The port increases the operational capacity of the container terminal with the arrival of three new cranes | - Huelva Economic and Business Information
By clothing-bag, 07/07/2022

The port increases the operational capacity of the container terminal with the arrival of three new cranes | - Huelva Economic and Business Information

The port of Huelva will increase the operational capacity of the container terminal of the southern dock, managed by the Yilport Iberia company, belonging to the Yilport Holding Inc. group, with the arrival today of three STS cranes (Ship-To-Shore Super Post Panamax)from the Belgian port of Antwerp.

The cranes are aimed at improving the profitability and effectiveness of operations in the movement of goods, as well as the capacity of the terminal.

The president of the Port Authority of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, has assured that the incorporation of three new Ship-To-Shore Super Post Panamax to the South spring will significantly increase the operational capacity of the container terminal, which in turn will make possibleThe arrival of larger ships to the port of Huelva, in addition to promoting an increase in the volume of business.In this way, Pilar Miranda stressed that this improvement in the equipment of the southern dock will result in the generation of opportunities to attract the implementation of new companies in the port of Huelva, which generate added value and employment.

Likewise, Pilar Miranda has added that this endowment of new cranes will foreseeably raise the commercial operations of export and import of goods through the port of Huelva.

El Puerto incrementa la capacidad operativa de la terminal de contenedores con la llegada de tres grúas nuevas | - Información económica y empresarial de Huelva

The Turkish Business Group Yilport Holding Inc reinforces the capacity of the Huelva terminal with an investment in three STS cranes (Ship-To-Shore Super Post Panamax), which will allow operating ships with scope of 20 rows of containers on deck.

This investment will allow Yilport Huelva to receive ships with greater capacity -10,000 TEUS - compared to the ships that currently access the terminal (3,000 TEUS), in addition to including the freight transford in the services provided.

The arrival of these new cranes is part of an investment plan that the Turkish Business Group Yilport Holding Inc has carried out at the terminal of this strategic port of southern Spain, with the aim of positioning the port of Huelva as a reference in thesector, both in the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean;as well as in the corridors of the Iberian Peninsula, given its geographical position and its intermodal connectivity.

In this sense, Diogo Vaz Marecos, general director of Yilport Iberia stressed that “the Huelva terminal has progressively increased its performance in recent years.These new cranes create new opportunities and allow the beginning of a new stage, since with the acquisition of these equipment it will be possible to optimize the service levels of container operations, increase the capacity and significantly improve the attractiveness of the port. ”The same person in charge of the company adds that "the interest of larger ships in the port of Huelva could influence the creation of some 50 indirect jobs."

The 3 STS cranes have been acquired in Antwerp (Belgium)

Yilport Iberia is a company based in Lisbon (Portugal), which is also present in Spain since 2015, in nine ports (seven in Portugal, two in Spain), including the port of Huelva, through Yilport Huelva.Yilport Iberia terminals are close to industrial areas, with easy access to railways and roads.The Yilport Leixões terminals in Porto, Yilport Liscont in Lisbon, Yilport Sotagus in Lisbon, Yilport Setúbal, Yilport Figueira da Foz, Yilport Aveiro, Yilport Ferrol and Yilport Huelva offer customs and non -customs areas, as well as warehouses, supported by logistics services.The terminals provide import and export operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, guided by the discipline of the know-how for many years.Among the services provided are, container operations, bulk loads and cereals, according to port / terminal.