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Five things that women do to smell like perfume all day

Things that elegant and intelligent women do to smell of rich perfume all day.When you approach, the whole space will be impregnated with your aroma and your fragrance ... mmmm.We love smelling well.

If you also like to smell rich, then follow these tips.

Tricks to smell your favorite perfume, all day

*Use diffusers with your favorite perfume if you want you and your space smell delicious all the time, then you have to test this truquito!In your diffuser, pour the water indicated by the instructions and spray several splashs of your perfume of the day;Immediately, connect it and put it to work and prepare to immerse yourself in your favorite fragrance even if you are inside the house and without using aromatizers.

Apply lotion and fragrance at the same time elegant women know well that one of the secrets so that their perfume smells like an eternity is to apply cream before, but if this is also a body lotion that gives off the same notes as fragrance, it is a success is a successSurely it lasts all day.If you have a special event in which you want the aroma to be impregnated throughout the night, practice this routine: exfolia the skin, apply the body Lotion and once it is absorbed, it proceeds to perfume (both of the same line).Now you are more than ready!

We leave an infused paper in the underwear ... If you like that your lingerLeave it in the drawer of your underwear.The aroma will flood your garments and is an accessible alternative, although there are also special tools for this purpose and that sell them in lingerie stores such as Victoria’s Secret.

Cinco cosas que hacemos las mujeres listas para oler a perfume todo el día

Apply the perfume at the pulse points after the showerof the ears.

Especially apply after the shower that is when the pores are open.Elegant women practice it, so that fragrances do not smell so intense that Maree, but to be subtle, but persistent in the day.

*Use the hair perfume the haylors or hair perfumes are something that cannot be missing in your cosmetiquera or bag so that your hair smells like the rich all day.They sprinkle on the hair already hairstyle and dry, and they can retouch how many times you want in the day without competing with your body perfume.I suggest that both (the body and hair), whether of the same line of aromas or olfactory family so that they do not shock each other and keep your sophistication, to the fullest!

Finally, a hack that many elegant women apply so that their perfume smell like hours, is to use more a parfum EAU than an Eau de Toilette, since the notes of the first are more concentrated, although it all depends on the pH of the personand the structure of the perfume.Even so, the combination of all these tricks will give you a sophisticated and prolonged aroma.

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