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Zara launches a lingerie collection and these are our favorite signings - Bulevar Sur

From Zara they have proposed to give us an autumn full of novelties. Now we not only have the most fashionable shopping carts in the entire market, the most famous low cost Spanish brand also sneaks into our underwear drawer. Zara launches its lingerie collection to conquer us.

Each trend, each fabric and garment are more than studied to adapt to the needs of the woman of the s. XXI and the new normality during the Covid-19 pandemic. More time at home, more comfort without giving up looking beautiful and favoured.

An inspiring photo session by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen has been the way to introduce us to this new Zara lingerie. "The Female Gaze" is a delicate and comfortable women's intimate fashion collection. Do you want to meet her? This is our analysis of the most interesting trends and proposals.

On-trend bras

Zara was not going to disappoint us when it came to lingerie trends with its first collection. In it, she collects some of the most desired types of bras in 2020/2021. You are surely seeing triangle bras, bralettes, bras without wires or without padding (more comfortable) everywhere. And also with designs (like this one with a halter neck in the center of the collage) that allow the garment to come out from the inside out in your looks. A trick: wear it under a jacket or a shirt with several undone buttons.

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Zara launches lingerie collection and these are our favorite signings - Bulevar Sur

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Pyjamas and robes

One of the keys to this Zara lingerie collection is its commitment to silk garments. Who resists a nice masculine cut silk pajamas? Comfortable with a button-down shirt and wide pants. But it also has robes (which complement dresses or other ensembles) and silk and lace top and long pants sets.

Girdles and body shaping

It is one of our greatest needs. Who has not heard of the Spanx girdles that celebrities adore? If you are looking for a cheaper option now Zara makes it easier for you. These undergarments, from their shape line, sculpt our figure when we have a special event or even in our day to day if we want to look more stylized. Girdles for pants, bodysuits, dresses, etc. in flesh or black. They also have high-waisted panties made of the same fabric that adapts to the body.

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Dresses and lingerie sets

Get ready to fall in love with this section. Zara does the rest with both short and long slip dresses or silk bodysuits, with crossed backs, lace appliqués and very appealing colors such as white, taupe or black. They also have sets of tank top and shorts, ideal to use as pajamas.

Accessories and extras

And not content with meeting all our needs to be at home (and some that we can also go out with like knitwear) there are also accessories such as socks, masks, headbands or scarves . Discover the entire Zara lingerie collection in its online shop or in its stores, don't delay because some of the items are already running out.

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