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Miami center reopens business after protests |The new Herald Miami after chaos, business cleansing, close early or open with doubts

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By Sarah Moreno and

Rob Wile


Miami Downtown businesses and stores began their Monday with caution, some cleaning the garbage, and specifically the remains of the damage to the stained glass windows, after a very intense weekend in which peaceful demonstrations that requested justice for theDeath of George Floyd were converted by some into violent acts, in which they looted stores and shops.

Chaos and robberies occurred mainly at the Bayside Marketplace shopping center, where pressures of the press or shared by individuals on social networks showed vandals that crossed the space left by broken stained glass windows and brought merchandise of brands of brands such as Lacoste andFoot Locker.

On Sunday, when the time touch time approached, at 8 p.m., a group broke a window of a CVS pharmacy, in the Downtown, but other protesters prevented him from entering forming a human chain.

The NCF Florida jewelry, located at number 113 of the First Street of Northeast, was one of the businesses that the entrance door was forced and also stole merchandise on Saturday.

"We are open, but only to clean," one of the jewelry employees on Monday morning told El Herald.

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Centro de Miami reabre business después de protestas | El Nuevo Herald Miami después del caos, business limpian destrozos, cierran temprano o abren con dudas

The employee confirmed that the vandals took earrings, chains and bracelets, although he did not specify the value.

On Saturday night the owner of the jewelry arrived at the business and found rings and other items on the floor.It also seemed that the assailants had forced the entrance by folding the security bars, channel 7 reported.

The instability generated by the protests occurs a few days after it was allowed to resume part of normality to many Miami-Dade businesses, after quarantine by the coronavirus.

Now they face the decision to open the doors to start selling and earn money, or if they remain closed to protect their employees.

“Las protestas afectan a los business porque mucha gente no va a querer venir cerca de donde se están produciendo”, dijo el gerente de Supply & Advise, una tienda de ropa masculina en el Downtown, que también pidió no ser identificado.

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“We are not sure if we must open completely today for the safety of our staff.We want to leave early so as not to be here in case there are protests later, ”added the manager of the clothes store, indicating that Downtown's businesses had difficulty attracting buyers, among other reasons due to the problem of parking.

However, other stores in the center of Miami that did not receive damage opened today to the public to continue their normal operations.

"Today we are open as usual until 7 p.m.," said Robert Hadad, manager of the Souvenirs Downtown Market Store store, in the 241 East Flagler.

He also confirmed that his business continued his operations, the owner of CMG Links, a jewelry store that is mainly dedicated to manufacturing and has a clientele that does not usually enter from the street.

"We are inside the Seybold Building that is very sure," said Yoank García, owner of CMG Links, referring to one of the best known buildings in Downtown, on First Street, which has several floors occupied by jewelry stores and watch stores.

Bayside opens after protests.

On Monday afternoon, the mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, said that the three decades shopping center remains open after five stores suffered damage during the weekend protests.

"Despite the unfortunate events of this weekend, Bayside is open for business and, as always, we are here to support our small businesses and for #standupmiami," Suarez said in a tweet.

At the Suárez press conference he said that on Sunday only three arrests were made in the protests, compared to 57 on Saturday.Two of the three arrested Sunday "came from outside the State."

The mayor also said that he did not agree with what President Trump said, calling the governors to "dominate" the protesters.He pointed out that in Miami he had given "free field" to protesters during the weekend.

For his part, Pamela Weller García-Serra, senior general manager of Bayside Marketplace, said he was optimistic about the short-term perspectives of the mall, highlighting that Julio was generally one of the strongest months thanks to the events of July 4.

He also noted that 50 businesses from the mall have received the loans from the check protection program (PPP).

This story was originally published on June 1, 2020 6:58 pm.

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