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Unusual: they did not want to serve her in an ice cream parlor and she took off her dress to use it as a mask

A woman wanted to shop at an ice cream parlor where she couldn't be served because she wasn't wearing a mask. Her response went viral.

LAVOZ Newsroom Sunday, January 2, 2022

A woman went to buy ice cream without a mask this Saturday in Mendoza and since the employees did not want to serve her due to protocols, she took off her dress to use it as a mask. She was left in her underwear.

The unusual episode occurred in a Grido store located at the corner of Río Mendoza and Italia streets in the Trapiche neighborhood, in the city of Godoy Cruz.

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The mask is a requirement in several places and the woman did not have one, so she when asked to wear one, she took off her dress and put it over her face, covering her nose, mouth, and chin; and uncovering the bra and panties.

Unusual: they did not want to attend her in a ice cream parlor and she took off her dress to use it as a mask

“Don't you ask me for a mask? I'm putting it on”, the client replies.

The employees of the ice cream parlor and other customers looked on incredulously at what was happening until the first ones asked him to leave, according to the Diario de Mendoza.

Everything was recorded by the ice cream parlor's security cameras. Even at the woman's insistence, she ended up leaving.

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