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Different types of panties • The new newspaper

They say that underwear reflects the true personality of women, however, there is a great variety in panties models that you probably did not know that they existed or had no idea that they were called.So, for you to know the most popular models, we give you a list with four types of this intimate garment, adding to them a little history and curious data of them.

Culotte yes, the name may give you a little laugh, but in reality the word "Culotte" comes from the French term cul, used to name the buttocks.In Spanish it is also known as female boxer, so for example, the slapping are a type of culotte and, unlike a men's boxer, these are elastic, which helps hide the belly in some cases.In history, Culottes were used a lot in the military's uniforms during the wars of Europe in the seventh century and were an exclusively masculine garment until the twentieth century when they joined the women's wardrobe.

Vedetine The vedetine or bikini type underwear is one that has the low shot and is closed both from forward and back.That is, both buttocks and the intimate area are covered with cloth.It is a bristle model with less fabric than the so -called bombs (or grandmother panties), but with more cloth than the beds or thongs.

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Calesss or thongs The thongs are those garments that cover the genitals but that are composed of a thin strip of fabric and, depending how thin the strip that goes in the pomps, you can be talking about a Brazilian thong or “dental thread”The origin of this garment dates back to 1974, when Genoese Carlos Fictioni reinvented her in Brazil along with the designer Rudi Germeich, who shocked the world with her reinvention.

Bombachas are known as "grandmother's underwear" and refer to those huge and very comfortable panties that are capable of killing passion in an instant.Most are made of cotton and some gynecologists recommend them to avoid vaginal infections.For their old design, adult women are most commonly used.