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Myths and realities of the use of bra

A Post on Facebook entitled "The support: the false need" presented a couple of data that did not know about the advantages and disadvantages of the use of bra.For that reason here I tell you the myths, realities and everything you have to know about the use of this garment.

"The support does not help lift the breasts"

A study conducted to 330 women by Professor Jeanis Rouillon of the University of Franche-Compé in France concluded that the use of this garment could limit the growth of the tissues that support the breasts, blood circulation or affect nipple growth.

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However, the study was not carried out to a representative number of women in France or included women in different circumstances such as pregnant women, after motherhood, over 35 years, with large breasts or menopausal women so these results are onlyPreliminary and uncommon.

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Myths and realities of the use of support

1.The branch with rod causes cancer

A group of researchers in the 90s suggested that the use of this garment damaged the health of women because it promoted the accumulation of toxins in the breast fabric and could increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

However, there is no scientific or medical evidence that supports the fact.What can cause the use of support with rod are internal or external lesions in the skin if used for a long time.

Mitos y realidades del uso del brasier

2.Sleeping with branch reaffirms breasts

Some women use sleep to sleep and conserve the position of their breasts;However, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons affirms that breasts retain its place naturally.

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3.The bra is not necessary

The use of bra.However, its use to women with large breasts, overweight or athletes is recommended to relieve the pain that it can cause in the muscle that the mother exerts.

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The Chief of Gynecology and Obstetrics in the Family Medical Unit number four of the Social Security Maritza García, said for Eva's hip, that the use of the bradifferent types of breasts such as pendulums or perfectly contoured and this depends on the anatomy of each woman.

The conformation and size of the breasts or nipple do not depend on the use of the bra.

“A support does not determine any anatomical change in women.The bra.

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Lingerie: sensuality and empowerment

-A bra is normally characterized by having curved rods at the bottom

-A BALETTE can be of any fabric and normally it is without rods

-A Corsé has the rods in central points of the bust and waist and are long

Diana Barrientos Ramírez is a Mexican lingerie designer, the inspiration of her garments arises from the baroque style and has dedicated himself to deconstructing the negative idea, and only, erotic of inner underwear.

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"Lingerie is sensuality and empowerment of women," says Diana.The corsets for a long time caused negative damage to the body of women, however, Diana explains that there was a break when women began to dress alone and know their body, "they began to have control".

"It makes me feel much stronger.I use lingerie garments that I like special enmomant.

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The Mexican designer recommends that before buying lingerie you know and explain your body to understand what you need and what you are looking for, then you can start having fun making combinations and using different fabrics and colors and colors.Diana explains that underwear can be a tool that helps the emotional part if you begin to break the taboos of the garments and use it for you and not for others.