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Stylish Women 2016 - EstiloDF

It is their appreciation of fashion and their way of projecting themselves in the place where they stand, which made them the Women with Style of this 2016. Sandra Echeverría, Carmen Aub, Marlene Favela, Altair Jarabo, Isabel Burr, Regina Murguía, Grettell Valdez, Mariana Treviño, Vanessa Claudio and Viviana Serna posed for Óscar Ponce's lens, doing it as only they know how, charming the camera on a minimalist set where it was their presence that shone in style.Stylish Women 2016 - EstiloDF Stylish Women 2016 - EstiloDF

Each one made it clear that attitude is her best accessory and that she wears it safely, whether wearing a gala outfit or a casual one. And to frame this moment, the Mitsubishi Mirage 2017 was present throughout the day that the shooting lasted. The 10 Women with Style recognized how much the trends that fashion imposes influence them, and although some are more fans than others of the novelties that are presented on the catwalks season after season, they all agreed that they like to look spectacular and that is why They look for what works best for them.

And between breaks and changing clothes we take the opportunity to talk to them and find out a little more about their preferences in terms of styles, favorite designers, fragrances that captivate their senses and, why not, even what clothes they definitely never wear, in addition to the work projects that occupy them. They are the Women with Style 2016 and we invite you to meet them.

Sandra Echevarria

Without complication, he declares himself a fan of jeans and white T-Shirts.

Day or night, whether on a red carpet or in a recording studio, Sandra Echeverría is the born possessor of that accessory that few have and that fashionistas define as class.

One year after becoming a happy mother, the actress looks radiant on her return to the television forums, where she joined the new season of La querida del Centauro, a story in which she promises to show a new facet in her interpretive range.

Sandra, whom we are used to seeing spectacular, is a fan of vintage style and flea markets, so common in the United States, a country where she spends much of her time. The actress tells us about her concept of fashion and also what tools she uses to keep up with the latest trends.

How important is style to you?

It is what defines you, what gives you personality, so I think it is very valuable to know what suits you best, beyond what you like; knowing what best suits the type of body you have and even your way of being to get the most out of it.

Who is your fashion icon?

I have several fashionistas, one of my favorites is Dany Reyes, who has been my stylist for several years; I love him because she understands my body very well, my way of being; As he always looks for very ad hoc things with me, that's why I have complete confidence in him.

Do you use any means to keep up to date with seasonal proposals?

Instagram is where I have learned more about fashion; I think that since this social network existed, I became more lively with fashion and what is used today. I follow several fashionistas like Mary Seng and Sara Carbonero.

Do you make face masks at home or do you prefer going to the spa?

Before it was a lot from the spa, getting facials and manicures, I felt them as little gifts that I gave myself much more frequently, like moments of relaxation, but nowadays, with the baby, it's more difficult because I work, and when there is free time I just want to be with him. I confess that I have put aside the habit of visiting the spa, although I promise to resume it soon because it is not the same at home, no matter how much you want to relax, there is always noise or things that prevent you from forgetting everything for a moment.

What are the basics in your wardrobe?

Black and white t-shirts. I wear simple and comfortable clothes; I don't like to wear very ostentatious things. I love all kinds of jeans, I have a huge collection that I even feel sorry for because I think there are more than 30.

Are you a fan of high heels?

I don't put together my outfit according to my shoes, on the contrary, I always opt for comfort; I'm terrible at wearing heels, I only wear them on very special occasions, that's why I do take time when buying them, since I look for the right ones to be able to walk on red carpets or at events, because it already happened to me once I bought myself divine shoes for an event and leaving the carpet I took them off; I didn't mind being barefoot because I couldn't handle them anymore.

Do you worry about your child's outfit?

Yeah, I love wearing it! I really enjoy changing it, fixing it to go out. I combine his sweater with the shirt, with the pants, obviously always looking for his comfort and mobility, because he is very active and needs to have loose, elastic things that he is comfortable with. I really like buying her clothes with military prints and even rockers; I love how it looks, with a very pro look.

How vintage do you consider yourself?

Very! I love that style, I'm a fashion bohemia. I really like to go shopping in Los Angeles to all the vintage stores and where there are many flea markets, where you find shirts, accessories, eighties things. Nothing less, now I am in love with high waisted jeans that go to the waist, although they are not the most flattering, but they are comfortable and very cool.

At work, what are you doing?

I'm starting to film the second season of La querida del Centauro, I join the cast and my character joins the story. I am happy because I give life to a woman very different from the ones I have done. They are going to see me as a gunslinger, with a lot of action and determination; He is very brave, from school and military training, so now I am in training to know how to use weapons, in addition to that I am also practicing with stunts to use doubles as little as possible in action and risk scenes.


"I'm terrible at wearing heels, I only wear them on very special occasions"

Altair Jarabo

A self-confident woman who opts for comfort.

The sexy antagonist of soap operas and jewelery businesswoman does not have a defined style, but what she does is that above all she always looks for comfort and feminine details in her outfits, because she considers that that little touch makes the difference and makes that highlight their charms and natural beauty.

Since practicing yoga, the actress has managed to harmonize her body and spirit, and has also found a balance in her life. And whenever her multiple occupations allow it, she likes to discover new tourist destinations, since traveling is one of her great pleasures, as is horse riding, which she has practiced since she was a child and has allowed her to become an Amazon. He also ensures that his sentimental or job security would never be based on plastic surgery.

What is the style that characterizes you and makes you look different from other women?

I've always liked to dress like any woman, I don't like amorphous dresses or geometric shapes; I like to dress as a human, and with what I feel comfortable with.

Are you married to any particular brand or designer?

I like a lot of them, but I don't know how to define my style, although I like the feminine, modern vibe.

What clothes are not missing in your closet?

I think every woman should have a red dress and a flowery one.

Do you have a favorite designer?

None, but I believe in this body-hugging, elegant vibe. I have always liked Dolce & Gabbana.

Do you consider yourself a compulsive shopper?

No, I'm a shopper, but not compulsive, I decide what I buy very well. What I buy the most, definitely, are dresses.

What is your favorite fragrance?

I have my own perfume: Altair Fragrance, I use it a lot. And I also like the ones from the Hermès and Prada companies. My perfume is a little floral, it has been very good for me since I launched it; it is widely distributed through Andrea's catalogs and has been around for a couple of years now.

You've always been a very fitness woman, do you strictly follow any diet?

I've never been on a super strict diet and eat everything in small amounts; I have something in favor: I don't like sweet things. Suddenly I eat as little flour, sugar as possible. I exercise, just enough, not as much as I should, but it's all in measure and that's it.

What beauty tips have worked for you?

I've always thought that a healthy body is attractive, I'm not one of those who think that an anorexic body is attractive; the woman's body must have its curves and its volume, I am not pro of extreme skinny.

Do you like to pamper yourself at spas or do other types of activities to relax?

I like to do pilates, yoga and horseback riding, that keeps me busy and exercises my mind all the time, and gives me enough endorphins for the rest. I like facials, but I don't do them often. Since I was a child I have been horse riding and I have competed, then I left it for many years and came back about two years ago and I would like to compete again. I have a very pretty mare called Katana.

Have you played characters like an Amazon?

Funnily no, my characters are almost always afraid of horses.

Do you have a favorite tourist destination?

Many, the truth is that traveling is what I like the most; I just celebrated my 30th birthday and I was with my friends in Paris, London and Ibiza. Next week I'm going to Italy.

In the future, if you need it, would you undergo any plastic surgery?

I've never had a fight with surgeries, as long as we're all aware. If you fix something minimal, that's not why they're going to love you more or they're going to hire you more. If you feel comfortable with modern technology and medicine, why not, but I wouldn't base my job or sentimental security on that.

What kind of books do you like?

I like many, for example The Cathedral of the Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones; I have always liked biographies very much, and this one is fictional. I love historical novels and history in general.

After being part of the soap opera Pasión y poder, did you join another project?

Right now I'm negotiating two series with very radical characters, but I prefer not to say anything until they are closed.


"I've never struggled with surgeries... If you feel comfortable with modern technology and medicine, why not, but I wouldn't base my job or sentimental security on that"

Marlene Favela

A true fashionista who likes to set her own fashion.

Although the beautiful and sensual woman from Durango knows what she wants and what remains for her, she always dares to play with the latest fashion trends, as a good ex-model and fashionista woman who considers herself.

Throughout her career as an actress, Marlene Favela has always been concerned with feeling good and looking spectacular, and all thanks to exercise and a healthy diet, which she has long adopted as part of her lifestyle.

The next protagonist of the staging Why Men Love Bastards, where she will share credits with Arturo Carmona, also dreams of launching her own clothing brand; However, her work has prevented her from doing so, but she does not lose hope of creating her designs for other women to model, because if something distinguishes her from other celebrities, it is her good taste in clothing and great her personality.

You've always been known for being at the latest in fashion...

I really love it and spend a lot of time and energy on being fashionable. I always like to see what's trending and meet the designers. I am a little daring, I take risks, and I am fascinated by being a fashionista woman.

How do you define your style?

I am one of the women who dare to wear everything; I like the classic, but I am also super extroverted. So you can see me with shorts, tight dresses, but also with ripped jeans, so it depends on the occasion. There are things that I would not wear like lycra, because it has to be a very strong lycra to be able to put it on. I don't have a very pronounced neckline either, but I also take risks and do it depending on the occasion.

Also, your height helps you…

Yeah, you don't know, I have that advantage because I'm very tall and I can afford to wear them and look whatever I want and set my own fashion. I am also very daring with accessories in my hair, from something super hippy, a bandage, or suddenly I wear flowers, hats or beanies.

What outfits are never missing from your wardrobe?

Stylish Women 2016 - EstiloDF

Something black, always solves for any occasion. I love jeans, and a white t-shirt is never missing from my closet.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

I have several, I love Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana, those are my favorite designers and the ones I wear the most. As for Mexican designers, I have used dresses by Benito Santos and David Salomón, but generally for my red carpets I always use Cavalli's designs because they fascinate me and they have the perfect length, and their designs fit my body perfectly.

You are so familiar with fashion that you have thought about the possibility of launching your own clothing brand…

I would love to launch my own clothing brand, but fortunately I am working and working and I have to dedicate a lot of time to that, but maybe in the future I would risk launching it.

What is your favorite fragrance?

I have one that I've been using for six years and I won't change it for anything, it's from Casa Creed, a French house, and it's called Acqua Fiorentina; it's like very cool, and since nobody uses it, you can't find it anywhere.

Any woman wonders: What does Marlene do to look so spectacular?

The basis is undoubtedly food, I am very disciplined with that. I try to eat a lot of protein because I exercise, I drink a lot of water and I also take vitamins. The basis for perfect skin is the same. Exercise matters: I practice boxing, yoga, Pilates, skating, cycling, weights in the gym, anyway. But I do believe that 80% is food.

What beauty tips have worked for you?

All my masks are natural, I use oatmeal and avocado. In addition, sugar and lemon scrubs have worked for me, and my hair treatments are also natural.

Do you consider yourself a compulsive shopper?

Totally. I have a collection of shoes, belts and glasses. But bags are my weakness, I have all colors and flavors, for day and night.

After playing the sensual Nina in Pasión y poder, are you still resting or did you get attached to another project?

Soon I am going to star in the play Why Men Love Bastards. On October 12, the tour throughout the Mexican Republic begins. I am happy to participate and I am going to share the stages with Arturo Carmona; the character is hilarious. And today I am traveling to Guadalajara precisely because I am filming the pilot for the Osiel Cárdenas series, former leader of the Gulf Cartel; It is a series for Blim and I would have a very interesting character. I love novels, they have fed me all my life, and right now it is the boom of the series. I already have exclusivity for a new account with Televisa and there are several projects on the horizon for me. I have always wanted to make the story of La Malinche for the cinema, I would love it because she is a reference to our culture and a super important woman with a wonderful story. Hopefully one day I can interpret it.


«I am one of the women who dare to wear everything; I like the classic, but I'm also super extroverted»

Regina Murguia

Daring, the singer is not afraid of taking risks to create her own style.

Whether as a singer or as a host or actress, Regina Murguía has always been known for imposing style. Her delineated figure and her security allow her to take risks when using designs that for others simply remain only a dream. In addition, her studies as a fashion designer allow her to exploit her knowledge to her advantage to look simply radiant.

Today, Regina is enjoying the return to the musical stages of Jeans, a musical group in which she became known and which left her with great satisfaction, for which she did not hesitate to accept when they proposed to meet her friends and ex companions to make a series of presentations, which later became a tour and now led them to record a couple of albums.

How important is it to be fashionable?

I love it. I studied Fashion Design and that led me to learn more about trends, what is right or wrong according to your silhouette. I love fashion and its proposals, and I think that knowing what suits you can create your own style, projecting your personality.

As a designer, what do you apply to your image as a singer and presenter?

With Jeans I dare to go crazy, taking into account that I know my body and that I know what fits me. We must know our silhouette, this is achieved by playing and trying on many clothes; now with Jeans I do it and I have a lot of fun because since I was a girl I liked to experiment. When I was in the group a few years ago, I remember that he would take the waistband off his pants and make them secure, today I say: “How horrible!”, but it was a lot of fun; the best thing was to see that the girls liked it because they also used it.

Are you a fan of any designers?

I am always attentive to the proposals of Narciso Rodríguez, I love them; It seems to me that his work is very elegant, feminine and very fresh; That's what I like about clothing that envelops women: sensuality, elegance and sophistication.

Is there a celebrity you admire for their style?

Katy Perry sings to me, it seems to me that she is a girl who just defines the concept of freedom, she likes to play and propose; I think everything looks good on her, and sometimes she wears things that surprise you, but they look incredible on her; That's what it's all about: cheering up.

Which accessory is a must for you?

I'm not one for bracelets or earrings, nor am I one of those who hang everything they find; I consider myself cleaner, but glasses are truly essential, I think they are the perfect touch that gives your look a vibe.

Do you like vintage style?

I love to dive into my grandmother's closet and find clothes from 50 years ago that are incredible; I am totally vintage, and I use them with other current accessories like tennis, I love doing it. I have gone to events wearing my mommy's or my grandmother's dresses. My mom told me that if she had known that I was going to wear her clothes, she would not have thrown away so much.

Which fragrance is your favourite?

I'm sweet, I love Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf; since I smelled it the first time I said: "That's where I'm from." I am super sweet and floral, I love caramel notes.

How do you pamper yourself when you have free time?

I like, after a period of a lot of work, taking a day to go for a good massage, is what I enjoy the most. I don't spend my time in beauty treatments, I prefer to be at home and get a pedicure, put on music and enjoy those moments for myself, so I can rest to start over.

Is there something you never wear?

The shorts! For photos I have put them on, but they really do not make me feel comfortable; It's the only garment I never wear because I just can't, maybe when I have steel buttocks, maybe not before, not even on the beach, I prefer a sarong.

Professionally you are concentrating on your facet as a singer...

I'm really enjoying the return of Jeans. Now we are starting with the new single “I only live for you” that we recorded at the National Auditorium with OV7; We are also beginning the tour and we will go throughout the Republic to promote the album, in addition to the fact that we have another presentation in the auditorium on November 10.

And you are also very active through social media…

I have my blog, I just launched it, also my YouTube channel; people are supporting me a lot. In both media I talk about how I dress, what I do step by step in a beauty ritual, but without teaching the public, rather sharing what I do in my day to day. I did it to be more in contact with those who have followed me throughout my career, because I have very loyal fans who always support what I do.


"I love fashion and its proposals, and I think that knowing what suits you can create your own style"

Grettel Valdez

In her dress she seeks above all comfort.

Grettell Valdez's cover letter is freedom. The actress maintains that if there is no comfort, there is no way for her to project the joviality that we are used to seeing on screen and has earned her the sympathy of those who today call themselves her fans, whether playing heroines or villains of the stories in those who participate

After her work in Las amazonas, the actress is already preparing her next work project, and this time it will be in theater where she lets us appreciate her talent.

What is style to you?

Comfort always, is what you project; when you are comfortable is when you best transmit your vibe to people. Comfort makes others see you better, that's why it's so important for me to feel comfortable with what I'm wearing, I'm never going to wear something that doesn't let me be me, something that doesn't make me feel good, it doesn't go with me because I immediately reflect it.

Is there a designer you're a fan of?

Many, I like Gucci, Chanel; The truth is that I can't say exactly one because I like something out of all of them.

Do you admire anyone in the fashion world?

No, and I think it's because I don't have a style, I can dress from the most strawberry to Chanel, no one can say that I have a defined line.

What are your basics?

Glasses and hats.

Is there anything you avoid using?

I'm not one for cleavage, they don't make me feel comfortable; I hate the color mamey, whenever I start a novel they ask me about my color chart and I invariably tell them never yellow and never mamey, just no.

What kind of fragrances do you like?

Floral, I like them a lot. Elie Saab is a French brand that is my favorite; I also love the Hermès ones.

And the bags, what must they have to captivate your attention?

Nothing in particular, just that I fall in love, that he has something that when I see it makes me feel that I need it.

Any brand in particular?

None, I like the one that fits me.

Do you have work plans in the short term?

I am going to start short theater, it will be a brief season that we will do to have fun for a while. The play is called Unas por otras, directed by David Fridman, I'm going with Ceci Ponce; They are just two characters, two very funny and crazy girls. And I have other projects that are not confirmed one hundred percent.

Is it important for your partner to be a fashionista?

No, as long as it smells delicious and bathes, that's what I have.


"I can dress from the most strawberry to Chanel"

Carmen Aub

Basic, although not governed by fashion, she always seeks to look good.

Carmen Aub says that a little hat can make a hard day more bearable, and she is quite right, because even in the most stressful situations it is important to project ourselves with confidence before others; The young actress knows this, which is why her style, which she describes as basic, complements it with attitude and a perfume with sweet notes that make people turn to look at her.

Who plays Rutila in the successful series El señor de los cielos tells us about what she sees as style and how she shares hers with the world around her; She also tells us that soon the character who launched her to fame will be seen on television again.

Do you consider yourself a fashionista?

Fashion does not govern me, I am much more basic, I like to look good; If someone likes fashion and it gives them security, that's incredible, but it doesn't happen to me. As for the style, in my case I think it refers to the attitude one has, how to know how to project oneself. I believe that we all have a style and this is that part of the personality that we show to the world, with what we dress, the colors we use and the shapes we choose, with that we show what we feel inside.

What are the basics in your wardrobe?

I think a white t-shirt, jeans and black heels always help; the little black dress is also important, in addition to a little hat that makes things more pleasant if you are having a bad day hard, and a little black bag gives a lot of vibes to what you are wearing.

What is your favorite fragrance?

Chanel Mademoiselle fascinates me, I love sweet smells even in my house, I love that it smells like vanilla, but I also like those with woody notes.

Is there a designer whose proposals you like?

I am not aware of anyone's work, but a while ago I went to a wedding dress catwalk by Tristán e Isolda, which is a Mexican firm, and their proposal was not typical, it seemed super relaxed, designs made with thin fabrics, he was very cool, and after I saw his catwalk I started looking for things from the brand, I really love everything he does.

What do you never use?

There is a skirt length that is exactly the one worn below the knee, which I always avoid because I have very skinny legs, although I have used it when one of the characters that touched me requires it, but only for I work, outside of forums I don't use it.

What place do shoes occupy in your outfit?

#1, hands down. Sometimes I think about what I want to wear and I choose my outfit based on the shoes, because I take into account the activities I'm going to do during the day, that's why the shoes are decisive for me.

And your bag, how should it be?

In our bag are our stories. I don't usually invest a lot of money in bags, but I do like that the one I bring is a pretty one. The last two I bought are a Gucci and a MK; They usually don't last me long, and I'm also more of the one who pays attention to the shoe than to the bag.

Do you pay close attention to your partner's outfit?

I think balance is important. Of course I like my partner to look good, to take care of himself, to care about looking good, but there is a limit. I would feel very pressured if he grooms himself more than me, I don't know, it would cause me discomfort.

How do you end your day, do you like sexy pajamas?

Oops, no! What I use the most to sleep comfortably is a T-shirt. I confess that I have bought beautiful pajamas, but I end up sleeping in a shirt because when I get to bed the only thing I look for is comfort.

What work plans do you have in the short term?

I just finished theater, it was something I really wanted to do. I was in the work 23 centimeters that will continue on tour in the interior of the Republic; I won't be able to go on anymore because I'm starting a film that Giovanna Zacarías will direct, it's the story of a guy who gets his heart broken and becomes half a bastard, that's why he opens his school to teach men how to seduce; the protagonist is Juan Ugarte, and Andrés Palacios is also there.

And the character of Rutila, the one who launched you to fame, will we continue to see him?

The fifth season of El señor de los cielos is coming, it has already been confirmed for next year, and I'm going with it again; I am also going to participate in El Chema, it is the spin off of this series. I am going to do some special chapters, so Rutila will continue to be present; He is the character who has opened many doors for me and to whom I owe a lot.


“I think we all have a style and this is that part of the personality that we show to the world”

Mariana Trevino

With fashion, she expresses her state of mind.

The charismatic actress, who is going through her best moment both on stage and in the seventh art, has always been an unconventional woman and likes to dress in comfortable clothes that allow her to move around, so jeans are never missing from her wardrobe.

Unlike other celebrities, Mariana Treviño is extremely relaxed, and when she needs to get ready for a certain occasion she enjoys it, but she is also aware that not all fashion suits her, and what she would never dare to wear are very high platforms. tall.

How immersed are you in the world of fashion?

I find fashion very interesting and cool at the same time because it is an art, and it is another of the tools we have to express what we like and how we feel. Finally, aesthetics is linked to all the games that we have to do in this world to express ourselves, since fashion is a very fertile field of activity because all the textures, colors, imagination, reality play a role, and we also imagine frequent scenarios. where many collections come from.

How do you define your style?

My personal style is very comfortable and relaxed, and as a theater actress, I have long been used to wearing comfortable clothes that allow me to move around. I love jeans, but there are things that I particularly like, and that detail is where one expresses and makes one's personal style. Taste is affection for life and through a color.

What is never missing in your closet?

I have a half-watery black jacket that has served me well in many stages of my life. It is a jacket that I bought a long time ago and the truth is that it has always been with me because it is a bit vintage and has a retro vision. It's a basic blazer, I wear it with all my jeans; The cold covers you and you look good, without being the formal jacket.

Are you one of those who dare to play with fashion?

Fashion doesn't suit everyone very well, and there are clothes that don't go so much with my personality because everything is a ritual. In itself I really like the ritual of getting ready and dressing for any occasion; There are things that I would never wear for daily life, like very high platforms.

What is your favorite perfume?

It's called Fracas, it's a very fashionable 80's perfume; then they discontinued it for quite some time, but it's French. I went to Paris a while ago and I realized that they sold it online and I have been using it since the 80s. The truth is that I have risked trying others. I love scents with jasmine and sweet aromas.

Do you have a favorite designer?

I really like Calvin Klein's designs because they have always combined haute couture with something natural, organic, and they take female shapes into account; I love that, but there are very elegant things that also attract my attention.

Do you usually get massages and facials?

Suddenly yes because theater makeup is very heavy. I get facials and a little steam; The truth is that I love everything natural. I don't have a special mask, I've used coconut oil, and you don't know how well it hydrates your skin. The truth helps me a lot and your skin absorbs it wonderfully.

Which are the books that have left you a great lesson or a pleasant taste in your mouth?

The book by Madame Bovary marked me; also A Confederacy of Dunces, it's very good, it's by John Kennedy Toole, and Blue Heaven, in the 80s, by Joe Keenan.

After closing a cycle with the musical by Anita La Huerfanita, did you get involved in another project?

No, I finished Anita and then I did the second season of the series Club de cuervos, and for now I'm waiting for the premiere of Manolo Caro's film The Immoral Life of an Ideal Couple, which will hit theaters in October. There I play Beatriz, Martina's sister, played by Cecilia Suárez.


«I really like the ritual of getting ready and dressing for any occasion; there are things that I would never wear for daily life, like very high platforms»

Vanessa Claudio

Seeks to feel comfortable, but without losing glamor and femininity.

The host of the morning show Venga la alegría entered the world of modeling at a very young age thanks to the fact that she inherited her father's glamor and style. Little by little, in her native Puerto Rico, she was trying her luck on the catwalks until well-known designers gave her an opportunity to parade with her haute couture creations, including the Venezuelan Carolina Herrera.

Since then, the sexy Puerto Rican is familiar with fashion, characterized by her good taste in dressing with a great waste of sensuality. She also has a spectacular figure, which she exercises daily and has maintained thanks to the fact that she follows a balanced diet to the letter.

For the simple fact of having been a model, I assume that you are very familiar with fashion…

All my life, since I was a child. My first campaign was in a KidZania store in Puerto Rico; at the age of nine she was already a beauty queen. I was always very attentive to fashion, I think I adopted it from my father Ulpiano Claudio, he was always a man with a lot of style and concerned that his daughter look good, he even took care of my diet from a very young age.

Currently, how would you define your style?

My style is whatever makes me feel comfortable in the moment; For example, today I am wearing sneakers because I walked a lot yesterday, but obviously you put all the vibes in the world on it. I am very feminine, I think I also have an urban vibe that I really like to use, and because I am Puerto Rican I add a bit of sensuality to it, keeping the elegance. I love it.

Who are your favorite designers?

I have many, although I like to find new designers. I love what Liza Echeverry and Kris Goyri do. I am very supportive of Mexican fashion, for example, Iván Ávalos, who is one of the newcomers like Jo Calderone, who I just met, as well as Cynthia Buttenklepper, among others.

What is not missing in your wardrobe?

A good pair of jeans, a good leather jacket and comfortable dresses. I am very risky, I like to play a lot with fashion, I am cleavage and I am fascinated by lace. The truth is, I wear everything; You have to know what suits your body best. I modeled since I was a girl, I had the opportunity to work for Carolina Herrera and other prestigious designers.

Do you have a fashion icon?

I loved Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Onassis because they marked a breakthrough in fashion; I think they were very glamorous and transcended, obviously.

What do you do to look so fit?

The first thing is that I must give thanks because I have very good genetics. Obviously your body is changing, and I do have a balanced diet, I eat every three hours and I try to eliminate some things that are not good for me. This diet was recommended to me by my nutritionist; I get up every day at 4:00 in the morning because I go to the gym, and at 7:30 I'm already at work. I do a circuit of weights and cardio; Also, I recently started hitting the gym.

The good thing is that what you propose, you fulfill it...

Totally. I think I'm at my best moment; I am a very disciplined woman, and when I put something in my head and start to see results, it motivates me more. I have my curves, the first thing that makes me fat are the buttocks and boobies; I tend to have a voluptuous body, in fact the nutritionist tells me that the fat accumulates in my legs, and I work hard because you have to take care of yourself.

Do you make time to pamper yourself at the spa?

I've always been a big fan, but I go to my dermatologist because I had acne problems when I was very young; everything I put on my face is under medical supervision. At least once a month I apply a facial, because I work all week, and when possible I get a massage.

Which perfume is your favourite?

Pink Sugar, I wouldn't change it for anything, it's a scent that identifies me a lot and it's sweet; I've been with him for years, and I tell my mom: "Buy me boats." It's super cheap and they sell it in the United States; it was brought in once by Liverpool and then discontinued.

With the passage of time you have become a key host of the morning show Venga la alegría…

Definitely. Intermittently, I have been in Venga la alegría for six years now and I am in Venga el domingo, with which we have been with for four years; Besides, I just finished the tour of the play Boy Meets Girl; I was there, I loved that script. It is a pleasure and a blessing to have daily work, TV Azteca has made me feel very comfortable, and we continue there.

Has it been difficult for you to gain credibility as an actress for making yourself known as a host?

Yes, and you don't know how much, because I've been pigeonholed; I go to castings and they say: “The girl from Venga la alegría”. But if they give me the opportunity, I want to show people that I also act. It is a challenge and I love challenges. I would like to venture into the cinema, it is something that I have in mind.


"I like to play a lot with fashion, I like cleavage and lace fascinates me"

Viviana Serna

Genuine, the actress boasts a real style and true to her essence.

Viviana Serna knows how old she is and likes to enjoy it, because anyone at 26 has the freshness that only that stage of life gives us. The actress of Colombian origin, who currently lives in our country, describes herself as anti-solemn, and although she is a fan of the trends set by fashion, she does not for that reason neglect the call of her restless nature that leads her to experiment combining styles, textures, colors and shapes.

Viviana has found in our country the ideal place to take advantage of the best job opportunities, as she is doing now by participating in the series Entre correr y vivir, and at the same time recognizes that she is enriching her essence by learning more day by day of the culture of our country.

How do you define your style?

I try to stay genuine, real, true to who I am. I consider myself curious, I like to combine styles, have fun with clothes, with the proposals of different designers from different parts of the world; I don't necessarily have to wear brand name clothes, I can walk down the street or through a market and if I find earrings for a dollar, I'll buy them.

So you're not solemn at all...

I like to look super fresh and enjoy my age, and that's what I tell girls, don't try to look bigger, enjoy walking down the street in jeans, Converse and a white t-shirt, because she enjoys it as much as walking across a carpet in a pretty dress.

Do you admire someone from the world of catwalks and fashion?

I love Alexa Chung, she's English, she combines very basic pieces, but with a lot of style; I love the dresses that evoke the 50s, the wide skirts. She mixes classic pieces with very rare but very interesting design elements, so I find that she maintains a subtle style, with ballet influences that make me love it even more.

Are you a fan of any brand or designer?

I have several from Colombia; I highly appreciate Johanna Ortiz's proposal, what she does is wonderful, she is very romantic and feminine. She also has these clothes, skirts and blouses that are organic, that have a lot of life and are ideal for picking up my hair, putting on some earrings and her blouse, and I already have a perfect outfit. I also really like the Italian brand Ultràchic because it's colourful, playful, with lots of weird prints.

Do you avoid wearing any clothing or accessories?

I don't like clothes that have big brand names all over the place; I also don't like garments with golden and shiny bling bling prints, and even less stuffed animals; I consider that I find use for everything, but definitely not for that.

How important to you is it that your partner matches their outfit?

I love variety, and more than fashion I like that people who are with me are authentic and feel happy with what they are wearing, the same with my partner as with my friends, everyone is always different and that's what I like. I love it, they are true to their style.

What items cannot be missing from your wardrobe?

A black pants, a bag also black, since it combines with everything, and a pair of tennis shoes; with that I feel very well armed.

What work projects do you currently have?

I am part of the cast of the series Entre correr y vivir that is being made for TV Azteca and for Blim. I love my character, her name is Conchita Rodríguez. I really enjoy dressing as people did in the past, I love vintage, I like clothes to tell stories; I am an actress and I know that in me everything counts for something.

And in cinema you also have films that are about to be released…

That's right, there are two of them, one in Colombia called La ciénega: Entre el mar y la tierra, with which we went to the Sundance Festival, and the other premieres here, but at the beginning of 2017, it's a comedy called Ficción a domicilio and starring Ana Layevska and Osvaldo de León.

Elizabeth Burr

Security, your infallible accessory to shine.

Isabel Burr admits that she dresses according to her mood; she is said to be careful of her arrangement, but not governed by the rules imposed by the trends of the designers of the moment.

The young actress is in one of the moments of greatest projection in her career, as she is part of the cast of the series that Fox is producing in Mexico based on El capo, another highly successful production; He is also waiting for the premiere of one of the films in which he has participated and which he shot in Colombia.

Do you consider yourself a fan of fashion and its proposals?

As a woman, I like to feel good when I buy something in season; Being comfortable gives me that security that we all need, but in reality I think that fashion does not define you; It is true that it gives you a special touch, but the one who really should look is always you, regardless of what you are wearing and whether it is brand name or seasonal, because if you are not confident, nothing will make you look good.

Do you go shopping often?

No. If I find something I like, I buy it either in the market or in a boutique; I'm not married to brands, I'm a very quick buyer, I'm not one of those women who spend hours deciding whether to take something or not. I see what I like and I buy it; Sometimes I don't even try it on, that's how I take it with me.

Is there a designer you're a fan of?

I really like supporting Mexican talent. I love Mancandy, by designer Andrés Jiménez, or Sandra Weil and, of course, although it's not national, I can't resist designs from Alexander McQueen.

How should a perfume be for you to like it?

That is a great topic for me because smells remind me of moments, people; I have a great olfactory memory. I've worn Chanel 5 all my life, but I recently changed it to 212 Sexy, by Carolina Herrera; I kind of feel like it's already part of me, I love it.

And your ideal bag, how should it be?

Very big! I bring everything to survive a week; I prefer to always be prepared, although not with the prettiest bag, but I do choose the one that fits everything I need with me. If I'm going to go to an event at night, I combine it with my outfit; In both cases I like the simple ones, I pay more attention to the utility than to the brand.

How do you maintain your ideal weight and height?

I don't diet, I love eating, it's one of my greatest pleasures; I know that there must be a balance, but I also think that why we came into this life if not to enjoy the pleasures. I am clear that nothing should be done in excess, but I also do not believe that I should kill myself in the gym and count the number of calories in what I eat. What a lazy life that would be! Like everything, I love trying new flavors, I exercise as much as I can, I run whenever possible, I also practice yoga, but I'm not constant because between calls it's difficult to coordinate schedules.

What is your secret to keeping your face fresh?

Sleep. For me, getting my eight hours of sleep is essential; if I don't sleep them, I can't feel good. At home I apply face or hair treatments; I also always have spoons in the fridge to hide dark circles under my eyes, in case my eyes are swollen, but the best thing for me to see and always feel good is to sleep.

Is there a part of you that you don't like?

My eyebrows! That's why I can't go out without tweezers, I just can't go without them because every so often I'm checking if I have them outlined as they should be or if there's something left over. Ideas that one has.

What work projects do you have on the horizon?

Now I'm in the middle of filming a series for Fox, it doesn't have a defined name yet, but I know it's the remake of El Capo, a story that was made in Colombia a few years ago and is being produced here in Mexico, adapted to our country. I know that it is going to be broadcast on Cadena Tres and that it will be like one of its strong programming letters.

Which character do you play in the story?

I am the daughter of the boss, he is a very beautiful character with whom many things happen, and I think he will move people a lot. I feel very good because the series also has a great cast: I am with Mauricio Islas, Irán Castillo, Sara Maldonado and María Rojo; We have been filming for four months now and we finished in October, there are 60 episodes.

In cinema you also have pending projects...

There is a film I made in Colombia with Humberto Zurita, it is called El lamento, and it has already been released there; here it is about to come out, it is a suspense story. It was a very cool experience to do it, because to play my character they cut my hair very little, literally as a child; It was very strange to see me like this.


"As with everything, I love trying new flavors, I exercise as much as I can, I run whenever possible"

When it comes to beauty, talent and a unique style, Sandra Echeverría, Grettell Valdez, Altair Jarabo, Marlene Favela, Regina Murguía, Isabel Burr, Vanessa Claudio, Viviana Serna, Carmen Aub and Mariana Treviño paint themselves, and for That is why on this occasion they were chosen to grace the cover of Mujeres con Estilo 2016, each one with its particular and very defined personality and great sympathy.

Starting at 9:30 in the morning, the famous began to arrive at Central Art Projects, an art gallery located in San Miguel Chapultepec, where the cover shooting took place and where EstiloDF was already waiting for them to give them the cordial welcome and explain the dynamics.

The place was spectacular thanks to the support of the creatives of the company Érase Una Vez, a specialist in making dreams.

While the actresses had their corresponding turn to put themselves in the hands of the makeup and hairstyle experts, some of them took time to savor the rich breakfast and nutritious catering offered by the Don Mollete restaurant, which consisted of a variety of baguetts and muffins, house specialties, as well as seasonal fruit cocktails, bread and American coffee, to pamper the palates of these beautiful women.

Others preferred that the Cloti Manicure specialists embellish their hands and feet to relax a bit and get to know each other a little better, since some of them had not met. But at the end of the day, it was a pleasant surprise to have met at a photo shoot where good vibes and wholesale smiles prevailed at all times.

Even, each one of them chose the outfits that the styling group previously selected for them based on their physiognomy, tastes and personality, all of them in black and white tones, as part of the concept that was planned.

As time went by, each celebrity posed individually for the lens of renowned photographer Óscar Ponce, in the company of the new 2017 Mirage car that, unlike other compact cars, has super cool colors and is characterized by its high fuel efficiency.

In the afternoon, the chefs of the Forever Vegano restaurant conquered the stomachs of the beautiful women with the healthy coconut ceviche and their refreshing Ahó drink, made with cucumber, lemon, mint and piloncillo, and finally the delicious Shakeaway milkshakes were made present in the place to sweeten the taste of the actresses with its wide variety of flavors, including marzipan, cocada, cajeta, lechera, obleas and morelianas, to mention just a few.

We thank the beautiful and talented women who participated in this cover, as well as all those who supported us for the realization of this important edition.

In EstiloDF we are proud of the work done and we trust that you favor us with your preference, since every day we do not strive to offer you the best content.

See you next year with a new edition of outstanding Women with Style that will beautify the pages of the Fashion Week in Mexico.