The Nation what happens if you Don't change or wash the cloth cap
By clothing-bag, 30/05/2022

The Nation what happens if you Don't change or wash the cloth cap

The cap is a barrier against respiratory viruses, as in the case of the sick person it filters them and this action lasts between four and five hours or until it is moistened. "any cap that is used is made of fabric, surgical must be changed between four and five hours, the N95 lasts a little longer," said Dr. Viviana de Aegea, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in contact with universe 970.

He explained that virus filtration capacity is what causes it to lose effect and that is why it must be changed. The professional compared the mask with underwear that has contact with non-sterile parts of the body, in this case the mouth so the practice of rewearing it unwashed is like putting on a dirty laundry.

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"even if moisture has dried up, it's a piece of clothing like any other, and if you repeat it unwashed, you're wearing something dirty because it was in contact with millions of microorganisms living there," he said.

"if the filtration capacity of a cap is 500 bugs and they are moistened, they are glued together and then the 501 bug and the others pass through the cloth and no longer fulfill its effect," he explained. The bugs that live in the mouth are stuck to the mouth cap, if it is used correctly, and they will not make anyone sick, the professional said.

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De Aegea recalled that there is another custom of hanging it in the car or keeping it in the glove compartment and pointed out that it is not advisable to use it in these conditions because it is exposed to dust and other microorganisms. It must be stored in a paper bag and removed only for the time of use.

For a clean cap it is enough soap and water and use it dry. The professional suggested leaving the house with several units in case the day extends for many hours, go back, wash them and use them again. He also stated that it is not enough to wash them when they have been used for a long time, to change them, not to use them for many months.

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About when to discard the fabric, Aegea explained that unless there is any specification it is variable by the quality of the fabric and how it is used, if it is adjusted, if it does not fall constantly or if it is not deformed, some thinner fabrics start to have washing holes, you have to change.

The cap should be used because we want to avoid getting sick and getting sick. There is no other measure that demonstrated the ability to avoid contagion as well as hand washing and physical distancing.

"if you Don't want to get sick or sick in your environment, use the cap, if you want to go out and live again and do your activities you should use the cap, avoid the contagion by at least 50 percent the cloth if you are in contact with a sick person, with the surgical 80 percent and 95 percent the N95," he said.