas similares a las de Ryu, Ken yAkuma), Doctrine Dark (luchador que utiliza técnicas parecidas a las de Rolento, y que incluso posee un ataque con garfio similar al de Scorpion, personaje deMortal Kombat), Pullum Purna (mujer árabe hija de un adinerado jeque), Craker Jack (un norteamericano conocido por la contundencia tanto de sus puños como del bate que siempre lleva consigo), Skullomania (luchador algo sonado que se cree un superhéroe y viste como tal), Blair Dame (voluptuosa mujer y vieja amiga de Pullum),Allen Snider (experto karateka que se mantuvo invicto hasta morder el polvo en un torneo contra KenMasters, del que a partir de entonces decidió emular algunas de sus técnicas), DarunMister (natural de la Yondia y campeón de lucha libre, además de guardaespaldas de Pullum) y Garuda (un ente diabólico que posee alguna clase de conexión con el Satsui no Hado, y que hace las veces de jefe final del juego junto conM.Bison).En total, son17 los personajes que aparecen en el juego, siete de ellos ocultos en un principio. Para la programación deStreet Fighter EX se utilizó la placa arcade Sony ZN, de arquitectura similar a la primera PlayStation, lo que posibilitaría una posterior conversión1:1 cuando llegara el momento de aparecer en la que fuera primera plataforma doméstica de Sony. Pero antes de que esto ocurriera, SF EX fue objeto de una revisión que, con el nombre deStreet Fighter EX Plus, incluía todos los personajes de la primera versión desbloqueados desde el principio, además de cuatro luchadores extra: Evil Ryu (la versión diabólica del popular karateka), Bloody Hokuto (reverso tenebroso de Hokuto) y los androides Cycloid Beta y Cycloid Gamma, los cuales luchan usando un batiburrillo de ataques y técnicas tomados de otros personajes del juego. Y ya por último tenemos la conversión del juego destinada a PlayStation, que con el nombre deStreet Fighter EX PlusAlpha añadía aún más contenido al título, como dos luchadores extra (Dhalsim y Sakura), una fase de bonus y diversos modos de juego como los clásicos Versus, Team Battle y Survival.

En lo que al apartado jugable se refiere,Street Fighter EX no aprovecha su origen poligonal para añadir una tercera dimensión real a los combates, por lo que se controla como cualquier SF clásico. Ello no es óbice para que el título que nos ocupa añada diversas características a lo anteriormente visto en la franquicia, así como se efectúan algunos cambios en los personajes clásicos (el Tatsumakisen de Ryu y Ken, por ejemplo, es aquí completamente distinto a la “patada del helicóptero" que todos conocemos) que hacen al título un juego muy valorado por los aficionados a la franquicia.SF ex makes a tremendously solid gameplay, thanks both to its perfected control system (which takes ideas of SFYoYo and SF alpha) and a more than solvent that gives rise to intense and challenging fighting. Entre los añadidos deStreet Fighter EX a las mecánicas habituales de la serie se encuentra el llamado Guard Break, que tal y como su nombre indica posibilita romper la guardia del adversario; para activarlo usaremos una parte de la barra de poder, la cual se divide en tres secciones al estilo SFA.A guard Break will successfully imply that our rival is still for a few seconds, time we can take advantage of to attack pleasure.Technically speaking, the game is quite modest, even for the usual canons in the first playstation.The scenarios are simple two -dimensional funds, completely static except for some minor detail, while the characters have been built using a relatively low number of polygons, which makes them suffer a cubic aspect rather than perceptible that is especially bleeding in fighters such as Zangief. Dado que ya en su tiempo era un juego justito a nivel visual, a día de hoyStreet Fighter EX ha envejecido terriblemente mal en lo que a gráficos se refiere.The sound section gives us melodies of remarkable elaboration, which were improved in the appearance of the domestic version destined for PS1. En definitiva,Arika llevó a cabo un trabajo notable con este primerStreet Fighter poligonal.Aunque la primera generación de sistemas especializados en gestionar entornos tridimensionales iban justitos en potencia, lo que hace que a día de hoy prácticamente todos los títulos de la generación de los 32/64 bits parezcan bastante feos, ello no impide que en su interior atesoren una jugabilidad más que reseñable, tal y como es el caso de esteStreet Fighter EX.

Street Fighter EX 2Año de lanzamiento:1998Plataformas:Arcade, PlayStationEl año1998 marca la época de mayor esplendor de la franquiciaStreet Fighter, con nada menos que tres subsagas conviviendo juntas y en perfecta armonía, cada una de ellas derrochando calidad a raudales. Los amantes del estilo SF clásico podían disfrutar del granStreet FighterAlpha 3; aquellos jugadores más técnicos y especializados ponían a prueba sus habilidades conStreet Fighter YoYoYo: Second Yompact GiantAttack; y los nuevos usuarios pertenecientes a la posteriormente llamada “generación PlayStation", que no toleraban un videojuego si éste no rebosaba polígonos por los cuatro costados, podían degustar el juego que nos ocupa,Street Fighter EX 2, el mejor título de la trilogía EX.SF Ex2 ran under the Sony Zn-2 plate, an improved version of the original ZN, something that had a positive impact on the graphic section, quite just in the first ex. Todas las virtudes y cualidades deStreet Fighter EX permanecen inalterables en esta segunda entrega, con mecánica y jugabilidad completamente bidimensionales a pesar de la naturaleza tridimensional del juego en su apartado técnico.The excellent control system, the division into three sections of the Energy Bar, the Guard Breaks (a special movement that breaks the defense of the opposite and cannot be blocked) and the Super Cancel (the possibility of canceling a special super combo movementto execute a different one) also make an act of appearance again.Yon the field of novelties we have the so -called Excel Combos, cousins of the Custom Combos seen in theAlpha Sub -Saga, which allow us to link techniques and attacks at the speed of lightning.The game gives us enough freedom when triggering an Excel Combo except in two aspects: we cannot chain a movement with the same movement (so anything to repeat), and we cannot combine in a descending sense (that is, chain a movementSpecial with a normal blow, for example).

Regarding the squad of selectable characters,Arika introduced enough news, although he also left some characters that did have a presence in the first SF ex.Back we have Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Guile, Zangief, Hokuto, Skullomania, Doctrine Dark, Dhalsim, Cracker Jack, Kairi and Garuda.As added in Ex2 we have Blanka and Vega, more than known for franchise fans, in addition to four new characters: Sharon (secret agent and expert gun), Shadowgeist (such as Skullomania, another watchman lover of meshes and spandex), Nanase (younger sister of Hokuto and Kairi, in addition to an expert in Bojutsu) and Hayate (a samurai who keeps a certain resemblance to the protagonist of the Rurouni Kenshin manga). Este plantel inicial de personajes se vio expandido cuandoStreet Fighter EX 2 recibió una expansión para salones recreativos que, con la coletilla Plus, ofrecía no pocas novedades.Así, desde el primer EX regresanM.Bison, Pullum Purna y DarunMister, mientras que como nuevos añadidos a la serie aparecen Sagat (el gigante tailandés conocido por todos), Vulcano Rosso (luchador de horrible diseño, aunque bastante poderoso) yArea (fémina que lucha blandiendo un brazo mecánico, así como unos patines retropropulsados). También aparece una versión extra deM.Bison, mucho más poderoso que elBison original y que, tal y como sucede enStreet FighterAlpha 3, hace las veces de jefe final del juego.EYoTHERf course, Hayate, for some unknown reason, disappears in this review of the title.Pero las novedades de esteStreet Fighter EX 2 Plus no terminan con el aumento en el número de personajes (que sumados hacen un total de 23 caracteres, lo que no está nada mal), ya que se llevaron a cabo añadidos en el terreno jugable. Los más relevantes fueron un cambio en los Excel Combo que nos posibilitaba repetir un mismo movimiento durante la cadena de golpes, y la inclusión de los llamadosMeteor Combos, que automáticamente se convertían en las técnicas más letales del juego dado que no eran otra cosa que movimientos especiales tremendamente potenciados.To execute them we had to consume the three sections of the energy bar, which gives good faith of the power of these attacks.The playstation version of the game was based on this Plus review, also receiving the occasional unpublished extra in that recreational, such as the return of Hayate (with what are 24 selectable characters), various game modes and a bonus phase in thethat instead of a car we had to destroy a whole satellite lord.

El apartado audiovisual de esteStreet Fighter EX 2 se muestra notablemente superior al del primer SF EX, sobre todo en lo referente al modelado de los luchadores.These have a greater number of polygons and a smarter shadow that eliminates the cubic appearance of the previous delivery from a plot.Also include light effects, particles and funds that, although they remain simple in two dimensions, have some animated elements that make them less static.SF ex2 gameplay is simply perfect.Arika logró aquí alcanzar un equilibrio digno de elogio en todos y cada uno de los elementos del título (luchadores, sistema de control, YoA enemiga…), obteniendo como resultado no solo el mejor juego de la subsaga EX, sino uno de los más notablesStreet Fighter publicados hasta la fecha y un clásico digno de redescubrir.Street Fighter Ex 3 Year of Launch: 2000 Platform: PlayStation 2.Solo hay que echarse unas cuantas partidas aStreet Fighter EX 3 para darse cuenta de que es un juego creado con prisas.Yof ex2 still surprises today because of its solidity and balance, with all the perfectly fitted elements to shape a real game, ex3 seems to do a medium puzzle, with poorly fitted pieces in holes that were not intended for them much less.Arika's precipitation when launching this title was surely due to Capcom planning it as a PlayStation 2 launch game, so it should be mandatory for March 4 of the year 2000 (date of the Japanese PS2 launch), regardless of what was your state of development until then.With few months of margin to schedule the game, in a hardware that to top it was completely unknown toArika, everything pointed to the disaster.Aún así, la desarrolladora se esforzó al máximo para tratar de ofrecer con esta tercera entrega de la subsaga EX el salto cualitativo que todo usuario que pasaba de los 32 a los128 bits quería experimentar al hacerse con el juego.Without relevant news in the template of characters regarding what was seen in Ex and ex 2To all run, praying so that the resulting mixture was the best possible.

The Guard Break attack was replaced by the so -called Surprise Blow, which had the advantage of not spending any section of the energy bar when executing it, although, to level the matter, the Surprise Blow could be blocked unlike what happened withThe Guard Break.As for game modes, the so -called Character Edit stands out, in which we take control of the only new SF Ex3 character,ACE, to mold it to our liking after participating in various challenges, adding techniques and attacks from other characters in the title. El sistema de combate incluye la posibilidad de luchar por equipos, con modalidades que van desde el 2 contra 2 al estilo Tekken Tag hasta el1 contra 3 con los cuatro personajes combatiendo simultáneamente en pantalla.Seen so it sounds interesting, although in reality it is not much less gold everything that shines. Los combates1 contra 3 son caóticos y completamente injugables, existe un marcado desequilibrio entre personajes, la YoA de la consola es nefasta y facilona, y el modo arcade es uno de los peor implementados en la historia del género.The graphic section is not to throw rockets, this ex 3 being one of the most modest technically technically talking about the PS2 launch catalog.Yon short, hurries are bad counselors, something that can be corroborated perfectly after playing this title.

Between plates the game is

Un año antes de que Capcom diera carpetazo a la subsagaStreet FighterAlpha con el lanzamiento de la tercera entrega, la compañía nipona se planteó llevar la franquicia un paso más allá, abriendo de camino una nueva subsaga que supondría la verdadera continuación del ya por entonces históricoStreet Fighter YoYo.This decision could have been taken, again, after analyzing the movements of his great rival, SNK.Keep in mind that the creator of Neo Geo opted between the years 95 and 96 for a complete revolution in her most famous sagas, launching new deliveries that were a new blur and a new account that put on the table much more advanced graphics than theseen until then.These titles were no other than Fatal Fury 3 (1995), Samurai Shodown YoYoYo (1995),Art of Fighting 3 (1996) and The King of Fighters '96 (1996), which, despite being programmed under the hardware already usedYon previous deliveries of these franchises (the unforgettable Neo Geo), they showed a much more refined visual aspect, with larger and more colorful sprites, a considerable increase in the number of animation frames per character and background scenarios with a new washface.Yon short, with these SNK games he began to squeeze his neo geo beyond what was believed possible, to the point that, in comparison, the CPS2 plate (the main Capcom hardware in recreational by those times) even seemed to be leftBehind as far as technology is concerned. Era necesario un revulsivo, y la desarrolladora deStreet Fighter no tardó mucho tiempo en desarrollarlo.The Capcom Play System YoYoYo (CPS3 for friends) was destined to be a direct heiress and fourth incarnation of the successful family of plates under which Capcom scheduled its arcade games since the late 80s of the 80s. La CPS original se estrenó en1988 con el juego Forgotten Worlds, y llegó a ser el hardware bajo el que se programaron un total de 28 títulos. Su sucesora durante un breve periodo de tiempo fue la CPS Dash, estrenada en1992 con el juego Warriors of Fate, contando con un total de 5 títulos en su haber.This brief existence is understood by taking into account that his successor arrived only one year later. La CPS2 se estrenó en1993 con el título SuperStreet Fighter YoYo, y llegó a ser la más popular y exitosa placa de la familia CPS dado que para ella se programaron un total de 41 juegos.

Mention as a curiosity that the CPS family was not only seen by recreational halls. En1994, Capcom decidió trasladar su particular pulso con SNK del terreno arcade a las plataformas domésticas, en un movimiento similar al que su rival realizó con Neo Geo. Recordemos que dicho hardware contaba con dos versiones:MVS (Multi Video System), destinado a salones recreativos, yAES (Advanced Entertainment System), destinado al mercado doméstico. Pues bien, Capcom hizo un “copy & paste" de dicha idea y puso en marcha la llamada Capcom Power System Charger, una consola doméstica que no era otra cosa que una CPS encapsulada y preparada para su uso en el ámbito doméstico.The life of this recreational/console hybrid was much shorter than that of Neo Geo.Mientras el ingenio de SNK se las arregló para permanecer en el mercado durante más de una década, la CPSC de Capcom solo llegó a los dos años de existencia.The main obstacle to its success was none other than the same one that turned the Neo Geo into a luxury article: the exorbitant price of both the console and its games. Llegaron a lanzarse un total de11 títulos para el sistema, el último de los cuales fueStreet FighterAlpha.Yot was precisely the game that ended up seeing Capcom that continuing to support the CPSC was a loss of time and resources, since the original SFA worked under a CPS2, while the Capcom Power System Charger had an architecture similar to the CPS1. El resultado fue que la conversión deStreet FighterAlpha destinada a CPSC no era ni mucho menos similar a la recreativa, ya que tuvieron que eliminarse frames de animación, recortar tonalidades en la paleta de colores y samplear la música y el sonido a una calidad más baja.

Yon short, the years were passing, and although the attempt by Capcom to break into the domestic market ended in a sound failure, the Japanese company was still one of the queens of the recreational halls.The CPS2 was a success, but SNK continued to press with its impressive neo geo, so it was necessary to go one step further.For the heiress of CPS2, Capcom put all the meat on the grill, creating an arcade plate whose leap at the technical level was stratospheric with respect to what was shown by its predecessor.But the Japanese company also emphasized security, since it did not want to be a pasture of piracy and illegal modifications as it happened with the CPS1.Thus, the Capcom Play System YoYoYo was mounted on a mixed CD and cartridge system;The CD contained the game data, while the cartridge housed the BYoEYoTHERS and was responsible for managing the entire security system that made the CPS3 virtually inviolable.Yon the long run this protection system was revealed as nothing successful, since it brought the owners of the recreational halls headless.Any type of alteration in the cartridge automatically turned into the game that was supposed to be destined to protect;And many times these alterations were completely involuntary, since the system was too sensitive.

To curl the curl, when the Marras cartridge battery was running out, the game also stopped working, and it was the owner of the recreational one who had to run with the necessary costs to put the system into operation.Was it worth going through all these worries?For jugones who went regularly to recreational halls the answer could not be other than a resounding yes.The CPS3 was a real beast at the hardware level, which had an impact on titles whose graphic jump was simply overwhelming.Larger sprites, a greater amount of memory capable of storing a huge amount of animation frames, high quality sound ... Yon short, in terms of two -dimensional graphics management, few systems could even aspire to get at the level of CPS3;The other face of the currency however became a slab for this new plaque, since it was completely unable to move three -dimensional environments.The textured polygons had no place in CPS3, something that perfectly explains the reason for their brief existence (three years, with a total of six games produced);And we were in full era of the 32 bits, just when the polygonal fever was at its maximum boiling and the 2D were considered archaic and completely out of place.

Yof we add the deep crisis in which the recreational halls (a crisis that they would never come out) entered, then let's go and let's go.That is why it is not surprising that Capcom, after programming its last title for CPS3 (Jojo’s BizarreAdventure), will develop their games under recreational plates based on console hardware, much more universal and smaller cost.Thus, the followingArcade de Capcom titles ran under Naomi, in essence a Dreamcast destined for recreational halls.Aprovechando las capacidades tridimensionales de dicho hardware, Capcom comenzó a introducir escenarios tridimensionales en sus juegos de lucha, tal y como se vio en clásicos comoMarvel Vs.Capcom 2 (2000) and Capcom vs.SK 2 (2001).However, the sprites of the fighters included in these games were of an infinitely lower quality than the once seen in CPS3, and it is that Capcom involved the times of CPS2 in order to recycle sprites to Mansalva taken from games from that plate. Por ello no es de extrañar que los aficionados a las 2D llegáramos a echar bastante de menos a la inolvidable Capcom Play System YoYoYo, una placa que se estrenó en1996 con el título Red Earth, pero que alcanzó su mayor cota de popularidad con el juego que la convirtió en inmortal:Street Fighter YoYoYo.

Street Fighter YoYoYo: New GenerationAño de lanzamiento:1997Sistemas:Arcade, Dreamcast (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter YoYoYo: Double Yompact).Con dos subsagas aún en plena vigencia (Street FighterAlpha yStreet Fighter EX), a Capcom le restaban pocos argumentos para abrir una tercera vía en su franquicia de mayor éxito. Teniendo cubierta ya tanto la actualización de la marcaStreet Fighter a unos tiempos más modernos (SFA) como su obligatorio salto a los gráficos poligonales (SFEX), ¿cómo inaugurar una nueva saga sin que ésta diera la impresión de ser más de lo mismo?A nivel técnico estaba claro: el nuevoStreet Fighter debía ser lanzado bajo la nueva y flamante placa CPS3 para que en todo lo referente al apartado audiovisual se notara el salto evolutivo nada mas echar un vistazo. Este salto hacia delante también debía quedar reflejado en el resto del juego, así queStreet Fighter YoYoYo se concibió como la secuela directa de SFYoYo (recordemos que la subsagaStreet FighterAlpha se sitúa entre los SF Yo y YoYo, y que la serie EX reinterpreta los acontecimientos narrados en SFYoYo).

La coletilla “New Generation" no era desde luego gratuita. El borrón y cuenta nueva que Capcom planeaba paraStreet Fighter YoYoYo llegaba a tal nivel que en principio no estaba prevista la aparición de ninguno de los personajes ya vistos anteriormente en la franquicia.The Japanese company intended to take the demands of the fans to the letter, who asked for new blood for a saga determined to repeat the same characters and scripts again and again. Sin embargo fueron esos mismos aficionados los que pusieron el grito en el cielo nada más filtrarse las intenciones de Capcom, asegurando que unStreet Fighter sin la aparición de sus dos estrellas principales (Ryu y Ken) no era unStreet Fighter.Thus, the famous Karatekas were finally in the game, although not as protagonists, since this role already fell into other hands. El hilo narrativo también cambió por completo, eliminándose así al fin el guion de serie Z que tenía como eje central tanto a la organización criminal Shadaloo como al malo malísimo deM.Bison y sus ansias de dominación global.Street Fighter YoYoYo evoluciona así hasta proponer un guion algo más maduro, que incluye en su eje central a una oscura sociedad secreta que gobierna en la sombra desde hace siglos.Yot is precisely this society that summons and sponsors the third (in its day, since later Capcom would argue argumentally speaking both SFYoV and SFV in a temporal period located between SFYoYo and SFYoYoYo) edition of the semi -londestine fighting tournament par excellence, the WorldWarrior, without clearing the intentions that are hidden after said action.Al tratarse de un juego creado completamente desde cero, el plantel de personajes deStreet Fighter YoYoYo no es lo que se dice extenso, componiéndose de once luchadores seleccionables (diez en realidad, ya que uno de ellos es un clon de otro personaje, tal y como veremos más adelante) más un jefe final que, al menos en esta versión original destinada a salones recreativos, no puede ser seleccionado. Como ya mencionamos anteriormente, las únicas caras conocidas con las que nos toparemos serán las de Ryu y Ken, convirtiéndose así en los principales eslabones que unen a esteStreet Fighter YoYoYo con las anteriores entregas de la franquicia.Yof you think it's good, now we will get to know each character separately.

AlexProtagonista deStreet Fighter YoYoYo, diseñado para sustituir a Ryu en el rol de carácter principal de la franquicia SF.However, the popularity of Karateka proved to be too high, so the importance of this character ended up diluted with the passage of time until it became a fighter more among the huge pantheon of characters appeared in the Capcom fighting games.Alex's official history places him as a New York, orphan from an early age, who ends up being raised by a family -friend military instructor called Tom.This may explainAlex's appearance, since we visually we are faced with Rambo's transcript, although with blond hair and without the crooked features of this.The reason whyAlex enters the third World Warrior tournament is quite simple: his mentor Tom is attacked by mysterious assailants that leave him very badly injured.Alex's investigations end up connecting these assailants with the mysterious WW organizer, and only faces can be seen when the tournament wins.Alex's struggle style is quite peculiar, since it is based on giving blunt blows and executing keys to the slightest occasion.EYoTHERf course, it is not the typical Zangiet -style grappler, since it is much more agile and has techniques that make it deadly at medium distance.Apart from SFYoYoYo, we have been able to seeAlex in the more than forgettable capcom Fighting Jam, in addition to Tatsunoko vs..Capcom, Wii exclusive fighting title. Eso sí, pronto reverdecerá laureles, dado queAlex se sumará al plantel de personajes seleccionables deStreet Fighter V en una futura actualización.

Elenauna a youngAfrican expert in Capoeira, whose only reason to participate in the tournament is to meet world, make friends and choose a place to take their studies. El sprite de Elena es uno de los más impresionantes, sino el que más, deStreet Fighter YoYoYo, todo gracias a la calidad de sus animaciones.You just have to admire your stand to realize that the work carried out by Capcom graphists was simply pharaonic.As a good practitioner of Capoeira, Elena uses only her legs when fighting.And small legs, since the length of its lower members is worthy of relevance, which makes it the deadliest deadly at medium distance from the entire game.Mantenerse a salvo de sus patadas no será tarea fácil, por muy lejos que creamos estar de ella. Para ver a Elena fuera de SFYoYoYo tenemos que acudir al recienteStreet Fighter X Tekken, título en el que hace acto de aparición como uno de los polémicos personajes bloqueados por los que Capcom exigió cobrar para poder ser usados. Posteriormente ya sería incluida en la actualización final deStreet Fighter YoV, la llamada versión Ultra.KenMastersEl amigo inquebrantable de Ryu y campeón de kárate de Estados Unidos ha dejado definitivamente atrás su imagen de joven alocado e inmaduro.He has married Eliza (who, by the way, is Guile's woman's sister, which makes theAmerican soldier a brother -in -law of Ken), and both already have a common child of three years of age.Although he has definitely retired from the professional fighting circuits (at the express request of his wife), he cannot avoid enrolling in the third World Warrior, since he is sure that Ryu will go to the event. El estilo de lucha de Ken se mantiene tal y como lo conocemos, aunque al poco de controlarlo nos encontraremos con diversos cambios y mejoras en su forma de combatir que lo convierten en un luchador incluso más contundente de lo que ya era en anteriores entregas de la franquiciaStreet Fighter.

SeanMatsudaSean es un joven de origen brasileño, alma callejera y desenfrenada pasión por el baloncesto, cuyo mayor deseo no es otro que convertirse en un gran luchador. Su abuelo, de ascendencia japonesa, le entrenó en artes marciales de pequeño, aunque su verdadero ídolo a imitar y del que aprender no es otro que KenMasters.Yon a situation similar to that of Sakura with respect to Ryu, they are trying to imitate Ken's movements and techniques since he saw him in action during an exhibition of martial arts, while he does not cease in his efforts to persecute theAmerican karateka with theAmerican karateka with theHope to become your student.EYoTHERf course, he does not doubt a single moment to go to the third World Warrior tournament as soon as he learns that Ken will be there.As a fighter, they are exhibiting many of the techniques and movements that Ryu and Ken show although, as with Sakura, his inexperience and lack of a true teacher make his interpretation of theAnsatsuken.Even so we are faced with a fighter to keep in mind that he can become a very dangerous rival in the hands of an expert user.Dudleyun British boxer from a wealthy family, although fallen in disgrace.Dudley's father, a prestigious international athlete, became a prosper.Since then, Dudley tries to recover the lost prestige (as well as the Rolls-Royce of her family, a car that she adored and ended at an auction) through boxing, which she considers the most noble of sports.Believe in perfection and total integrity both inside and outside the ring, so their behavior and gestures are at all times those of the classic British Gentleman.The reasons that push him to participate in the third World Warrior have to do precisely with their long-awaited Rolls-Royce, since it seems the buyer of the vehicle was the same as now sponsored said tournament.As a fighter, Dudley surprises with her agility and speed that she is able to print to her blows.His combos of punching at ground level lead him to load forward, so keeping distances with him is practically impossible. De los personajes debutantes en SFYoYoYo, Dudley es uno de los que ha tenido mayor presencia más allá de la subsaga, dado que ha hecho acto de aparición tanto en SuperStreet Fighter YoV como enStreet Fighter X Tekken, en este último como miembro del polémico paquete de luchadores bloqueados que Capcom solo permitió hacerlos controlables tras pasar por caja.

Ryuel Guerrero Wandering, always in continuous movement, looking for personal improvement on a trip that seems to have no end.Winner of the two previous World Warrior, Ryu seems to be finally free from the influence of Satsui not fate, the dark and mysterious demonic power that beats inside, whose initial demonstration took place during the first encounter withAkuma, brother and (former) Kuken's killer.Having achieved spiritual peace, Ryu seems to feel slightly frustrated when he was stagnant, at a dead point, unable to evolve as a fighter.Participate in the third World Warrior with the hope of finding that way that allows you to continue overcoming yourself. Como personaje, Ryu sigue fiel al arquetipo de luchador equilibrado, y quizás es el que mejor refleja el evolucionado sistema de combate implementado enStreet Fighter YoYoYo, dado que todos los cambios que intuiremos en él han llegado de la mano de las modificaciones del sistema de juego que esta tercera entrega numerada de la franquicia brinda a la saga.

Yobkiuna young and carefree that lives in a mountainous village in Japan.This village is the place of residence of one of the last and oldest ninja clans in the country of the rising sun, so we can already get an idea of the struggle and the techniques used by Yobuki when fighting.Yot is his own clan that sends Yobuki to participate in the third World Warrior tournament, all with the aim that the young woman recovers an ancient and mysterious document that works held by the organization that sponsors the clandestine event of martial arts. Como personaje, Yobuki es la luchadora más rápida de todo el plantel deStreet Fighter YoYoYo, lo que le permite encadenar combos, movimientos especiales y ataques finales con una facilidad increíble. De los personajes que debutaron enStreet Fighter YoYoYo, Yobuki es uno de los que cuenta con un mayor número de fans, de ahí que haya hecho acto de aparición en juegos como Pocket Fighter, SuperStreet Fighter YoV,Street Fighter X Tekken y, en un futuro inmediato,Street Fighter V.EYoTHERroUn viejo maestro (más que viejo, ancestral, ya que tiene140 años de edad) experto en el legendario arte marcial conocido como Senjutsu, el cual le ha llevado a alcanzar una perfección absoluta a nivel tanto físico como espiritual que va más allá de los límites tolerables por el ser humano.To reach the last level on your overcoming trip, the divine level must abandon the limitations of your mortal body.However, before saying goodbye to the physical plane, he wants.Gold goes to the World Warrior with the hope of giving said apprentice.His appearance as an old mummified contrasts significantly with the power he is able to trigger in combat.He has even decided to seal one of his arms to limit his skills, both to give at least a minimum chance of opportunity to his opponents and not end up killing them by mistake.

Necroel real name of this strange being is Yollia.Coming from a quite poor Russian village, he decides to leave his home place as soon as the steel curtain fall in search of fortune and the prosperity that seems to be denied since his birth, with the bad luck that he ends up falling into the hands of the mysterious organizationWhat later would it become a sponsor of the third World Warrior tournament.Mediante manipulaciones genéticas e implantes cibernéticos, Yollia acaba transformado en Necro, un arma biológica cuya efectividad la organización pretende probar en el evento de lucha clandestino que ha convocado.Due to its brain implants, necro is more an automaton than a fighter who acts for his own will.His combat style is the result of a strange hodgepod. Ni que decir tiene que nos encontramos ante el luchador más letal a larga distancia de todo el plantel deStreet Fighter YoYoYo.YUN / YANGLA Reason that we put together these two twin brothers experts in Kung Fu is none other than the null difference between both characters at both techniques and offensive movements. La situación de Yun y Yang es por lo tanto en este primerStreet Fighter YoYoYo bastante similar a la de Ryu y Ken en el SFYoYo original, ya que solo les diferencia su aspecto.Even Yang is not available at first glance on the characters selection screen, so we must select your brother and press a combination of buttons to make an appearance as a selectable character.Yon future editions of SFYoYoYo the two fighters will begin to individualize, with Yun maintaining the techniques that both twins have in this first SFYoYoYo, being Yang that will acquire new skills that will allow him to differentiate himself from his brother.Yun, after debuting in SFYoYoYo, has made an act of appearance at Capcom vs.. SNK 2, Capcom Fighting Jam, las conversiones a GBA y PSP deStreet FighterAlpha 3, y ya por último en SuperStreet Fighter YoVArcade Edition, mientras su hermano Yang únicamente volvió a dejarse ver en SSFYoVArcade Edition.

Gillde that humanity began to organize in societies and civilizations, has been suspected of the existence of a secret organization that governs in the shadows, directing the destiny of the entire planet according to its dark interests.All unleashed or made war in any country is the result of the manipulations of said organization, whose existence is only known by the most powerful men on earth.The organization is divided into three ranks.The first of these is the executing arm, composed of people educated practically since their birth to achieve both physical and mental perfection, thus becoming those responsible for executing the orders from the second ranks.This level is formed by a Council of Elders who decides inAssembly the events that must be triggered to mold the world according to the interests of the organization.The third and final level is made up of a single person, the emperor.None of the actions and decisions taken by the NursingAssembly is valid until the express consent of this superior being, whose identity is unknown even by the members of the mysterious organization themselves.Gill is the most prominent warrior of the executing arm of this secret organization, so the most important missions are entrusted.Thus, when the Nursing Council orders you to organize and manage the third edition of the clandestine fighting tournament known as World Warrior, this supreme warrior knowledgeable about the most powerful and ancestral martial techniques gets to work without losing a single moment.Una nueva forma de lucharComo ya hemos visto, las novedades más relevantes a simple vista deStreet Fighter YoYoYo: New Generation respecto a lo ofrecido por entregas precedentes de la franquicia residen tanto en su remozado apartado audiovisual, que alcanza el nivel de auténtica obra maestra en lo que a la vertiente bidimensional del género se refiere, como a la renovada plantilla de luchadores de la que hace gala.However, as soon as we put ourselves at the controls of the game we will realize that the changes and novelties implemented at the mechanics and combat system are also more than relevant.Street Fighter YoYoYo es un juego de lucha mucho más profundo y técnico que otras subsagas de la franquicia, convirtiéndose en el favorito para los expertos del género.The first novelty is also the main culprit that the fighting becomes much deeper and more strategic than those seen in previous deliveries of the saga.We talk about the famous Parry System, consisting of pressing the forward control control (to block high and medium blows) or down (to block low blows) at the same moment that the rival manages to connect his attack on our character.

We must do it at the exact moment, not a tenth of a second one before or a tenth of a second after the blow connects on our fighter, or else we will receive the attack fully and we will expose ourselves to the adversary continue to shake off at pleasure.That is why Parry System is a technique reserved for true SFYoYoYo experts.When we manage to dominate it we will become fearsome fighters, since a Parry successfully executed the attack of the rival completely and exposes it to a rapid counterattack.Even the special techniques that normally subtract a fraction of energy although we cover ourselves from them completely lose their effectiveness if instead of covering us we block them using a parry.The next novelty is the inclusion of a defense bar specially designed so that those players whose main strategy is to cover themselves with all attacks when the conditions are favorable to win for a time instead of k.EYoTHER.They have to think twice from now on. La barra se llenará conforme recibamos o nos cubramos de los ataques, y cuando llegue a su máximo nivel entraremos en shock, o lo que es lo mismo, en el estado conocido en la jerga antaño usada en salones recreativos como “pajaritos".Thus, our character will be unable to react for a few crucial seconds in which we will be at the mercy of the opponent.The best strategy to keep this bar at minimum levels is none other than adopting an offensive attitude throughout combat. EYoTHERtra de las novedades deStreet Fighter YoYoYo son las llamadas SuperArts, aunque es una novedad relativa dado que nos encontramos ante los característicos ataques especiales conocidos como Super Combos en anteriores SF, encontrándose regulados por una barra independiente que deberemos llenar antes de efectuar alguna de éstas, las más mortíferas técnicas de cada personaje. Eso sí, si por ejemplo enStreet FighterAlpha 2 disponíamos de una media de dos/tres técnicas por personaje para ejecutar a nuestra libre elección, en SFYoYoYo la cosa se limita bastante dado que al principio del juego se nos obligará a elegir solo una entre las tres técnicas que posee cada luchador.During the course of the fighting we can execute only the chosen technique, leaving any of the other two blocked the rest of the game.

También contaremos con la posibilidad de ejecutar cadenas de combos libres, una evolución de los chain combos vistos en anterioresStreet Fighter, logrando con ello que los combates sean más fluidos y que debamos tener aún más cuidado al abrir nuestra defensa, ya que si el rival sabe aprovecharse de ello los daños a nuestra barra de salud pueden llegar a ser bastante significativos. Y ya por último, mencionar que la banda sonora deStreet Fighter YoYoYo cambia por completo no solo respecto a lo escuchado en anteriores SF, sino también en cualquier otro juego de lucha de Capcom.Yof we were before catchy melodies endowed with a great sense of rhythm, SFYoYoYo supposes the approach to a radically different style in which techno and hip-hop predominates.They are quite moved, ideal to set the fighting, although their simplicity and lack of their own style make their quality fall significantly in an isolated listening, demonstrating not being catchy or lasting in time.Yon any case, they are still different styles, so after all it is reduced to a matter of taste.

Street Fighter YoYoYo: Second Yompact GiantAttackAño de lanzamiento:1997Sistemas:Arcade, Dreamcast (dentro del recopilatorioStreet Fighter YoYoYo Double Yompact).Diez meses, eso es todo lo que necesitó Capcom para llevar a los salones arcade la previsible actualización mejorada delStreet Fighter YoYoYo original.With the Second Yompact GiantAttack, the Japanese company presented an improved game in all its aspects with respect to SFYoYoYo, including numerous additions that gave rise to a much more complete game experience that generated a deeper and more satisfactory gameplay.Yon the first place it is mandatory to focus on the news related to the selectable characters squad. En Second Yompact se dan cita los once luchadores ya visto enStreet Fighter YoYoYo (Alex, Ryu, Ken, Elena, Sean, Dudley, Yobuki, EYoTHERro, Necro, Yun y Gill), al tiempo que se añaden a la refriega cuatro personajes nuevos: Hugo, Urien,Akuma y Yang.Recall that Yang could be selected in SFYoYoYo through a small trick, although it was still nothing other than an identical copy of Yun in everything related to its catalog of blows and movements.Yon this Second Yompact the thing changes, since Yang acquires its own repertoire of techniques and is available from the beginning on the characters selection screen.To which we will not see the hair, unless we use the corresponding trick to bring it to light, it will beAkuma, who in addition to its normal state can find it in its most powerful and malignant form, ShinAkuma.HugoAndoreTodo aquel que se haya echado una partida al inmortal Final Fight (Capcom,1989) sin duda recordará a losAndore, una familia de gigantes expertos en lucha libre (en realidad son el mismo sprite con distinto color, un recurso típico en los beat ’em ups) que nos pondrán en más de un aprieto a lo largo de nuestro recorrido por las calles deMetro City.Mencionar como curiosidad que, para diseñar a esta serie de personajes clónicos, Capcom se inspiró en uno de los más afamados luchadores de la World Wrestling Federation de la época, el recordadoAndré el Gigante. Pues bien, en SFYoYoYo Second Yompact se continúa con la tradición de incorporar personajes de Final Fight al universoStreet Fighter (inaugurada en la subsaga SFAlpha, donde pudimos ver a Guy, Sodom, Rolento y Cody).Thus, the next to make the jump of the beat ’em up to the fight versus will be Hugo, one of the many members of theAndore.Natural of Germany, he ended up deciding to leave the farm in which he grew up to seek fame and fortune on the other side of the pond. Sin embargo, una serie de erróneas decisiones le llevaron a convertirse en uno de los matones de la organización criminalMad Gear, la cual controlaba los bajos fondos deMetro City (el equivalente capconiano de la ciudad de Nueva York).When this criminal organization was dismantled, Hugo decided to start a new life in which he would try to achieve his true dream: become a star ofAmerican wrestling.

Su escasa inteligencia no le permitía albergar muchas esperanzas de hacer realidad su meta, hasta que Poison, un(a) viej@ conocid@ de su estancia en la organizaciónMad Gear, decidió actuar como su manager.Thus, Hugo finally became a celebrity of the Pressing Catch, reaching the highest achievements in individual fighting.With the intention of giving your professional career a push, it ends up making the leap to clashes in pairs, although it fails to find a fighter good enough to become a worthy partner in the ring.After several unsuccessful searches, Poison decides.Capcom tenía inicialmente previsto incluir a Hugo como personaje seleccionable en elStreet Fighter YoYoYo original; de hecho se encuentra presente en el código interno de dicho juego, aunque su sprite no pudo completarse a tiempo, por lo que su presentación se retrasó hasta el lanzamiento de Second Yompact.The screen presentation of this character is simply and plainly impressive, both for its huge size and for the cyclopean amount of frames that form their soft animations.Yot can also be said that he is the only really new fighter at Second Yompact's visual level, since for Urien many of Gill's animation frames are recycled (in fact, the body is identical, changing only the head and skin color),And forAkuma, as usual in the franchise, a significant amount of work already seen in the characters of Ryu and Ken is used. Hugo se ha dejado ver en más títulos de lucha ajenos a la subsagaStreet Fighter YoYoYo, como SNK Vs. Capcom (juego programado por Playmore),Street Fighter X Tekken y el reciente UltraStreet Fighter YoV.

AkumaEra de esperar, tarde o temprano el EYoTHERgro de la Lucha debía hacer acto de aparición, atraído por los intensos combates celebrados durante el tercer torneo World Warrior.Contrary to what happened with Ryu, the evil that beats inside continues to consume him inside, gradually losing the scarce loaf of humanity and will that with so much bold struggle to keep.His goal, once his attempts to awaken Ryu's murderous instinct, is none other than to face the strongest fighters in the world in death to death, in order to try to placate the thirst for blood that threatens to possess him with him..As a fighter,Akuma is still a fearsome combatant who uses techniques similar to those of Ken and Ryu, only much more powerful.To select it, a small trick must be put into practice, while to fight it during the story mode, a series of requirements will have to.Uriense is Gill's younger brother.Like him, he is a member of the executing arm of the powerful organization that is after the sponsorship of the World Warrior tournament.Fighter, trained from his earliest childhood to become a fearsome, is however consumed by envy and an insatiable thirst for power, since he has always remained in the shadow of his older brother despite the fact that, according toHis opinion, he is much stronger and is perfectly trained to direct the organization's executing arm instead of Gill.Finally, Urien decides to enter the World Warrior tournament as one more participant, with the aim of facing his older brother in the final, to beat him up and assert himself in the eyes of the nursing home that he must replace Gill as leader as a leaderfrom the organization's executing arm.He is willing to everything in order to achieve his goal, even present himself to the Emperor himself to send his demands if the situation demands it.As a fighter, Urien is difficult to dominate, because his techniques, although powerful, initially seem to be too pharragous and not very useful in the brush of combat.Of course, when we get to master it we will realize that we are facing one of the best characters in the game. El único lugar donde veremos a Urien fuera deStreet Fighter YoYoYo es en el más que prescindible Capcom Fighting Jam, aunque afortunadamente será incluido en la siguiente remesa de luchadores que aparecerán enStreet Fighter V.

Novedades jugablesPor supuesto, los añadidos de Second Yompact respecto a lo visto en elStreet Fighter YoYoYo original no se reducen a la presencia de estos nuevos luchadores.At the visual level, even more animations are added to them already impressive repertoire of fighters movements, while the Capcom graphists elaborate new combat scenarios that turn out to be the best in the entire SFYoYoYo trilogy.Parry's system is also modified in the sense that now the opposite suffers from the blockade of his attack can react more quickly.He will not have enough time to attack again, but to make his own Parry to the foreseeable against his adversary.This change will benefit the intensity of the fighting, since two users experts in the use of the Parry system can be wrapped in a series of continuous attack-blocker-accurate-lock chains of the most spectacular.A feature viewed previously in Darkstalkers, another of the great Capcom fight franchises is also added before.This addition is none other than ex, consisting of enhancing a special movement (for example, Ryu's classic Hadoken) using a portion of our SuperArts bar for it.To do this, we must press two buttons instead of making the special movement (returning to the Hadoken: below, Diagonal below-right, right and the pulsation of two punch buttons instead of one).Thus, depending on the attack, we can from inflicting more damage to generating more impacts on the contrary, becoming an ideal technique to execute when we have the assurance that our offensive will make a dent in the rival. EYoTHERtro añadido bastante curioso es la potenciación de los taunts.A TAunt is nothing other than the classic mockery that a fighter makes (on domestic platforms it is usually activated with the SELECT button), which has no other objective than to mofinstant without matting the least.Well, in SFYoYoYo Second Yompact the TAunts can also have beneficial effects for our character, such as descending our defense bar or increasing the bar destined to execute the super arts and ex -ex.

Mencionar ya por último que, por muy increíble que pueda parecer, solo existe una conversión destinada al mercado doméstico tanto deStreet Fighter YoYoYo como de este Second Yompact.Ambos juegos llegaron a Dreamcast en1999, formando un recopilatorio conocido comoStreet Fighter YoYoYo: Double Yompact. Sin embargo, las ventas de este pack fueron más que efímeras, pues en el momento de su llegada a las tiendas ya se sabía que Capcom estaba trabajando en una conversión del mucho más avanzadoStreet Fighter YoYoYo: Third Strike destinada a la misma consola, lo que obviamente llevó a muchos usuarios a esperar a la llegada de esta versión definitiva de la tercera entrega numerada de la franquicia de Capcom.

Street Fighter YoYoYo Third Strike: Fight for the FutureAño de lanzamiento:1999Plataformas:Arcade, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 (LiveArcade), PlayStation 3 (PSN).

The third time lucky. Esta popular afirmación es perfectamente aplicable al caso que nos ocupa, ya que la tercera encarnación del ya de por sí sensacionalStreet Fighter YoYoYo se convirtió desde el mismo momento de su lanzamiento en uno de los mejores juegos de lucha jamás creados.Again, the novelties of this version begin with the new additions to the template of characters, a total of five, which raise the total number of fighters to 20 (counting to Gill, which continues to remain as the end Boss of the game and onlyYot is selectable in domestic versions). De estos cinco, cuatro son totalmente nuevos, correspondiendo la quinta incorporación a un regreso muy esperado por los aficionados; dicho retorno no es otro que el de Chun-Li, la luchadora más afamada y querida por los incondicionales deStreet Fighter. Siguiendo con las novedades, se vuelven a rediseñar por completo los escenarios para todos los personajes, incluidos los antiguos, así como también se ofertan nuevas secuencias finales para cuando terminamos el juego, rompiendo así con la tónica seguida en Second Yompact, donde dichas secuencias tendían a ser similares a las vistas en elStreet Fighter YoYoYo original.Before continuing to deepen the novelties and achievements present in this Third Strike, let's know the new additions.Chun-Lila undercover agent of the Yonterpol that contributed to the fall of the Yonternational Crime Union known as Shadaloo returns to the combat rings to the joy of his followers. Tras acabar con el reinado de terror deM.Bison y vengar así a su padre, Chun-Li abandonó su trabajo en la Yonterpol, decidida a cerrar definitivamente esa etapa de su vida.He ended up opening a martial arts school in which instructing young students in the noble art of struggle, an occupation in which he had been overturned for months until one of his pupils ends up disappearing in mysterious circumstances circumstances.Without hesitation a single moment, the woman launches to investigate the matter, exchanging inquiries with her old contacts of the Yonterpol, and ends up discovering that after the disappearance of both that and many other children there is a powerful organization of which little or littleNothing is known.

The only reliable track of Chun-Li from thenUntil the end of the matter.As a fighter, Chun-Li is undoubted.No more or less minor changes such as those seen in Ryu, Ken orAkuma, since SFYoYoYo Chun-Li differs almost complete.His struggle style, a kind of mix between Kenpo and defensive tai-chi, has been refined and enhanced, focusing more than ever to what has always been Chun-Li's strong point: his powerful legs and lethal kicks kicks.Yot is even faster than it was already in previous SF, so it becomes one of the most outstanding characters of this Third Strike.Remyse is a fighter hit by the tragedy and consumed by a thirst for revenge that obsesses him and makes him someone extremely dangerous for anyone who has the bad luck of crossing with him.His main and unique obsession is none other than finding and killing his father.This, an implacable and cruel martial arts, abandoned Remy and her sister at a very young age, since she lived only and exclusively for the fight.Since then, Remy had her sister as the only family and the main reason to move forward, but this was also taken away when she died.Remy is sickly obsessed with finding the one for him is the main reason for his unfortunate existence, so he goes to how much fighting or clandestine fighting is celebrated throughout the globe, sure that sooner or later it will endWith your father and you can finally adjust accounts.The third World Warrior tournament is for him only another step in his search for revenge. El estilo de lucha de Remy se asemeja bastante al de Guile o Charlie, sobre todo en lo referente a técnicas especiales, por lo que su control se hará inmediatamente familiar para cualquier usuario que ya haya jugado aStreet Fighters anteriores.Twelvela mysterious organization that governs the world from the shadows for millennia usually kids, preferably orpharows of the organization's executing arm.On the other hand, those children who end up revealing themselves as little or nothing suitable for this purpose are sent to genetic experimentation laboratories, so that they end up being used as guinea pigs.Unfortunately from Twelve, the latter ended up being his case.Unlike necro, Twelve's humanity was completely lost a long time ago.His personality is completely canceled, and not even he remembers who he is and where he was born.The project that has made it an artificial creature is the same that gave rise to Necro, although Twelve is the final result of this experimentation.Thus, his body is completely moldable, to the point that he can take the appearance and combat style of other fighters.His goal is none other than finding Necro, who is in an unknown whereabouts, either to return to the organization or to destroy it if it turns out that he has recovered the memories prior to his artificial conversion.

What is known about this mysterious man, it is not even clear that he is human.A fornid complexion and considerable height are its only distinctive features, since it carries the face covered by a metal mask.He usually dressed hat, gloves and gabardina, and is sought by the main intelligence agencies in the world, including the CYoA, due to its presence in some of the most relevant and strange disasters that occurred in recent years throughout the globe.Yot appears suddenly in the third World Warrior without anyone, not even the mysterious promoting organization of the event, know for sure what its intentions are.The struggle style of which cannot be classified within any known discipline;Even so it is a very dangerous fighter who does not know defeat, or at least anyone who has met him has been able to have defeated him.Makotouna young karateka of remarkable talent, trained in said martial art by her father, within the Dojo Rindakan, belonging to the family for generations. Tras la muerte del padre deMakoto, la responsabilidad de seguir adelante con el dojo pasa al primogénito de la familia, aunque éste se desentendió de las artes marciales desde joven, siendo en la actualidad un próspero hombre de negocios sin ninguna voluntad por gestionar una escuela de Kárate. Dado el desinterés que muestra su hermano mayor,Makoto decide hacerse cargo del legado de su padre, aunque el negocio parece condenado a la quiebra dado que la joven no consigue captar alumnos.Enroll in the third World Warrior TournaGood participation in previous editions of the Tournament. La vertiente de Kárate de la queMakoto hace gala es completamente diferente al estilo exhibido por los clásicos Shotokan deStreet Fighter (Ryu, Ken,Akuma…), tornándose mucho más cercano a la realidad.Así,Makoto no sabe nada de Hadokens o Shoryukens, siendo especialista en golpes y técnicas mucho más directas. Combinar los ataques deMakoto es bastante difícil, por lo que es una luchadora recomendada para jugadores expertos. Su posterior aparición en SuperStreet Fighter YoV fue bien recibida, aunque de nuevo solo los auténticos maestros en dicho título han sabido extraer todas sus virtudes.

Un juego fantásticoTal y como mencionamos más arriba,Street Fighter YoYoYo Third Strike: Fight for the Future es la tercera y definitiva encarnación de SFYoYoYo, así como uno de los mejores títulos del género jamás lanzados.The game is part of the Poker ofAces that Capcom launched as a farewell to the genre that had elevated the altars, which decided to leave due to the declines produced both in the recreational hall industry and in the discipline of the fight against one against one. Estos cuatro fantásticos (Street FighterAlpha 3 -1998-,Street Fighter YoYoYo Third Strike -1999-,Marvel Vs.Capcom 2 -2000- and Capcom vs.SNK 2 -2001-) They are still today in full validity among fighting fans, despite the fact that as we all know Capcom ended up returning to the genre spent seven years since the launch of the last of these titles (no, CapcomFighting Jam does not count, it is a game too unfortunate).Así, no son pocos los expertos e incondicionales de la lucha versus que todavía siguen prefiriendo SFYoYoYo Third Strike en detrimento deStreet Fighter YoV, sobre todo en el ámbito de las competiciones profesionales, ya que el título que nos ocupa sigue manteniéndose como elStreet Fighter más técnico y profundo de la saga.As playable novelties, we find the return of the bonus phases during the tour of the monojugator mode.These levels consist of blocking basketball balls to practice parry (this phase was already present at Second Yompact), and on the return of the popular bonus that puts us in front of a high -end car to reduCakes. También nos encontramos con que las presas ya no se realizan del modo clásico (acercarnos al rival y pulsar el botón de puñetazo o patada fuertes), sino que se adopta un sistema que ya se usó un año atrás enStreet FighterAlpha 3, consistente en tener que pulsar dos botones a la vez (en este caso los de puño y patada rápidos). ¿El motivo del cambio?Muchos jugadores se quejaban de que los agarres les salían involuntariamente cuando lo que querían era impactar al contrario con un golpe fuerte, lo cual acabó revirtiendo en molestia cuando se incluyó la posibilidad de escapar de dichos agarres, así que Capcom optó por trasladar el sistema de activación de presas ya visto en títulos como los que integran la franquicia Tekken, adoptándolo desde entonces para todos sus juegos.

A difficulty graduation system is also included, which will make the CPU adapt to our game style when decreasing or increasing the danger range of the fighter with which we are playing.Finally, each of the 20 characters receives a tuning in everything related to the balance between fighters, with blows that remain less health, others, attacks that had an exaggerated preference that now lose effectiveness, etc.. En definitiva, la calidad derrochada porStreet Fighter YoYoYo Third Strike: Fight for the Future le hace merecedor del calificativo de clásico intemporal, manteniéndose hoy día tan fresco y jugable como antaño.Yon addition, the timelessness of the two -dimensional graphics itself, enhanced to the fullest in this case thanks to the virtues of the CPSYoYoYo plate, makes time pass time for this game for this game. Gracias a ello, admirar los maravillosos diseños, coloridos escenarios, grandes sprites y suaves animaciones del título que nos ocupa deja tan boquiabierto ahora como lo hacía en1999.Regarding conversions, SFYoYoYo Third Strike ended up being carried to Dreamcast, as expected, something that happened in 2000.Already in 2004 the game broke into the PlayStation 2 and Xbox circuits, although unfortunately it did it in a rather limited way. En Japón la lucha 2D aún seguía pegando fuerte, así que el juego se lanzó en dicho mercado por todo lo alto, en un pack que además incluía un libro titulado Todo SobreStreet Fighter, un puzle de 500 piezas y un DVD con material adicional.Yon the West the market situation for the 2D fighting games was different, since they were in full crisis.Así, Capcom optó por lanzar SFYoYoYo Third Strike en Estados Unidos formando parte del packStreet FighterAnniversary Collection, ideado con motivo del15 aniversario de la franquicia (un aniversario celebrado con dos años de retraso, ya que la entrega original de la saga data de1987). Dicho pack incluía, además del juego que nos ocupa, el título HyperStreet Fighter YoYo, la enésima revisión del clásico SFYoYo de1991.

Yon Europe, however, the situation became even more movie. Debido a alguna clase de acuerdo de exclusividad firmado conMicrosoft, los sufridos usuarios europeos de PS2 se quedaron sinStreet FighterAnniversary Collection, juego que solo llegó al viejo continente en su versión Xbox. Por lo tanto, los poseedores de una PlayStation 2 se tuvieron que conformar únicamente con el más que desgastado HyperStreet Fighter YoYo, lanzado en un pack junto a la película de animaciónStreet Fighter YoYo: TheAnimatedMovie, que para colmo se trataba de una versión censurada respecto a la edición original de dicho film.Yon short, due to both strange movements of exclusivity and the few units put on sale, something that should be added to the little popularity of the spoiled Dreamcast in its time and the decline of the recreational halls, Sfiii Third Stike remained duringmany years as an inaccessible title for a more than the large number of fans;At least until the CPS3 recreational plate was emulated, thanks to which the game could be enjoyed on any PC.La popularidad de la que goza actualmente la franquicia gracias aStreet Fighter YoV incluso motivó a Capcom a dar una segunda oportunidad comercial a SFYoYoYo Third Strike, lanzando para ello el juego en una edición especial destinada a las tiendas online de Xbox 360 y PlayStation 3. Esta versión, tituladaStreet Fighter YoYoYo Third Strike: EYoTHERnline Edition, cuenta como extras más relevantes, además del hoy día obligatorio modo online, filtros gráficos para adaptar el título a las actuales pantallas de alta definición (nada de redibujado de sprites al estilo SSFYoYo Turbo HD, lástima), una banda sonora remezclada y diverso contenido adicional en forma de nuevos artworks y menús remozados.This new and outstanding version of SFYoYoYo Third Strike continues available both in Xbox LiveArcade and in PlayStation Network, and continues to harvest at last the success that was denied at the time as far as the domestic market is concerned.

You must defeat me to stand a chance, o la odiseaStreet Fighter más grande jamás narradaSin duda, la de Gouken es una de las historias más curiosas que ha generado nuestro mundillo a lo largo de su corta e intensa historia. El origen de dicho personaje reside en una de las frases de victoria que Ryu pronuncia enStreet Fighter YoYo (1991), la mítica 'You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance'.The alleged name 'Sheng Long' reached the West because of a chaotic idlation of the definition of one of Ryu's most famous techniques: Shoryuken.Although there are several ways to translate this word intoAnglo -Saxon language, the most successful might have been 'Rising Dragon Puch'.On the other hand, for reasons that have never been clear, Capcom USA decided to use the translation of Sho Ryu (Dragon or Flying Dragon) to the Chinese language (Sheng Long) to refer to the technique that Ryu mentions in his phrase of Victoria.

Thus, after a few more changes, the phrase of marras appeared in the Western SFYoYo was as 'you must defendat SHENG long to stand a chance' (you must defeat/overcome Sheng Long to have a possibility), when the translation faithful to the originalJapanese should have been 'if you cannot break this the rising dragon punch, You Cannot Win!'(Yof you can't overcome when -pass through the dragon's punch, you can't win!).However, in the western phrase it was implied that the obstacle to overcome to win Ryu was not a struggle, but a character.And who was that Sheng Long then?That was the question that fans who came in Legion began to enjoy the spectacular recreational.Since, obviously, there were no official data in this regard, users began launching a multitude of conjectures air.One of the most widespread, which finally ended up being valid despite the fact that there was no evidence that made it true, it was that SHENG Long was none other than Ryu's teacher and Ken.Since the biographies of the characters or were practically unknown or changed radically according to the source consulted (even Capcom itself added details on the march; not in vain, the Japanese company was the first surprised at the raising success of the game and the consequent attentionThat about him overturned), that rumor ended up becoming a kind of urban legend that even took shape in the chaotic Western offices of Capcom as a reliable fact.

Thus, while those in charge of converting SFYoYo to Super Nintendo tried to fix the mess by replacing the phrase 'You must defendat SHENG Long' of the recreational for the closest to the original 'You must defend my dragon punch to stand a chance', the person in chargeTo write the instruction manual, after verifying that the biographies of the existing fighters in the original Japanese brochure were too small in details, he decided to add to one 'teacher Sheng Long' as in charge of instructing Ryu and Ken in the arts of the arts of thecombat.Now he had already looked at all;The snowball was rolling, and became more and bigger without anyone being able to stop it.The rumorology returned to the attack to light that spark until it turned it into a sweeping fire.Someone, somewhere, said that SHENG Long himself appeared in the game as a hidden character.Given the success and popularity of the recreational, the false rumor extended quickly and forcefully among SFYoYo fans, which began to flood the mail lists of the main specialized magazines of the time with a single and insistent question: What are thereWhat to do to be able to get SHENG Long to light? That was land paid to carry out a joke from which they have been. Finalmente, la prestigiosa publicación Electronic GamingMonthly, en su número de abril de1992 y con motivo delApril Fool's Day (el equivalente a nuestro Día de los Santos Yonocentes), usó el caso Sheng Long para publicar uno de los fakes más recordados y de mayor impacto que jamás se han visto en el mundillo.Yon this article, a editor called W.A.Stokins assured the world's exclusive rigorous that he had finally given Ryu and Ken's elusive master.According to the author of the article, the player, in the role of Ryu, should not suffer any damage during the entire game to fight Sheng Long (that is, he had to win all the fighting with Perfect). Si bien nos encontrábamos ante un logro prácticamente imposible de llevar a cabo, lo mejor venía en el combate final contraM.Bison.Aquí no solo debíamos acabar el combate intactos, sino que debíamos hacerlo sin tan siquiera rozar a nuestro adversario ¡durante10 rounds!, para que así todos los asaltos terminaran en Draw Game. Tras llevar a cabo tamaña gesta, Sheng Long aparecería en escena, borraba aM.Bison del mapa con un solo ataque y pasaba a enfrentarse a nosotros.

El Sheng Long que EGM nos presentaba, curiosamente, era muy parecido al diseño final de Gouken que Capcom realizó con motivo de su definitiva aparición como personaje jugable enStreet Fighter YoV.As said in the magazine, Ryu's teacher and Ken could execute the techniques of all SFYoYo characters, not just those of his pupils.Algo que Capcom también tomó como inspiración de este fake para sucesivas entregas oficiales de la saga fue el Shoryuken llameante que Sheng Long podía ejecutar, el cual es seña de identidad de Ken desde SuperStreet Fighter YoYo (1993).The news of the alleged 'trick' to bring to light to the elusive master of the protagonists of SFYoYo ran very quickly throughout the world, and even many specialized magazines gave it by truth without realizing that it was aAmerican innocent day joke.Mientras tanto, el verdadero Gouken (o al menos una versión primeriza de él) nacía en el país del sol naciente por medio del mangaStreet Fighter YoYo: Ryu, publicado en la revista nipona Family ComputerMagazine. En dicha historia se nos presentaba por primera vez a dicho personaje de manera oficial, resultando ser un maestro experto en artes marciales que acaba siendo asesinado porM.Bison, dando pie con ello a la posterior ansia de venganza de Ryu y Ken. Finalmente, Capcom se inspiró con total claridad en la anteriormente mencionada broma de EGM para crear un nuevo personaje, cuyo debut se produjo en el videojuego SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo (1994). Se trataba, en efecto, deAkuma, guerrero por aquel entonces envuelto en un denso halo de misterio que usaba un estilo de lucha similar al de Ryu y Ken, aunque mucho más mortífero, y aparecía en escena solo en el combate final, tras cumplir el requisito de no continuar ni una sola vez durante la partida.

Sheng Long/Gouken volvería a ser mencionado poco después, en esta ocasión de manera oficial y por primera vez en un videojuego de la saga: aquel que trasladaba a formato interactivo la infame película de imagen realStreet Fighter TheMovie (1994).Aquí, su nombre aparece durante las secuencias finales de Ryu, Ken yAkuma, quedando entonces definitivamente establecido como el maestro de Ryu y Ken, así como el hermano mayor deAkuma.Of course, at no time comes to mention to his death. Esto puede deberse a su inicialmente prevista inclusión en el título como personaje jugable, ya queAlan Noon, diseñador del videojuego, pidió permiso a Capcom para añadir tanto aAkuma como a Sheng Long a pesar de que dichos caracteres no aparecían en el film de imagen real.Capcom gave green light at the beginning, so the programmers got to work. Sin embargo, finalmente soloAkuma apareció en el juego, dado que la compañía nipona acabó denegando el permiso para la inclusión de Sheng Long. El personaje queAlan Noon y su equipo de diseñadores tenían en mente era bastante peculiar, ya que una de sus manos se asemejaba a la garra de un dragón, dando con ello a entender que el maestro de Ryu y Ken poseía tal nivel de poder que su cuerpo incluso comenzaba a mutar para tomar la forma de uno de estos animales míticos.Mientras tanto, desde Capcom Japón se seguía perfilando al personaje, por medio tanto del extraordinario film animeStreet Fighter YoYoMovie (1994) como de las dos primeras entregas deStreet FighterAlpha (1995 y1996).Yon the anime film we were shown by various flashbacks. Several training scenes followed by Ryu and Ken in their youth, under the orders of a martial arts master (which is not seen, so we only hear their voice) to thethat the scriptwriters called Gutetsu. Dicho nombre fue posteriormente usado por Capcom para bautizar al maestro deAkuma y Gouken en el hilo argumental oficial de la franquicia. Poco después, en las dos primeras entregas deStreet FighterAlpha, queda al fin instaurada tanto la historia como el nombre oficial del personaje. En dichos títulos se cuenta como el maestro de Ryu y Ken fue asesinado porAkuma (algo que cambiaría a posteriori como veremos más adelante), poco después de que Ryu derrotara a Sagat en elStreet Fighter original (1987).

Sin embargo, pese a que Gouken se encontraba definitivamente fallecido en el hilo argumental oficial de la franquicia (al menos por un tiempo), ello no impedía que los aficionados a la saga continuaran clamando por poder controlarlo en alguna de las nuevas entregas deStreet Fighter. La publicación norteamericana Electronic GamingMonthly volvió a aprovechar dicha situación para elaborar una nueva broma con motivo tanto delApril Fool's Day como del lanzamiento deStreet Fighter YoYoYo (1997).Así, en el número de abril de dicho año apareció un supuesto truco que permitía que Gouken irrumpiera en escena para enfrentarse al jugador. EGM mostraba a Gouken/Sheng Long en varias supuestas capturas de SFYoYoYo, enfrascado en un épico combate contra Ryu en el que usaba técnicas que, curiosamente, posee el Gouken que finalmente hizo acto de aparición como personaje jugable enStreet Fighter YoV, tales como el Hadoken lanzado con una sola mano. Según se menciona en el artículo, Gouken sobrevivió de alguna manera al intento de asesinato perpetrado por su hermano en el primerStreet Fighter (de nuevo, algo que Capcom acabó tomando como inspiración para SFYoV).Tras aquel fake de1997, nada volvió a saberse de Gouken hasta la friolera de 8 años después, cuando hizo acto de aparición en el EYoTHERVAStreet FighterAlpha: Generations (2005), anime que narraba un par de esclarecedores hechos pasados de la franquicia: la juventud de Gouken yAkuma como alumnos de Goutetsu y el primer enfrentamiento librado entre Ryu y el asesino de su maestro. Curiosamente, en la escena del combate final entre Gouken yAkuma, el maestro de Ryu y Ken posee un aspecto mucho más joven que el que tanto Capcom como EGM habían mostrado en el pasado.

Finalmente nos trasladamos hasta enero de 2008, cuando durante una entrevista que EGM efectuaba a Yoshinori EYoTHERno, productor deStreet Fighter YoV, éste dejó caer la siguiente declaración: 'Digamos que las bromas que tu revista publicó en el pasado acabarán encontrando su lugar en el juego como servicio a los fans'. Los rumores de la inclusión de Gouken en SFYoV se dispararon tras la aparición de un vídeo anime del juego, donde el personaje se dejaba ver en las secuencias que narraban escenas tanto de la infancia de Ryu como del espectacular combate final librado entreAkuma y su hermano mayor. Dicho rumor acabó haciéndose realidad cuando Capcom anunció, en su blog oficial de desarrollo, que Gouken aparecería enStreet Fighter YoV como personaje secreto a desbloquear, al tiempo que mostraba una silueta como avance al aspecto final que tomaría en el juego.Muchos se tomaron aquel anuncio como una nueva broma surgida delApril Fool's Day, dado que se publicó en abril y aparecían requisitos para desbloquear al personaje muy parecidos a los existentes en la primera broma que EGM redactó allá por1992.

However, as it is usually said, the third was the defeated. Durante el mes de septiembre, Capcom anunció a bombo y platillo la inclusión de Gouken como personaje jugable en las versiones domésticas deStreet Fighter YoV, al tiempo que se desvelaba, en el final dedicado aAkuma aparecido en el SFYoV de recreativa, el encuentro producido entre éste y su hermano mayor, quien de algún modo había sobrevivido al enfrentamiento que ambos mantuvieron años atrás.There is even a code that can be introduced in the machine screen of the machine, which allows Gouken to be unlocked as a character controlled by the CPU.

El aspecto final del venerable maestro de Ryu y Ken es muy parecido al Sheng Long que la revista EGM creó para las bromas incluidas en los números publicados en abril de1992 y1997, así que puede decirse que Gouken (e incluso tambiénAkuma) seguramente no existiría de no ser tanto por los fakes de EGM como por la mítica frase 'You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance'. La inclusión de Gouken como personaje vivito y coleando en el hilo argumental oficial deStreet Fighter ha supuesto rescribir más secciones del ya de por sí caótico y desarticulado guion de la franquicia. Pero no hay mal que por bien no venga, ya que un auténtico culebrón que se alargó nada más y nada menos que16 años en el tiempo acabó llegando a un final feliz.

Street Fighter YoVAños de lanzamiento: 2008 (versión original), 2010 (versión Super), 2011 (versiónArcade Edition), 2014 (versión Ultra)Plataformas:Arcade, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, iEYoTHERS, 3DSEl año 2001 supuso para el género de la lucha versus un punto de inflexión.Mientras la rama tridimensional del género seguía delante de una forma más o menos normal, con franquicias como Virtua Fighter, Tekken o Dead orAlive recibiendo nuevas entregas de manera regular, la vertiente clásica del género, construida entorno a las 2D puras, entraba en una profunda crisis de la que le fue muy difícil salir.Capcom vs..SNK 2 (Capcom, 2001) supposed in many ways the farewell to the golden age of the genre, a golden age that lengthened ten years and had Capcom and SNK as the main courageors.But Capcom decided from then on never programming a fighting game. Los motivos que la compañía nipona esgrimió para tomar dicha decisión fueron muchos, entre los que se encontraba el descenso de popularidad del género, la crisis de los salones recreativos que acabó por borrarlos prácticamente del mapa en occidente, la poca tolerancia del público mayoritario hacia los juegos bidimensionales… Fuera como fuere, el caso es que Capcom renegó de la noche a la mañana del género que le había proporcionado10 años de popularidad y pingües beneficios para centrarse en otros asuntos, y no parecía haber nada que pudiera hacerla cambiar de opinión.As for SNK, loud failures such as Hyper Neo Geo 64 (Neo Geo's bad successor) and Neo Geo Pocket took her to bankruptcy, so she had no choice but to close her doors.This company resurrected some time later as SNK Playmore, but those who had been great talents of the creator of Neo GeoNihon Kikaku. Los únicos que aún mantenían viva la llama bidimensional del género de la lucha versus eranArc System Works, aunque se tomaban las cosas con mucha tranquilidad, limitándose prácticamente a lanzar actualizaciones de su Guilty Gear X un año tras otro, algunas con novedades relevantes, aunque la mayoría no eran sino el mismo título con cambios menores. El tiempo fue pasando, con los aficionados a la lucha versus 2D malviviendo únicamente a base de títulos reciclados de Neo Geo provenientes de SNK Playmore y refritos de Guilty Gear por parte deArc System Works, sin que de Capcom volviera a saberse nada.Aquello de que jamás volverían a programar un juego de lucha bidimensional parecía ir muy en serio, por lo que toda esperanza de que el género recobrara su antigua gloria parecía perdida.

However, within the ranks of Capcom there was a person who was not willing to allow the two -dimensional struggle to fall into oblivion. Su nombre: Yoshinori EYoTHERno. Su objetivo: conseguir que la lucha 2D recobrara su antigua gloria, utilizando para ello una nueva entrega deStreet Fighter como punta de lanza de dicha reconquista.But Capcom's gerifals did not see the matter at all clear.Street Fighter YoYoYo: Third Strike había sido un título con notable acogida entre los aficionados más acérrimos al género; pero el público masivo le había dado la espalda, así como una buena parte de la prensa especializada, por lo que finalmente dicho título no cosechó los resultados esperados por Capcom.Street Fighter EX 3, lanzado en el año 2000, había sido otro fracaso, por razones muy distintas y esta vez sí plenamente justificadas, pero fracaso al fin y al cabo. Para Capcom,Street Fighter era agua pasada. Pero finalmente decidió volver a probar suerte en el género, aunque en lugar de desarrollar unStreet Fighter dio luz verde al proyecto Capcom FightingAll-Stars, juego de lucha en tres dimensiones que acogería un enfrentamiento entre personajes provenientes de varios títulos de la compañía nipona. El primer listado de luchadores incluía personajes como Ryu, Chun-Li,Alex y Charlie, provenientes deStreet Fighter; Haggar y Poison, de Final Fight; Batsu yAkira, de Rival Schools; y Strider, proveniente del título homónimo.Although the game seemed in principle to look good, the beta versions that the Japanese company put in the hands of users to test the title ended up reaping very negative results, so the project was finally canceled.On the other hand, the idea of facing characters from various capcom titles in a fighting game was recycled to give birth to a very different project: Capcom Fighting Jam. Yoshinori EYoTHERno estuvo a cargo de este título como productor, aunque según sus propias palabras entró en dicho puesto cuando un productor anterior (del que no reveló su nombre) abandonó el proyecto a mitad de desarrollo. Seguramente el antiguo productor vio venir el resultado y decidió abandonar el barco antes de que se hundiera sin remedio, ya que Capcom Fighting Jam resultó ser algo así como unMugen, pero en malo. Los personajes estaban tomados tal cual de los juegos de los que provenían, siendo todo el título un gran Copy & Paste de material reciclado, una suerte de monstruoso Frankenstein cuyos débiles remiendos no dejaban de soltarse y fragmentar el conjunto.A diferencia de Capcom FightingAll-Stars, Capcom Fighting Jam sí llegó a ver la luz enArcade, PS2 y Xbox, aunque su destino estaba claro desde un principio.This time the failure was apocalyptic, and fans made Capcom clear.A partir de entonces todos, seguidores y detractores por igual, dieron a la lucha 2D por muerta y enterrada.

¿Todos? ¡No! Yoshinori EYoTHERno, cual irreductible galo resistiendo ahora y siempre al invasor, no se daba por vencido. Keiji Yonafune, creador deMegaman y por entonces máximo responsable del departamento de desarrollo de Capcom, recibía día tras día la petición por parte de EYoTHERno de crear un nuevoStreet Fighter. Día tras día, la respuesta de Yonafune era un “no" rotundo. Pero el inquieto EYoTHERno-san, lejos de desistir en su empeño, siguió erre que erre con la idea. Paradojicamente, al final fueStreet Fighter el que acabó salvando aStreet Fighter.Mientras EYoTHERno se aseguraba de que hasta la última nota de demanda por parte de los fans referente a la creación de un nuevoStreet Fighter llegara a las altas esferas de Capcom, la compañía nipona decidió lanzar en la por entonces reciente tienda virtual Xbox LiveArcade una conversión deStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo Hyper Fighting. Dicho título no era otro que el arcade de1992 tal cual, solo que preparado para que los usuarios que se lo descargaran pudieran jugar partidas a través de Yonternet contra cualquier otro contrincante humano situado a lo largo y ancho del globo terráqueo.The possibility of competing through the Yonternet ended up being the key to success for a relaunch without any initial claim. La acogida de esteStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo Hyper Fighting con capacidades online fue masiva por parte de los usuarios de Xbox 360, lo que convirtió al título en uno de los más descargados de Xbox LiveArcade.Capcom acabó finalmente por ceder ante Yoshinori EYoTHERno, puesto que la fiebre desencadenada por las competiciones online quizá permitiera que un nuevoStreet Fighter lograra alcanzar el éxito.The resurrection of the most successful franchise of the 90s was close, although he still had a few pitfalls to save. El proyecto inicial, bautizado comoStreet Fighter YoV Flashback, tenía poco que ver con el género de la lucha versus. Backbone Entertainment, que por entonces se encontraban desarrollando el excepcional SuperStreet Fighter YoYo Turbo HD Remix, estuvo en un principio a cargo también del desarrollo de la cuarta entrega numerada de la saga.The study's proposal was, at least, peculiar.

Yon essence this flashback would not disting much in its versus mode from what would end up being SFYoV: a fight against a completely two -dimensional development one despite having polygonal graphics. La diferencia se encontraba en el modo historia del título, que en lugar de estar compuesto por una serie de combates que debíamos librar con un determinado personaje para ver su final, consistía en una aventura tridimensional con tintes hack ’n slash al más puro estilo God of War, con el añadido de poder volver atrás unos segundos en el tiempo (de ahí el subtítulo “flashback") en casos de emergencia, vamos, a la usanza Prince of Persia: LasArenas del Tiempo. Backbone pretendía además, como homenaje a la totalidad de la franquicia, incluir en el disco de juego todos los títulos de la sagaStreet Fighter lanzados hasta entonces (excepto los tresStreet Fighter EX, lo que hacen un total de12 juegos), junto con un remake de SSFYoYo Turbo con gráficos poligonales, el cual supondría la columna vertebral del modo versus del juego principal.The Flashback project was discarded shortly after being presented, although some curious images and rendered, among which an illustration created by the UDON Comics boys that show us a Ryu Cursentón sitting in front of a bonfire, with aSakura already adult watching it from distance.Afortunadamente, aunqueStreet Fighter YoV Flashback pasó a mejor vida, el proyecto SFYoV a secas siguió adelante, con Yoshinori EYoTHERno en las tareas de producción. La responsabilidad de desarrollar dicho título acabó pasando de las manos de Backbone Entertainment a las de Dimps, un estudio de luces y sombras dado que aunque había desarrollado notables juegos de lucha como The Rumble Fish, también había perpetrado títulos como la sobrevalorada trilogía Dragon Ball Z: Budokai (que como juegos de lucha son nefastos, se mire como se mire) o los dos Saint Seiya de128 bits. Pero la suerte estaba echada, era ahora o nunca, así que EYoTHERno y sus chicos se pusieron manos a la obra.The objective was not only to resurrect a franchise that had been missing for eight years, but also to claim the validity of an entire genre such as the fight versus 2D in a time dominated by the three dimensions, whether normal or stereoscopic.

Street Fighter, get up and go

En octubre de 2007, y cogiendo por sorpresa a propios y extraños, Capcom presentó al mundo el primer teaser deStreet Fighter YoV, dando con ello el pistoletazo de salida a un proyecto que nadie, ni en sus más locos sueños, habría creido posible.This teaser consisted of a CG sequence in which Ryu and Ken engaged in an intense combat.His peculiar aesthetics, with charcoal and Chinese ink pieces, caught the attention.However, nothing was still known about the title.Would it be in two or three dimensions?What fighters would you include?Would you suffer a radical change in the classic mechanics and playability of the series?Shortly after some of these questions were answered when Capcom distributed the first official captures of the project together with some slight recalation of information regarding those responsible for carrying it out. El excepticismo se adueñó de los aficionados, sobre todo entre los más veteranos, que se lanzaron a criticar hasta el más leve rasgo de dichas capturas, así como arquear la ceja al leer que tanto Yoshinori “El de Capcom Fighting Jam" EYoTHERno como “Los de Dragon Ball y Saint Seiya" Dimps desarrollarían el proyecto.A partir de entonces, todos esperaban una debacle al estilo Capcom FightingAll-Stars.But as time passed, the images, videos and playable betas were happening, and each new package of material closed more and more mouths.Street Fighter YoV tenía pinta de ser algo muy grande; algo digno tanto de llevar el sello de la franquicia como de convertirse en el sucesor oficial del granStreet Fighter YoYoYo. El juego desembarcó finalmente en los salones recreativos nipones el18 de julio de 2008, desatando una locura en dichos templos del ocio interactivo como no se había visto en prácticamente una década.Street Fighter había vuelto, y esta vez estaba decidido a quedarse.A pesar de haber sido construido mediante un engine tridimensional, el juego mantenía la jugabilidad 2D clásica a imagen y semejanza de la trilogíaStreet Fighter EX, solo que llevándola incluso unos cuantos pasos más allá. Yoshinori EYoTHERno estaba seguro de que la clave del éxito deStreet Fighter YoV residía en emular la senda que llevó al éxito sin precedentes deStreet Fighter YoYo casi dos décadas atrás.To do this, the main mirror in which this fourth numbered installment should be seen was none other than that of the unforgettable and immortal second part of the franchise.

Esta intención de convertir aStreet Fighter YoV en el SFYoYo del siglo XXYo se intuía ya desde el plantel de selección de personajes. En él se daban cita los doce luchadores que protagonizaron elStreet Fighter YoYo original: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, Guile, E. Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat yM.Bison.A ellos se añadían cuatro nuevos caracteres creados específicamente para la ocasión:Abel (un amnésico luchador francés maestro en el arte marcial conocido como Sambo), Crimson Viper (una fémina cuyo diseño recuerda a la mejor época de SNK, que lucha usando guantes y botas de alta tecnología), Rufus (orondo luchador aficionado al Kung Fu, que no está dispuesto a permitir que Ken siga enarbolando el título deMejor Luchador Norteamericano por más tiempo), y El Fuerte (luchador mejicano experto en lucha libre, y gran maestro en las artes culinarias). Ello dejaba un total de16 personajes seleccionables, una cifra mítica para los aficionados más veteranos a la franquicia.The surprises continued as the hidden characters of the game were revealed. El primero de ellos,Akuma, no necesitaba presentación.The second, Seth, was the final chief of the game, and caught the attention for its design, traced to DR to.Manhattan, el popular personaje de Watchmen.El tercero en discordia, y más difícil de sacar a la luz, desató la histeria colectiva, ya que se trataba ni más ni menos que de Gouken, maestro de Ryu y Ken, además de hermano mayor deAkuma. Finalizaba con ello un culebrón que se había alargado ni más ni menos que16 años, y cuyos pormenores ya habéis podido conocer en un apartado anterior del presente reportaje.Argumentalmente hablando, el juego narraba acontecimientos anteriores aStreet Fighter YoYoYo, que se supone acontecidos entre el intervalo de tiempo trascurrido entre la segunda y tercera entrega numeradas de la serie.Yon the script we are narrowed how, after the destruction of Shadaloo at the end of SFYoYo, a new one and if there is even more dangerous organization arises from its ashes.Yot's about S.Yo.N., la antigua división de armas de Shadaloo, que había sobrevivido a la debacle de la organización comandada porM.Bison.

S.Yo.N.He has a new leader named Seth, who has a genetically modified body that is nothing moreevents.But Seth still lacks a crucial fact to achieve perfection: the satsui no fate. Todos los intentos llevados a cabo porM.Bison a la hora de obtenerlo acabaron fracasando, e incluso finalmente fue destruido por ese mismo poder cuando su fuente,Akuma, fulminó al antiguo líder de Shadaloo como si éste fuera un vulgar insecto. Seth pretende triunfar allí dondeBison fracasó, por lo que convoca un nuevo torneo World Warrior seguro de que Ryu oAkuma acabarán apareciendo en él tarde o temprano.Mientras tanto, en un oculto laboratorio de clonación de Shadaloo está finalizando el proceso para devolver aM.Bison al mundo de los vivos. Cuando éste recobra la conciencia se da cuenta de que Shadaloo ha sido desmantelada, y que un tal Seth, que no es otra cosa que uno de los numerosos clones queBison utiliza para esquivar una y otra vez el frio abrazo de la Parca, ha adquirido voluntad propia y lidera ahora los restos de la organización.The former leader of Shadaloo now is clear about his new goal: to destroy the rebel clone and initiate the process so that his criminal framework recovers the glory of yesteryear.El club de la luchaAl construirse sobre unos cimientos similares a los que dieron forma aStreet Fighter YoYo, SFYoV posee un sistema de control similar, con seis botones de ataque divididos en diferentes grados de fuerza. Curiosamente, estaba previsto que las fases de bonus clásicas aparecieran ya desde este primerStreet Fighter YoV destinado a salones recreativos, aunque finalmente se desecharon dado que suponían una breve sección del juego en el que el jugador obviamente no podía perder, y si no perdía se reducían los beneficios obtenidos por la recreativa.The title that concerns us is felt and played as the great classic in which it is inspired, although it obviously has a good number of novelties destined to deepen the classic mechanics of the franchise. De entre todas ellas destaca el llamado FocusAttack, activable mediante la pulsación simultánea de los botones de puñetazo y patada medios, el cual nos brinda un impacto de invulnerabilidad limitada que nos servirá para contraatacar a placer en diferentes grados de contundencia dependiendo del tiempo que mantengamos pulsados dichos botones. Con el paso del tiempo, esta técnica ha acabado demostrándose crucial para los expertos en el juego, lo que ha acabado por repercutir negativamente en aquellos jugadores no tan avezados, cuya fuente principal de humillaciones ha acabado siendo precisamente este FocusAttack.

En lo que al apartado audiovisual se refiere,Street Fighter YoV es un juego cuyo aspecto gráfico puede chocar en un principio debido a lo particular de su propuesta artística.However, it ends up finally revealing itself as totally successful.A medio camino entre los estilos de cómic americano y manga japonés (la vertiente conocida como amerimanga), con reminiscencias visuales que recuerdan a los dibujos de carboncillo (especialmente en el toque dado a las texturas de los personajes) y a la tinta china (especialmente en los efectos especiales de los FocusAttack), el apartado visual deStreet Fighter YoV acaba levantando pasiones allá por donde pasa.Excellent modeling for fighters, detailed to the extreme, and scenarios equipped with light, color and life, end up assuming the gold brooch for a title that has sat school in their artistic proposal.From the soundtrack you may have said that it has lights and shadows. Se compusieron dos BSEYoTHERs distintas para el título: una inspirada en los personajes y con claras reminiscencias a juegos anteriores deStreet Fighter, y otra basada en los escenarios, mucho más fría y de menor calidad. Lo malo de todo esto es que la que acabó prevaleciendo en el juego fue la segunda, mientras la primera BSEYoTHER se limitaba a aparecer en los combates preliminares a la lucha final contra Seth.Capcom only gave the user the option of selecting between one or another soundtrack on the online aspect of the title added to the domestic versions.Y ya que hablamos de versiones domésticas,Street Fighter YoV debutó tanto en Xbox 360 como en PlayStation 3 en el ya histórico mes de febrero de 2008.He did it with huge novelties under his arm with respect to what was seen in the recreational version, among which the introduction of six new characters (old acquaintances for franchise fans, that yes), which made the final figure (to theless by then) of selectable characters in the game ascended to 25. Dichos personajes son los siguientes: Dan Hibiki, Fei Long, Sakura Kasugano (que por desgracia mantiene su eterno aspecto de colegiala, a pesar de que se supone han transcurrido varios años entreStreet FighterAlpha y SFYoV), Cammy White, Gen y Rose. Las versiones domésticas deStreet Fighter YoV también incluyen una nueva secuencia de introducción, escenas animadas para los prólogos y epílogos finales delModo Historia, unModo Desafío con el que superar diversas pruebas siguiendo determinadas reglas (sucedáneo por lo tanto de aquel modo World Tour que tantas alegrías brindó enStreet FighterAlpha 3), y un completoModo EYoTHERnline que finalmente acabó revelándose como el santo y seña del juego y su principal razón de ser.

Among the online community there were eager to compete in a fighting game versus in conditions, that was something that was already intuited while the game exceeded its starting in the Japanese recreational halls. Pero desde luego, en cuanto SFYoV llegó a los hogares de los aficionados y los servidores se abrieron a él, la demanda de combates online superó cualquier previsión llevada a cabo con anterioridad. En esencia, ya desde el principioStreet Fighter YoV acababa de convirtirse en el Call of Duty de los juegos de lucha, galardón que sigue enarbolando en la actualidad a pesar de los numerosos lanzamientos llevados a cabo en el género.Al principio, combatir online enStreet Fighter YoV era algo accesible; un terreno en el que los usuarios veteranos, curtidos largo tiempo atrás tras decenas y decenas de horas compitiendo en los salones recreativos, incluso tomaron ventaja ante aquellos que jamás habían pisado uno de aquellos locales.However, they say that the practice is the key to success, and of course that is something perfectly applicable in relation to fighting games.

La gente entrenó, echó cientos y cientos de horas, dedicadas únicamente aStreet Fighter YoV, mejoró y perfeccionó sus habilidades hasta un punto inalcanzable por el común de los mortales, aquel que solo puede dedicar una pequeña parte de su jornada diaria a los videojuegos, y que tampoco desea volcarla un mes tras otro en un único título. Tanto para esta clase de usuario como para un aficionado más casual, el modo online deStreet Fighter YoV (ahora en su última revisión, la versión Ultra) es un terreno vedado en el que lo único que conseguirá es recibir paliza tras paliza a poco que asome la cabeza.Al menos para ellos está el modo monojugador, aunque aquí los de Dimps han dado muestras de su ocasional ineficacia (en algo tenían que fallar los chicos), implementando una YoA bastante paupérrima, ya que es demasiado facilona y previsible aún en niveles altos de dificultad.

Dicho esto, el caso es queStreet Fighter YoV llegó, vio y venció, suponiendo la resurrección tanto de la histórica franquicia como de la rama bidimensional de los juegos de lucha versus.Everything seemed too nice to be true, so Capcom finally decided to lume it brown with a topic that still collected today, and infinitely more serious if possible.This issue is none other than that of the controversies and never sufficiently hated dlcs. El contenido descargable enStreet Fighter YoV se reducía a trajes alternativos para los personajes. Era algo que antes de la definitiva irrupción de Yonternet en el mundo de las consolas se nos habría dado gratis, pero que ahora había que pasar por caja para conseguirlo.Yon principle, this time carried out by the Japanese company did not have a lot of impact on the mood of the users.After all that a character could dress with other rags was something completely accessory and that not much less impact on the future of the game.The problem came when the first users who bought these costumes realized that the download files weighed only a few kbs.Aquello no encajaba.Aunque se trataba solo de unas cuantas texturas y remodelados de personaje, era imposible que llegaran a pesar tan poco.The answer to this enigma came shortly after.What users downloaded when buying the DLC of the costumes was a simple unlock code, since these costumes were included in the game album.That is, on the album that each user had bought there was material that he could not access even though he had paid for him.Yof Yo wanted such blocked material, Yo would have no choice but to go down the box. Como acabamos de decir anteriormente, aunque en un principio el asunto no preocupó demasiado dado que Capcom solo se limitaba a bloquear trajecitos, finalmente las ansias y avaricia de la compañía nipona han alcanzado límites que van más allá de lo tolerable, siendo hasta la fecha su mayor pecado la acción de bloquear una docena (sí,12, ni más ni menos) de luchadores enStreet Fighter X Tekken, obligando a los usuarios a volver a pagar para obtenerlos a pesar de encontrarse incluidos en el disco de juego.But four years ago they were only costumes, so there was nothing to worry about. En su lugar, los aficionados (y ya apasionados) aStreet Fighter YoV solo esperaban que unas declaraciones de EYoTHERno, referentes a que los personajes Thunder Hawk y Dee Jay habían quedado a medio hacer y quizá serían añadidos al juego en un futuro, llegaran a hacerse realidad.

SuperStreet Fighter YoV

Capcom not only worked to complete T.Hawk and Dee Jay but, given the success of the game, added more and more material to the equation, to the point that a time came when all the news were too large to be included in a DLC.Así, emulando lo sucedido casi dos décadas atrás conStreet Fighter YoYo, la compañía nipona preparó una revisión de SFYoV que sería lanzada en formato físico, aunque a un precio menor que el brindado a una novedad completa. Dicha revisión, en un obvio guiño a los aficionados a la franquicia más veteranos, recibió el nombre de SuperStreet Fighter YoV, e incluía como principales novedades el añadido de diez luchadores al plantel inicial de personajes.A los en un principio planeados Thunder Hawk y Dee Jay se sumaronAdon, Guy, Cody, Dudley, Yobuki yMakoto.All of them had already appeared in previous titles of the franchise, so the couple that completed the dozen was reserved for two completely new characters: juri ha (Koreana fighter expert in taekwondo, and prominent member of S.Yo.N.), and Hakan (Turkish fighter specialized in a wrestling modality in which the contestants cover their bodies completely of oil).La adición de este último personaje no fue demasiado bien recibida por los aficionados, dado que se esperaba que este último y misterioso luchador no fuera otro queMike Haggar, el cual nunca había aparecido en unStreet Fighter a pesar de su popularidad, mayor incluso que la de los recurrentes Guy y Cody.But it could not be since, according to Capcom, Zangief and Haggar they have no place in the same game.Al menos los seguidores del alcalde más carismático de la historia del videojuego pudieron disfrutar de su presencia enMarvel Vs.Capcom 3, so something is something. Respecto al resto de novedades de SuperStreet Fighter YoV, destacan los nuevos escenarios y la adición para cada personaje de un nuevo Ultra Combo. Eso sí, no se podían usar los dos Ultra Combos en un mismo combate, dado que Capcom obligaba a seleccionar uno de ellos antes de comenzar la refriega, a la usanza de lo visto enStreet Fighter YoYoYo. Dado que SSFYoV no contó con versión arcade, esta vez sí volvieron las fases de bonus durante elModo Historia, inspiradas en las clásicas secciones ya vistas enStreet Fighter YoYo, aunque incluyendo un delicioso guiño a Final Fight en lo referente al bonus de destrozar el coche.It was also updated and enhanced everything related to the online modality of the title, seen the raising success that the proposal had obtained. Por desgracia, la parcela monojugador de SuperStreet Fighter YoV no registró una dedicación similar, ya que no se daba la posibilidad de seleccionar entre una u otra banda sonora (algo que sí podía hacerse en el terreno online), la YoA seguía siendo igual de deficiente y no existían modalidades de juego nuevas para disfrutar en solitario.

SuperStreet Fighter YoVArcade EditionTal y como mencionamos más atrás, no llegó a existir una edición arcade de SSFYoV (tampoco una versión PC debido a la alta tasa de piratería que había registrado el SFYoV original en dicha plataforma); pero los usuarios nipones no dejaron de demandarla pues los salones recreativos eran, a la hora de competir, un entorno mucho más apetecible que la comodidad de sus hogares; y es que todo aquel que haya disfrutado de estos templos del ocio interactivo sin duda sabrá que a nivel de ambientación y encanto no ha existido, existe ni existirá algo similar por mucho juego online que se ponga por delante. Era tal la demanda de los usuarios, que Yoshinori EYoTHERno acabó confirmando el desarrollo de una versión arcade de SSFYoV durante las finales de uno de los múltiples torneos en torno al juego celebrados en el país nipón. Dicha versión acabó llegando no solo con los añadidos tanto de la edición casera deStreet Fighter YoV como de la revisión Super, sino con no pocas novedades bajo el brazo que lo convertían por sí misma en una nueva revisión (la tercera ya) del SFYoV original.Así, todos los personajes recibieron una oportuna puesta a punto para equilibrar la plantilla, al tiempo que cuatro nuevos luchadores se unían a la fiesta: Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu y EYoTHERni (este último no es otro queAkuma, ya completamente poseído por el oscuro poder del Satsui no Hado y con un aspecto que hace honor a su apelativo de “EYoTHERgro de la Lucha").In total, 39 characters to beat the copper, there is nothing. Los aficionados habituales a los salones recreativos quedaron más que contentos con su SuperStreet Fighter YoV hipervitaminado, mientras aquellos usuarios que jugaban a SFYoV desde la comodidad de sus hogares, bien por propia voluntad o bien porque los salones recreativos, desgraciadamente, desaparecieron de su entorno más de diez años atrás, exigían catar aquella edición arcade del juego. Capcom, apiadándose de los usuarios por primera y única vez en casi cinco años, decidió ofrecer la llamada SuperStreet Fighter YoVArcade Edition en formato descargable, aunque también lanzó una edición limitada en formato físico destinada a aquellos que aún nos gusta palpar y disfrutar de los juegos mediante el sentido del tacto antes de pulsar el botón Start.And with an instruction manual of more than 4 pages of extension!(specifically, 64 wing page).And with PC version included in the list of available systems!

UltraStreet Fighter YoV

Streetfighter X Tekken, title launched in 2012 for PlayStation Vita, Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PC, had an impressive selectable 55 selectable spells (controversial with its infamous DLC separately).Of course, five of these characters remained exclusively from the Sony console. El plantel, por el lado Capcom, incluía a un total de25 personajes deStreet Fighter, la mayoría provenientes de SFYoV salvopor cuatro excepciones: HugoAndore, Elena, Rolento y Poison (estaúltima bien podría considerarse una luchadora completamente nueva al nohaber aparecido como personaje jugable en anteriores SF).Street FighterX Tekken acabó por no triunfar como tenía que haberlo hecho, así queCapcom no dudó en aprovechar el material nuevo que se creó para laocasión, tanto los cuatro personajes anteriormente reseñados como losescenarios, para lanzar al mercado una última y definitiva revisión deSFYoV llamada UltraStreet Fighter YoV.

DICHAREVISION arrived in 2014, first for arcade rooms and later for 360, PS3, PC and PS4.Of course, Capcom took the opportunity to include more news in addition to Sfxtk's taken.Así llegaronvarios cambios jugables, como la posibilidad de seleccionar ambos UltraCombos para poder usarlos en un mismo combate o el añadido de elegir aplacer distintas versiones de un mismo luchador (por ejemplo, en el casode Ryu podemos seleccionar la versión SFYoV, la de la expansión Super,laArcade Edition o la Ultra). El Red Focus, una versión potenciada delya tradicional FocusAttack, también fue incluido por Capcom, así comoun nuevo y polémico personaje.

Y decimospolémico porque Capcom aseguró que sería un luchador que llevaba largotiempo sin aparecer en la franquiciaStreet Fighter. Los rumores sedispararon, y los aficionados apuntaron a personajes como el eternamenteausente Retsu o la deseada RainbowMika. Sin embargo, el personaje queacabaría siendo el número 44 de SFYoV resultó ser Decapre, una de lasDolls deM.Bison, la cual hasta entonces había aparecido solo en StreetFighterAlpha 3, y para colmo no como personaje jugable sino duranteuna secuencia del modo historia.His movements are in good parts to those of Cammy (not in vain he has the same appearance, just with the face covered by a mask), and was not well received by the public at first.Al menos, RainbowMika acabó finalmenteapareciendo enStreet Fighter V.As for Retsu, you will have to continue.Farewell and definitive closurequeridolelector constant, I just took a look at the DeWord pages and I have taken a scare: 67 pages of nothing, a total of 39.740palabras,196.396 characters.If you have gotten all this between Yespalda chest (not from a stroke, I hope, or else you are one step to depose a white kimono, a red ribbon and go out to the street to launch), receive my most sincere gratitude and congratulations.For my part I think it is more than enough.Ahora solo queda esperar al inminentelanzamiento deStreet Fighter V. Permaneced atentos aMeriStation y nocambiéis de canal, ya que aquí tendreís disponible la mayor cobertura dedicho juego que pueda rastrearse a través de la red de redes.Without more to say, and hoping that the reading of this report has been mostly and entertaining as possible, it is time to say until laprulima.This time the journey has been so long that Delorean has been dry, so I'm afraid you'll have to go back in taxi.By mice, I will try to fill the deposit of this pot.A ver dóndedemonios consigo yo ahora un poco de plutonio… ¡Eh, oiga! Sí, usted…Perdone, ¿a qué distancia está Springfield?