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A fire in Minnesota.An arrest in Mexico.Cameras

It was not possible to contact Felan and Yousif to comment.Felan's lawyer refused to make statements, because the case is open, and Yousif's lawyer did not respond to the multiple attempts to contact him.This report is largely based on documents and government sources, and according to what is reported about their lives there, most likely they were terrified.Felan had previous legal problems.

In addition, Yousif had approximately seven months pregnant.

Un incendio en Minnesota. Un arresto en México. Cámaras por todas partes

So they led to the southern United States for interstatal 35, a highway that runs through the center of the country, from Duluth, Minnesota, in Lake Superior, to Laredo, Texas, on the border with Mexico.Iowa had crossed and had just arrived north of Missuri, 500 kilometers from Rochester, when the police first reached them.