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Emotion on wheels - Gentleman MX

The librarian who saves this book will not know whether to file it among the volumes of beauty, sculpture or motoring, because he has some of the three disciplines.We are facing a work that is hardly equal, an anthology that brings together 100 road legends in this paper.The most exquisite, the most seductive, is a double volume, an exceptional anthology on collection cars.

It presents 100 of the most exquisite, outstanding and desired cars of all time.We start this walk at the dawn of the twentieth century.From the emblematic Mercedes-Simplex of 40 hp from 1903 to the McLaren Speedtail 2020, with its radical design.It is a careful selection with a very creative page that allows us to enjoy impressive images taken by the main cars photographers in the world, as well as exceptional file treasures.

It is an anthology that groups the best of more than one hundred years of motor, work, engineers and designers, masterpieces that are monuments to progress and the greatest glory of the car.We seduces Ferrari 250 Europe 290 mm, with its spectacular silhouette, and the great Jaguar XJ 13 a genius of design that goes beyond time, pure elegance.Lamborghini Centenario Roadster is another sculpture of the engine universe, a dream to have it in the garage.

There are vehicles that increase their price over time.Their forms are works of art and period car encounters increase their expectation every year.From the 24 hours of Le Mans full of adrenaline to the legendary velocity festival of Goodwood, the famous concorso d'Aleganza Villa d'E east of the lake as until the main week of the Monterrey car, the calendar and the market of collection car marketHe has shown one of the most extraordinary growth.As thousands of people go into mass to specialized meetings, auctions and concours d’Alegance worldwide, the sales prices of the rarest engines have accelerated more and more.So much so, that the value of the 100 cars included in this book exceeds the amazing number of one billion dollars.

Emoción sobre ruedas - Gentleman MX

For the experienced car collector or the newly arrived, this double volume is the unique collection car anthology.TASCHEN has gathered 100 museum pieces, some of the most valued, notable and desirable cars of all time to tell a fascinating history of automotive design and engineering effort in the tireless search for increasing performance both both inside and outside theTrack, from the first Indy 500- winning 1910 Marmon Wasp for futuristic Aston Martin Valkyrie 2020.The cars are accompanied by descriptions and specifications of experts, detailing the brand, model, year, motor size, strength horses, maximum speed, transmission and most important production numbers of each car.

In the editions, the authors share their passion and experience on different continents, also their experiences in auctions of cars, museums and collections around the world, the creators of the design Peter and Charlotte Fielll examine the best cars in the world of everyone's automobile world the times.Its careful selection covers the entire history of the car, including models as rare as a Stutz Model a Bearcat from 1912, as well as less known jewels as the amazing talbot-lago.

This definitive compendium includes a prologue from Rob Myers, RM founder Sotheby’s and outstanding interviews with DR.Frederick Simeone, founder of the Automobile Museum of the Foundation of the same name;The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, founder of the Goodwood Speed Festival, as well as Goodwood Revival;Sandra Button, president of the Pebble Beach Elegance Contest;John Collins, leader of Ferraris historical;and Shelby Myers, Global Private Sales Director of RM Sotheby’s, which offer key personal information about the world of car collection.An authentic period of period of times, now that we see how the combustion engine begins to be part of the past.Elegance at the wheel, with nostalgia of those forms that crossed the roads of the world.

Also from cinema, because cars make us dream.As Steve McQueen in his Porsche, James Bond in his Aston Martin, the Ferraris accompany us from Al Pacino's films to Miami Vice Vice.The Lamborghini also fit in this anthology.The twentieth century started with pieces such as Rolls Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost or Bugatti Type 18.The twenties printed speed with Alfa Romeo Spider, at 30 the BMW 328mille Miglia.The Glamor of the 50 Wine with Jaguar C Type, the Ferrari 250 Europe or the Maserati Berlinetta Zagato.Ferrari and Aston Martin were the most desired in the 60s.Then the avant -garde of cars such as McLaren Formula 1, Mercedes Benz Amg Clk, and the futurism of vehicles such as McLaren Speedtail.