By clothing-bag, 17/03/2023

Patrick Moster, expelled by racist comments: "Take the camelleros"

Patrick Moster, director of the German Cycling team, starred during the counterreloj test a racist episode that was captured by television cameras.The coach encouraged his cyclist Nikias Arndt from the provisioning zone, when the cameras captured the racist comment: "Take the camelleros," he said in reference to Eritreo Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier and the Algerian Azzedine Lagab that came out before the German cyclist.

The comment quickly went viral and the German director had to apologize "in the heat of the competition and with the stress we have at this time I could not choose my words well at that time.I regret and I can only apologize, I have not wanted to offend anyone.We have many acquaintances in North Africa, "he said in statements to the German agency DPA.

Despite his fiscal apologies, the German Olympic Committee condemned the words of its director and sent Moster back to Germany."We are convinced that their public apologies for the racist comments he made yesterday are sincere but with this slip the Moster has violated the values of Olympism: for the Germans the team, the clean play, respect and tolerance are not negotiable"Said Alfons Hörman, president of the Committee.

Patrick Moster, expulsado por comentarios racistas:

His Nikias Arndt pupil, which finally ended nineteen in the chrono, also regretted the words of his coach "I am shocked and clearly I mean that I distance myself from his words, the words used are unacceptable," he tweeted.