By clothing-bag, 07/04/2023

Check the content of the false complaint of homophobic aggression in Madrid

The 20-year-old man who denounced a homophobic attack in the Malasaña neighborhood (Madrid) has admitted to the National Police that it was a false complaint and that he did so to < b>Hide an infidelity, trying to prevent her boyfriend from finding out about masochistic practices with two men: "It got out of hand."

During the statement, the boy collapsed when they asked for his phone to check his messages and his latest locations and ended up confessing that the cuts he was presenting had been made with your consent.

Content of the false complaint

Public Mirror has accessed the content of the young man's complaint:

"It would be 5:15 p.m. and when I got to the door of my house, I observed eight individuals running towards me head-on. They were dressed in black, with black sweatshirts and a white hood. I open the portal and they go inside. Then I go in too. They stop, stare at me and say 'faggot, you're a faggot, faggot'. And I answer them: 'And what ?' Then they rush at me, put me against the wall, stick a knife to my neck and mouth and tell me 'if you talk I'll stab your mouth.' They throw me to the ground. One sits on my back and others grab my legs and arms to immobilize me. They rip off my shirt and cap. Then they pull down my pants and underwear while they yell at me: 'Faggot, shit-eater, disgusting' and say something about the antichrist.Then they start to slit my ass cheeks open.

See the content of the false report of homophobic aggression in Madrid

An elderly lady from the street sees what is happening in the doorway, hits the glass and yells: 'What are you doing? Leave it!' Then they let go of me and run away. That woman saved me. When I got free I went home and when I got there I called my boyfriend, I told him to take things to sew up the wounds on my ass and I told him what happened. When he was coming home, he met a couple of policemen and told them what had happened. They recommended that we go to a medical center and then report it to the police. So we went to the Jiménez Díaz Foundation".

The concentration in Sol continues

The rally in Puerta del Sol is still scheduled for this Saturday. The organizers believe that this demonstration is important to demand justice for the more than 700 homophobic attacks that took place have produced since the beginning of 2021.