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Heart Zara's leather effect 'look' that everyone wants to show off on their social networks

Zara has launched several versions of this leather effect 'look': in green, purple and brown.


The parent company of Inditex has launched an attractive two-piece, made up of pants and a crop top, both in fake leather, which will be a hit this fall.

October 5, 202101 :29
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The temperatures gradually drop with the arrival of autumn, and they are asking us to gradually add garments made of materials to our routine thicker or manufactured to counteract the degrees of less that are already being perceived on the street. While a few weeks ago it was unthinkable to dress in a long-sleeved jacket or leather-like fabric to face the sticky summer heat, October has arrived with thermometers at maximums of 17 degrees. And Zara has taken advantage of this cooler weather to launch a daring proposal that is taking hold among fashion experts.

Inditex's most international firm has created a two-piece outfit made of leather-effect material, perfect for autumn. The store sells it in three different versions, in three colors: purple, brown and green.

Heart The leather effect look from Zara that everyone wants to show off on their social networks

Zara's proposal in the purple outfit is with a corset-type top.

The choice of shades already shows how transgressive the proposal is, since far from opting for more neutral colors such as black, beige or gray, the creatives of Amancio Ortega (85) have hit the table to May this new season be groundbreaking. In addition, far from using leather, he offers a vegan option that is in harmony with nature, since the materials used in these garments follow the Green to Wear 2.0 standard, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production.

The pants are sold for 29.95 euros. They follow a simple pattern, but that simplicity makes them flatter any body type. They are high shot, narrow straight cut and with five pockets. It has buckles to be able to add a belt and thanks to its high rise, it defines the silhouette to the maximum.

But the key to Zara's faux leather styling is in the tops. The brand has created three different top crops -that leave the navel exposed-, with different designs and each one in a different color to complete the rocker look together with the aforementioned pants.

The brown leather outfit, for its part, features a top with a geometric neckline.

The three options have in common the leather effect fabric and the corset design. For the green lower part, Zara has made a kind of strapless bralette. For the purple pants, the top has wide straps and a round cup with a ring. Finally, the brown pants are complemented by a tight-fitting top with a geometric neckline and a cut in the center. The price of each top is around 20 euros.

The green proposal is one of the best sellers after its launch. ZARA

There are three different and attractive proposals that seduce those who know the most about style -such as influencers and fashion editors-, because this two-piece, whatever color it is, is a smart purchase for your wardrobe. For less than 50 euros you can succeed in any type of event, be it day or night, or in work meetings or in your idle outings with friends. The rocker outfit is extremely versatile, never goes out of style and can be worn practically all year round.

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