By clothing-bag, 26/02/2022

Chains, charged mobile, supplies... What to do if you get stuck in the car in the snow?

We all know that if a storm approaches in winter we should not use the car to travel, however, sometimes due to an urgent need there is no choice but to hit the road. In Uppers we are going to explain what to do if you get stuck in the car in a snowfall. It would be the most extreme case that you can face before roadside assistance or emergencies come to your aid.

In search of the most well-founded recommendations, we have gone to the General Directorate of Traffic, whose website provides information on what to do if you get stuck in the car in the snow. We have also gone to the drivers' associations to obtain the maximum number of tips, which are the following:


Any vehicle must carry its corresponding chains to be able to drive through the snow when there is still little and to get out of the place where it has been trapped.

Check the weather forecast

A basic is to consult the weather forecast and the temperature that we are going to face during the trip. In this way we can equip ourselves accordingly and add a bag with spare thermal clothing, resistant boots and some blankets in addition to the coats. Remember that if there is also a gale, the thermal sensation may be less than that indicated by the thermometer.


Before starting the trip you must completely fill the fuel tank and take advantage of the time you go through the service stations to fill it up. Remember that experts advise leaving the car running and the heating on if you get stuck.

water and supplies

A good resource is to have enough water and supplies for all travelers and considering that it is possible to stay in the vehicle for many hours.

phone and battery

In an emergency situation such as being trapped on the road by snow, the first thing to do is call the emergency number 112. It is about communicating what happened and our location. Therefore, it is essential to carry a mobile phone with sufficient battery and to recondition the device in saving mode if we do not have a spare portable battery. Logically, the last thing to do is spend the battery to entertain ourselves.

It is also advisable to inform other people of our estimated time of departure and arrival at the destination as well as the planned route. They will be pending and will be able to notify the possible emergency if they do not hear from us.

signal the vehicle

It is important to signal that we are inside the car and that we need help. For this, the emergency triangles are not useful because they can be buried by the snowfall right away. The most useful thing is to place brightly colored clothes or rags on the sides of the vehicle, on the roof or on the antenna.

The vehicle is the best shelter

When a traffic jam occurs or we get stuck in the snow and it is no longer possible to move forward, the best refuge is the car because it isolates from the outside temperature until the situation improves or help arrives.

the engine running

The most appropriate thing is that the engine remains running and the heating on. Motoring experts point out that it's the only way the engine won't freeze up and be ready to roll again as soon as possible when emergency vehicles or snow plows clear the road.

Clear the exhaust pipe

As we are going to leave the car running, the exhaust pipe must be free of snow so that the harmful gases from the engine do not penetrate inside the passenger compartment because it would be dangerous to breathe them. If it snows continuously, it is essential to get out of the vehicle to clear that tube outlet.

always to the right

As far as possible, when it comes time to stop the vehicle, a rule is to stay to the right of the road. In this way, the left lane is left free for the circulation of emergency services. Thus, help will arrive earlier and more effectively to all trapped drivers.

sleeping shifts

Being stuck in the snow for hours in the heat of the heater makes you fall asleep. However, you have to stay awake if you travel alone or take turns to rest. Someone needs to be on the lookout to check the road conditions, clear snow from around the car, keep an eye on the news, and keep an eye out for assistance.

renew the air

When several people spend too much time in a compartment as small as that of a vehicle, the interior air must be renewed frequently and ventilated. It's the only way to not be burdensome.

radio on

Having the vehicle's radio on keeps travelers informed of weather changes and forecasts, as well as possible indications from the emergency services.