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8 plants that can absorb moisture in your house: mint will leave a delicious aroma

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A home looks more harmonious with some plants in the main rooms such as the living room or dining room. In addition to being beautiful decorations, there are some species that will help you control excess humidity in your home thanks to their leaves. We tell you what they are!


The experts from the YouTube channel EcologíaVerde emphasize that not all anti-humidity plants tend to be large. For example, mint is a fairly small species that, in addition to spreading a delicious aroma, also controls the humidity of the spaces in your house. It is very easy to care for!

2.Boston Fern

Boston fern naturally absorbs moisture through the air. You can place it in a hanging pot or a fixed one in a large place, just do not forget that this plant requires sunlight. The more moisture it gets, the more it will grow!

3.Peace Lily

If you want a plant that blooms and doesn't look so serious, peace lilies are the best option. Its leaves are responsible for collecting moisture and it does not require a lot of sunlight, so taking care of it indoors is quite simple. In the entrance of your house it would look great!


These types of plants like a humid environment very much and do not require specific care, it is only necessary to remove their wrinkled leaves when they are in poor condition so that new ones can grow. Here you can know everything about them!


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These are plants are very popular, because they are an excellent decoration both indoors and outdoors. Their small sizes make them easy to care for, they don't need to be watered every day and they are very good at capturing and retaining water from the surrounding air as well as, of course, lowering humidity. Now you have one more reason to put them in your house!

6. English Ivy

If what you want is to take care of a plant that does not take up much space, this ivy will be your best ally. The best way to show it off is near the windows with hanging pots and it is capable of eliminating all types of mold and moisture. Keeps the air clean!



It is perhaps the plant that requires the most care, although if you do it right, it will bloom in a unique way and give an explosion of colors to interiors. These are decrease humidity thanks to the fact that they acquire nutrients through the water vapor that surrounds them.

8. Tillandsias

Its great advantage is that it does not require much care to survive, with a small amount of water and natural light, its leaves will collect the humidity that exists in the environment. Their odd shape doesn't make them very popular, but with the right pot they'll look amazing!


Which one or which ones will you choose to end the humidity in your house? Tell us in the comments.

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