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How to avoid vaginal infections: Specialist advice and solutions

The constant desire to urinate, pain, bad smell and even bleeding at the time of going to the bathroom are possible signs that it has a vaginal infection.

The gynecologist Sergio Lara argues that among the most common infections are bacterial vaginosis, "which is due to alterations of the normal bacteria found in the vaginal mucosa, because of stronger microorganisms that produce the infection";Vaginal candidosis, which is produced by the mushroom Candid.Tricomoniasis is another type of infection that occurs due to a parasite and is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections.The specialist finally mentions non -infectious vaginosis, which are produced by the use of scented soaps or also by the use of detergents when washing clothes.

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El gineco-obstetra Danny Salazar explica que cada afectación tiene síntomas diferentes y que, generalmente, cuando es por hongos genera irritación y picazón a nivel vulvar (la parte externa de la vagina).When it is by bacteria, or also called vaginosis, it really causes a flow of bad smell that the person can detect.

How to avoid vaginal infections: consejos y soluciones de especialistas

According to Salazar, an infection becomes severe when it is recurring or does not improve with treatment.In these cases, it recommends making a vaginal secretion culture with antibiogram (in case of being bacterial) or with fungigrama (in case of fungi).


How to avoid vaginal infections

There are ways to prevent vaginal infections, always taking care of the genital zone.Therefore it is important to keep that area clean and dry.In the case of women who sweat to a large extent, who go to the gym or who like to pass on the beach or swimming pools, the risk of having an infection increases if the right measures are not taken."Regarding the beach season, going to the beach does not mean that it will be infected, the fact that it does not take the correct hygiene after it is what will cause infections," says Salazar.

Tampoco es conveniente y no se debe exponer la parte íntima a productos que contengan perfumes, eso altera el pH de la vagina y hace que esté propensa a irritaciones.Similarly, you have to avoid the use of tight garments. Otra de las consideraciones importantes es el tipo de ropa interior que se está utilizando: Lara sugiere el uso de interiores de algodón.He also mentions the importance of not enduring the desire to urinate, as well as ensuring the asepsis of the place before sitting in a toilet.The recommendation is not to sit, but to find a way of urinating without having contact.

If it is located on the beach, apart from trying to keep the intimate area dry, you must also be careful not to sit in the extremely hot sand (or anywhere where the vaginal area is exposed at a high temperature).

How to treat infection if you are far from your doctor

Visiting a specialist is essential in these cases, however, infections can be very uncomfortable and painful on several occasions. Si tiene urgencia por alivio, Salazar propone una fórmula casera que solo debe usarse si presenta la infección.“One of the things that can be done as help is a vaginal washing with water and vinegar: half a liter of water with three teaspoons of simple vinegar, the normal.That will help restore vaginal pH ”.

The ovules sold in pharmacies are another viable option to find relief in an immediate way, however, its effectiveness will depend on the level of infection that is available.

In addition, specialists advise hydrating with water and avoiding seasoned food. (E)