How to prevent and cure the rubbing in the thighs with home remedies
By clothing-bag, 19/11/2022

How to prevent and cure the rubbing in the thighs with home remedies

Georgina FiguerasMadrid published:

Para muchas personas, el roce de sus muslos supone todo un suplicio, que empeora con la llegada del verano por el aumento de calor y el sudor que acabarán provocando, probablemente, rozaduras.If there is no fabric that makes a barrier to protect the skin, that is, if you wear a skirt, for example, friction is created between thighs with movements as simple as walking or running.Today we will show you the best home remedies to avoid chazaduras.And if you have already left you and you don't know how to get rid of them, then we will help you find the final remedy.

Si hay un enemigo al que echarle la culpa de las rozaduras es sin duda la humedad.Be very careful with sweat!The friction between the legs worsens when there is moisture in the body, either from the environment, from the wet clothes that we do not take away when we leave the pool/beach, or sweat, especially after having performed physical activity.

Otro consejo que te podemos dar para evitar rozaduras es la ropa ajustada.Once the skin is reddened and you have itching, avoid the contact of the legs to each other, or of clothes that fit your legs.The ideal is to walk as much as possible and wear more loose clothes like dresses or wide pants that are fresh.

There are different ways of reducing the risk to having rubbing in the thighs.Take note of some of them that can be very good:

How to prevent rubbing in the thighs

1.Lycra meshes. Si las rozaduras se producen cuando sales a correr o a hacer deporte, procura ponerte unas mallas cortas de lycra debajo de tu ropa deportiva.This will help you avoid friction between your thighs while you move fast.

Cómo prevenir y curar las rozaduras en los muslos con remedios caseros

two.Antifriction creams.There are infallible creams for these types of situations that are made specifically to avoid friction.There are all kinds, but there are some more specific copper and zinc, copper that directly is to protect the skin and zinc creates an antibacterial barrier, relieving the skin, calming it and protecting it from possible friction.It is important to have a house boat for those days when you want to leave the whole day, you can apply it before dressing, and you will have the advantage of being the whole day dressed in your light clothes and without an apex of friction on the thighs!

3.Baby cream. Tal vez no lo sepas, pero la crema de pañal está hecha con ese objetivo, para que el pañal no afecte a la piel del bebé con los roces.Unlike the antifriction creams that we have recommended, as you can understand this type of creams are not composed of the same ingredients, such as antibacterial copper.They are creams with the same functionality.Of course, they are very unw.

4.Braga-pa. Puede que esta opción te parezca la menos glamurosa, sin embargo te sorprendería descubrir que, poniéndola debajo de una falda o vestido, evitarás que los muslos tengan contacto entre sí.It is inevitable that you think you will spend more heat, but we assure you that it is an infallible remedy, since, having a garment between your legs, there will be no friction between them.

5.Bandalettes: Esta es una alternativa más atrevida en caso de que no te parezca muy atractiva la idea de llevar una braga-pantalón.Bandalelettes are colored leagues that have a silicone layer on the inside.This will get them not to move and are perfect to avoid chafing.Being short and small, maybe they are the best decision when wearing a short dress.

6.Coconut oil.Coconut oil is a widely used ingredient, not only for nutrition and many other things as we tell you here, but also for beauty.Miracles can be done with natural coconut oil masks, since it has both nutritious and moisturizers, and is very healthy for skin and hair.It is also recognized for being antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, because it improves the barrier function that the skin has.You can avoid having rubbing on the thighs applying a small dose on your legs every day, massaging them for a few minutes before dressing.

7.Vaseline. Es hora de acordarnos que tenemos un bote vaselina en casa y que sirve de más cosas además de aliviar nuestros labios secos y deshidratados.Vaseline can both prevent and cure the frictions between the legs.It should be remembered that it is one of the most effective home remedies for this type of situations.Of course, look for a petroleum jelly be without perfume and pure, not the typical petroleum jellys that are sold in supermarkets, since they are mixed with other chemical components that reduce its effectiveness.The number of times you must apply it depends on the need and what your skin asks you, so apply as many times as you think is convenient in the affected areas.

Home remedies to cure crospos of the crotch

If you have had the bad luck to get out and have legs on the legs without having acted in advance to prevent them, we have remedies that will also help you.

1.Cold compresses. Puedes aliviar las rozaduras de tus muslos poniéndote compresas frías.These will relieve the possible itching, irritation and redness thanks to its freshness.

two.Aloe vera. El Aloe vera es uno de los mejores ingredientes naturales para el cuidado de la piel.In addition to helping you hydrate the skin, you will also heal burns made by the sun or by different irritations.

3.Talc powders. El polvo de talco puede ser tu mejor aliado en la zona propensa a sufrir rozaduras.It may not be comfortable, nor is it an effective and long -lived remedy, since its effect usually lasts very little.In addition to once you get talcum powders you will release it wherever you go, but if you have already had friction, then you could apply it between the thighs to make a quick purchase or to take a small walk.It will keep your skin dry and protected for a couple of hours, in addition to the talc very quickly absorbing moisture (in this case the future sweat) and reduces the risk of friction by keeping the skin so dry.It is important to apply it in dry and clean skin.