By clothing-bag, 20/07/2022

Nuria Marín responds to criticism for recording in underwear: "I do it because I get out of the arch of triumph"

At this point, surely anyone is surprised that when talking about social networks we also do it about the so -called ‘haters’.It is increasing.Others prefer not to remain silent and respond with the same sympathy to these specialists in getting tip to the content of others.In this context, Nuria Marín, the protagonist of our news, has shown again that she has no hair on her tongue, responding to those who have not seen with good eyes that she is recorded in underwear while doing an exercise of balance in her own House.And it's not because he doesn't accept criticism.In an exclusive interview for our header he admitted that some have "helped him improve".

Nuria Marín se sincera en Divinity

The presenter encouraged her 154 thousand followers to make 'handstad', "what has been 'doing the pine' of a lifetime", summed up in a comment Cristina Cifuentes what this practice consists of that, according to Nuria, "puts you theshoulders and abdomen strong ".He has done it through a recording in which he appears doing it dressed in a tank shirt and panties.An outfit that has not gone unnoticed by those who considered unnecessary to be without pants to execute this activity.

Nuria Marín responde a las críticas por grabarse en ropa interior:

"Superimportante do it in panties, if not, it is not worth," a user wrote with sarcasm, who would soon get the journalist's replica reminding him that she was in her account and at her home."Important, to go out in panties," another joined this wave of criticism referring to his costumes, also achieving the assessment of Nuria regarding his opinion: "just as important as your comment".They have not been the only."Is it necessary to do it in panties?" I ironically asked one more user."The truth is that it is not necessary, but I do it because I get out of the arch of triumph," the matter settled.

Nuria Marín goes to the psychologist since her father's death

Nuria used the same social networks a few weeks ago to sincere with her followers regarding the benefits she has reported to go to therapy.The communicator admitted that the lack of instruments when assimilating the death of her father was the reason that pushed her to a psychologist."It was when I learned that the cancer had less than a year of life left and I wanted.

Leaving this delicate matter aside, Marín admitted that in addition to helping her in this process, he also served to face "punral things" of his day to day, such as "stress at work or problems with friends".Nuria, aware of the delicate moment we are living, encouraged everyone to remember a query and check the results."You can share with them anything or know yourself better," said the presenter, who recognizes that attending these medical professionals has allowed him to self -examine and have more knowledge about herself about itself.