By clothing-bag, 22/02/2023

Madonna's daughter revolutionizes the networks presuming her armpit without shaving

It is not unusual for Madonna to monopolize the spotlights for some of her extravagances or for the sensual inn.However, in the selfie in which it now appears revolutionizing social networks is his daughter Lourdes Leon or Lola, as she prefers to call her, the one who takes the witness.It is not for less.

Although at first glance the image does not differ from anyone in which a mother and a daughter are framed on the phone to self -entrotive, a more leisurely look discovers a significant detail in Lola's body.As much as to become 'Trending Topic' after the more than 16 million followers of the singer began to comment on it.

Although it was not the first time that neither Lola nor Madonna herself posed in such a way, it does not stop attracting attention.When you lift your arm to hold the phone you could see a bush of hair in the armpit of a young woman who had no complex to display it.Far from being an oversight with hair removal, the photo had the objective of revindicating natural beauty and normalizing female hair, totally breaking with the established beauty canons.

La hija de Madonna revoluciona las redes presumiendo de su axila sin depilar

The proof that one and the other slipped the possible criticisms that could raise the image is the comment with which Madonna would accompany the image."As pieces of your heart walking out of you...".

In fact, the messages of support and the gratitude of countless women would be a majority to defend a cause like this."Hair is natural, everyone has hair", "Why do people have so much fear of hair?", "Everything I see is the sincere love between a mother and a daughter," some of them would be.