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The good dress in the woman of the right -wing and her power in politics: Christine Lagarde - the counter

Today the women of the Cabinet of President Piñera are far from the globalized ideal of the neoliberal and political authority: Christine Lagarde, the director of the International Monetary Fund since 2011.Avoid in the icon of macropinanzas, after the ignominious fall in disgrace of the socialist Dominique Strauss Khan and his scandalous private life - as is intrinsic venality to power - 'La Lagarde' has built a long career militating in the ranks of the rightFrench, always traveling with impeccable and graceful 'sfilata' of model: neither the 'affair tapee' nor the eight judicial causes of corruption, illegal financing of campaigns and money laundering of Nicolás Sarkozy, his once mentor, have been able to erase the serene smileAnd his ability with paparazzi.Every time there is in the international press there is no other possible judgment: there is no more paradigmatic, assertive, brave and deeply convinced woman that the State must be minimized, that social rights do not exist - despite being an outstanding jurist - andthat freedom of entrepreneurship is the maximum virtue that human dignity can deliver to anyone who works for that and the market will know how to open opportunities.

Anyway, do you think the females chosen by the parties of Chile Vamos and endorsed by the Supermillonario Head of Government?Not to doubt it.They have built their careers by reneuming any idea of a society of guaranteed rights or any claim of the center -left to carry out legal and constitutional reforms that change the development horizon of our country, which is not what benefits the great business.However, there is something they have not achieved, or maybe they rebel to grow: the beauty of good dress.

Their appearances are so normal that they cause strangeness...And they affect the image of the country in a way that causes alarm in the left, that one whose ranks I owe my militancy.And it is not the austerity or 'boho' minimalism that they affirm so much the high executives of the most competitive economy in Latin America - obviating the 'scandalillo of the world bank's report of the World Bank through - what characterizes them, which is a very beautiful sign ofEthics Test in the European aristocracy, it is simple and abysmant precariousness.An aesthetic self -absorption, but an affront for the gaze of the average Chilean: these ladies is demonized poverty of the look.If so, we will never exceed that neoliberal and aspirational ballast of believing a millionaire because you buy clothes from the Carolina Herrera brand in a Miami outlet.

Thus, at first glance, the Piñera's Ladies suffer from that worrying syndrome of 'Alicia thought' that he engulfed in the last decade, for example, the moral of the women of the PSOE and the PP in Spain: reach power and let the men watchright.The woman does not need it because she is only executive.

El buen vestir en la mujer de derechas y su poder en política: Christine Lagarde - El Mostrador

Observed the images of the presentation of the cabinet, I do not see on the horizon where the improvement of this government with women who carry shamefully similarly similar to the Jumbo supermarket catalog could be...Or they commit the visual attack of weer lounge shoes, but their legs are not appropriate enough for it.What is important is that what they have hidden during the terror campaign they did (each of them) for months against a government that squandered the public treasury is revealed: its abusive burn to despise what most find virtuous, andBy community, and for obeying beauty.That self -employment that characterizes the neoliberals who always look at themselves and impose their standards: 'We have destroyed the national clothing industry during the second half of the 70s;We suffocate the squalid attempts of the 20 years of democracy for rescuing textiles and workshops;And, we celebrate the great buy in the expensive malls of Santiago the ‘low cost’ dress that bangladesh the footprint is marked on fire.In the end, its masses prestige that is built thanks to the slavery and the economy of the precarious labor of other nations that have imitated the Friedman shock model, also what is seen with pride, and although it looks precarious for what myIncome, aesthetics and their endogamic ties of my class will never reproach me.On the contrary.

And, then, in my reflections as a woman who likes poetry and aesthetics, which dreams with the end of that conscious but of the precarious and ugly in people well, I hope that - on a nearby horizon - the women of the right and theirEumulas, at least, use Patronato Chanel, or Chanel 'Made in Taiwan'.

And it is that ‘La Lagarde’ that French teacher of how to handle in the covachuelas of the Court, is such an overwhelming reference that it could well be the lighthouse of hope for our public opinion to demand more.She is the example of the pragmatic and right -wing woman, committed to the reforms spraying the small achievements of the guaranteed rights societies, owner of her destiny - which has even left loyalty injuries - and prophet of the benefits of neoliberalism, knowsthat dressing with elegance and conviction of luxury is its greatest strength.Therefore, the beloved Christine is and will be the self -refers, the Winner, the magnificent that any feminist with millionaire salary should imitate.

He has not seen a woman, until now, more powerful and convinced that this power is built with ideas, with the realpolitik and with the good dress.No Miami outlet.Nothing of Mall Low Cost.Only Couture, already paid, already donated.If not, how to forget that written letter of his fist and lyrics to former President Sarkozy where he said (possibly in 2008): 'Use me as you want.I will always be loyal, not like that troop of powerful men who betray you, they swore false friendship and loyalty, but they teraniegan for a Max Mara and a luxury Audi, or a compensated dellation...Call me whenever you want, I will always be grateful to you '.The signature of the letter was clear: Christine L., your unconditional friend...True, the ink came from grass, the pen was Chanel.

Despite those licenses so typical of Visconti and Godard that Christine is given and whose white hair inspired the terrible Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada, the director of the IMF gives style lessons that the traditional Chilean right and the little girlright - for nameing that mass of women who, from one day to another in our country they believe feminist and unbridled neoliberalmarkets of this world.

Although there is hope...And from the other sidewalk, Roxana Miranda will always be attentive, the great and vilified.She in this quadienium that begins will mark a vindication route.It will not be a lagarde, but it is as much or more dignified in the aesthetics of the costumes that the women of poor piñera costumes.

Thanks to the Conspicua Christine.Thanks to Roxana, no doubt.