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By heat wave: student went to skirt classes because they did not allow him to use short

A week with high temperatures are facing some cities in Argentina.The heat wave has affected the population and therefore as a way to get the situation has been to wear comfortable and baggy clothes to go to work or school.

Y justamente esto fue lo que hizo un alumno del colegio de Villa Carlos Paz, en la provincia de Córdoba, en Argentina, quienconcurrió a clases vistiendo una faldaen modo de protesta porque el establecimientono permite que los hombres usen pantalón corto o bermuda los días de calor.

The image of the 5th year student was viralized in such a way, which caused a great impact on the educational site.

"I don't like dressing like this, but I did it for comfort.I live far and it's very hot to wear long pants.So I came with Short and, to enter school, I put the skirt (skirt) on the short pants to pass, ”said the teenager - who preferred shelter -name - in a dialogue concarlos Paz Vivo, according to Tn Tn.

The aforementioned said that he was allowed to enter school and, later, "in a very good way the Director came to talk and explained that the uniform should be respected and that he could not use the skirt again".

Por ola de calor: alumno fue a clases con falda porque no le permitieron usar short

Alejandra Porte Laborde, director of the institution, delivery of what happened: "We called it and asked why she attended that dress, to know if it was for a matter of gender identity and replied that no.He said he did it for heat and that since they did not let him come with Bermuda and the girls' skirt is allowed, he passed with Pollera ".

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"There was talk to the mother and informed it about what had happened; and also with the student, who understood the situation and told that another path could have been used to make this claim," he added, according to what was recorded byTN.

Finally, the director explained that there would be no sanctions for the student."The work is through the word with the students, to teach them that they have to learn to live in a society being able to raise positions or ideas, defend them and also accept when they do not share their point of view and continue living together in a good way," he said.

According to several Argentine media, the student's attitude laid a precedent and since this weekly schools began to send circular authorizing the use of short garments.

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