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To the playground even if it's cold | Woman and MOTHER today

With the first colds, the dreaded children's colds have also arrived. But this does not mean that children should be left at home. At this point in the Covid pandemic, we are all quite clear that viruses are transmitted above all in closed spaces, since overcrowding is one of the factors that favors the spread of infectious diseases. In fact, there is more chance of getting a virus in a closed space like day care than in outdoor playgrounds.

Also, the cold itself is not what makes you cold. The problem lies in the artificial climates produced by heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, which, on the one hand, dry out the environment (and the nasal mucosa) and, on the other, create large temperature contrasts between the interior and the exterior. Sudden changes in temperature and dryness of the throat and nasal mucosa can weaken the defenses, creating a favorable environment for respiratory infections.

But children need to go outside and have a wide space to play. In the playgrounds they let off steam and can move at will and above all, they enjoy a lot with the swings, which also have many benefits for their development. As they explain from the expert brand in playgrounds FATMOOSE "swings offer children of all ages a lot of stimuli to unleash their desire to play and exercise: climb, slide, swing competitions...".

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For all this, although playing outdoors is more pleasant in summer and spring, children should not be left indoors because of the cold. They need to do physical exercise (which strengthens their immune system) and, above all, be with other children, something they achieve in the playground.

In addition, the winter sun's rays cause the skin to synthesize vitamin D, which is necessary for bone growth.

And as adults, a bit of fresh air and exercise after an intense day at work is also good for us. Playing with children in the playground improves mood and helps to relax, and also tires (physically) which helps to sleep better.

How to dress children to go to the playground when it's cold

The cold or the rain -unless it pours- do not prevent a child from walking, running or swinging.

You just have to keep him warm and protect the delicate skin of his face with a children's cream to prevent it from drying out with the wind and cold.

Now, it is not necessary to dress children with layers and layers of clothing, like onions, which can limit their movements and cause them to sweat excessively. They do have to be warm, but with common sense. Overdoing it can be counterproductive, because excess sweat also favors colds.

The ideal is to dress them in three layers, as skiers do and to protect the extremities and the head well:

In addition, you will have to put:

When temperatures are very low, it is practical to use thermal clothing as a first layer (an undershirt next to the skin) that absorbs perspiration and keeps the body dry and warm.

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