Invites the President of the Municipal DIF to join flagship projects
By clothing-bag, 13/05/2022

Invites the President of the Municipal DIF to join flagship projects

Chihuahua, Chih. as of October 17, 2021

The president of the municipal DIF, Karina Olivas, held a meeting of Chihuahuan women with the intention of inviting them to join forces for families and the well-being of the city, where she presented the flagship projects that she will be leading during this 2021-2024 administration. , with the aim of promoting social responsibility with a family perspective.

The projects are the following:

- Coats that hug, which is a campaign that will begin at the end of October and throughout the month of November, with the aim of collecting coats or jackets and thermal clothing for girls and boys in vulnerable situations.

Invita Presidenta del DIF Municipal a sumarse a proyectos insignia

- Sponsor a cause, this will invite the business association and representative councils to sponsor a cause through donations.

- Family responsible, the latter will begin in March 2022, with the aim of recognizing organized groups that adopt and promote public policies with a family perspective of the municipal government.

Each project will have strategic alliances with the private education sector, business and civil society organizations, likewise, the president commented that a study will be carried out prior to each project to diagnose the areas of opportunity; she also reiterated her commitment to the families of Chihuahua through this future volunteering.

The creation of volunteering that is carried out from the Municipal DIF will be an opportunity to reinforce the civic commitment of the institution and inclusion, principles that will solidify the project that the municipal president Marco Bonilla has implemented during his administration.