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Seven mistakes that you should not make if you go out with the thermometer below zero

The ice queen is called Filomena and not Elsa.The one that freezes Spain is this storm that arrived on Thursday, January 7 and that is putting the thermometers below.A temperature of 35.8 degrees below zero had never registered on the Peninsula like the one that marked the thermometers of a Lordes Vega Valley in León this week in León.

Punctual data occurs in an exceptional situation.The white mantle with which Filomena is covering the Iberian Peninsula is accompanied by an extreme cold, as noted by the Spanish Meteorology Agency (Aemet).Notices by risk of temperatures below zero affect numerous points of the country, both Saturday and Sunday.That day Borrasca leaves Spain, although the cold will not do it.


The situation is, as they point out from the Aemet, historical, and historical implies that many want to live this exceptional experience at street level without thinking that it cannot be done in any way.Not leaving conveniently prepared can entail health risks, ranging from hypothermia to respiratory infections or slips.

They can be avoided and for this the first advice is to stay at home, although not the only one.Going to the street does not have to be a danger if a series of basic recommendations are followed.We must not forget that in this cold we are more anna than Elsa and it is not worth it only one coat.It is one of the errors that should be avoided when going outside with the thermometer below zero.


Leave parts of the body in the air and put a fat coat

Cover as an onion is what you have to do.It doesn't matter to have the best coat on the market, specialists insist on the need to carry several layers, also in hands and feet.


"They are, next to the head, the parts of the body where more heat is lost," recalls Juan Jesús Hernández, spokesman for the Spanish Red Cross.Specifically, 10% of body temperature is lost by the head because we have more blood vessels and more sensitivity to the cold, it is also the only part of the body that does not always open when it is cold.

"The important thing is to reduce the surfaces of the skin that are in contact with the outer air," adds Dr. Julián Ceuta, spokesman for the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine (SEMSPH), which insists on the importance of using hats."Heat is not only lost by driving - contract with a surface - also by convection.When the wind goes through an area of the exposed body, our temperature is taken, ”he explains.


To prevent that from happening in the hands, another of the key points in heat loss, recommends using two gloves: very fine ones that allow manipulating objects with them and other thicker above.Thus, if you have to remove them, the contact of the hands with the outer air is avoided.In addition in this way an air bag is created between cape and layer through which hot air circulates.

The same must be done with the feet - with a couple of finer and other thermal or wool over - and with the rest of the clothes in general."You would have to wear well -adjusted thermal garments and then smaller garments to create that layer of air," adds Hernández, who remembers that it is very important not to be stuffed.

The footwear you have to know.

Breathe openly

"You also have to prevent cold air from entering directly in our internal environment and for this you have to breathe through the nose and not by the mouth," says Juan Jesús Hernández."Because the nostrils heat the air and if we breathe through the mouth we do not have so much effective when heating the air," he explains.

"That cold air is irritable and irritation can produce inflammation in the high respiratory tract that translates into respiratory distress," continues the spokesperson for the Spanish Red."In addition, the cold increases the probability that the immune system does not work properly and this entails greater risk of infection, mainly to contract respiratory infections," he points out as one of the main risks that the cold for health involves.

Siete errores que no debes cometer si sales a la calle con el termómetro bajo cero

Drink alcohol because it gives heat

Even if drinking a lot of water sounds like a summer advice, it is not.It is summer and winter, because with the cold it is necessary to be very hydrated so that the thermoregulatory system of the body works correctly.

"Think of a heating system.You can have the best heating system in the world, if the tubes are not full of water, it is of no use, ”explains Hernández, who points out that an average of 2 liters of water daily should be drink.

What there is no drink is alcohol because it produces a false sensation of heat, due to its vasodilator effect.The external temperature awareness is lost and that can make it spend more time exposed to the cold or without the necessary coat.

Self -medicate not to go to the doctor

The same vasodilator effect have some medications, so it is so important not to self -medicate on days of very cold.You have to wait for the medical prescription to make medications.

"It is actually the general norm but now it is more important because there are also medications that are not vasodilators but when interacting with others they have that effect," adds Hernández.

Light salads and meals

No one doubts the need to consume spoon dishes and hot drinks in winter, because they help heat the interior of the body.They are also a source of energy, necessary as fuel to be in constant movement.

"When we are very exposed to the cold, it is worth drinking carbohydrates that give fast energy," explains Dr. Ceuta.These can be pasta or sugar that is added to infusions.

Come on a terrace

Those carbohydrates and sugars give the necessary energy to be moving, which is what is needed to generate heat.

They are not days to spend hours at the bus stop or sitting still on a terrace.If you go out to be active.

"The first sign that the body temperature is lowering are the shivering, because when moving the temperature increases," explains Hernández, who compares the effect produced by the shivering when one starts to jump to come into heat.

Give a hot shower when you get home

Neither hot shower nor put your feet on the radiator nor put very cold skin in direct contact with a hot surface.Nor is it worth plugging the top heating.

It is necessary to warm up progressively so that rapid vasodilation does not occur due to temperature contrast, which can produce pain or even thrombi in people at risk.

A tip to get heat is to heat a cloth or towel with hot water and put it in contact with the surface to heat.The cloth will soon lose heat and the temperature contrast will not be so abrupt.

How to recognize hypothermia

It is not a danger to a person who goes out to walk or to make errands but it is for those who go out to the field.If it is disoriented and lost, it is easier for a danger situation to be easier, than the body temperature drops from 34ºC."It is still important to know the symptoms and if they are detected to contact as soon as possible with a specialist," explains Dr. Ceuta.

"The skin becomes red and very cold, then it turns white softer, it starts chopping, feeling of numbness, stinging in that area of the body and then stops feeling," he explains."When you are quite advanced, you move awkwardly, babble and you can lose knowledge".

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