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The DGT wants to ban black masks in the official driving theoretical exams

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The use of masks has been a less evil than we have had to get used to our day to day because of the COVID-19 for a year.However, there are always those who know how to take advantage of an unpleasant situation like this.

The latest news we know about it is that there are people who are using black masks to copy in the DGT exams.That is why the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Badajoz, where the facts are being promoted, has sent a statement to all the self -schools in the province indicating the recommendation not to use this type of protection in the theoretical exams.

A standard that does not apply at the national level

The cheats have always existed and in all kinds of modalities, whether sports and games as in the school.In the latter case we are going to look today after the measures imposed by the DGT of Badajoz, since since this summer the Provincial Traffic Headquarters are fighting those people who use the black masks to copy in the exams.

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This type of protection that has earned us as a first barrier to the virus that has caused so many deaths throughout the world, was serving the most pillos as an ideal instrument to hide camcorders with which to complete the theoretical examination.

La DGT quiere prohibir las mascarillas negras en los exámenes teóricos oficiales de conducir

For this reason and to stop any problem derived from its use, the Provincial Headquarters sent an email to all the Pacenses car recalling that "by indication, dark masks should not be used in the theoretical examination in the theoretical examination.The reason - according to the message - is that in other provinces, the Civil Guard has already detected the use of hidden cameras in masks of that color, and to avoid fraud in the theoretician, it has been requested that the masks used are notBlack ", this was collected today on its website.

The time measure only affects Badajoz although it would not be surprising that its use began to be extended throughout Spain.From the National DGT they have not spoken in this regard and refer to the order of their website that dictates the following: "It is mandatory to carry a surgical mask or FFP2 without exhalation valve, having to cover in any case nose and mouth" ".

We remember that the fine by catching any student in a theoretical examination of the DGT is punished with 500 euros and the impossibility of presenting again in the next six months.

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