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Pop divas of the 2000s inspire spring-summer 2021 trends

Trends Looks of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Pink in the early 2000s could have been in the ‘Moodboard’ of some spring-summer collections 2021

By Marina Valera

"What years 2000!"It is not precisely the expression that an use to praise an aesthetic decision, that is so.For minimalism lovers, this decade is the vacui horror of styling: little fabric, many glitters, too many accessories, unconnected tissues and a long etcetera that also includes concrete garments, colors and silhouettes.But, beware, because we do not intend to throw all the trends that saw the light at the beginning of the century but, rather, break a spear in favor of those times when "giving everything" did not have been followed by arches of eyebrows and twistneck.For those of us who now renegate all those looks of our adolescence because they consider them "horses", there is an unquestionable reality: many of the trends of next spring-summer 2021 which we now look with some yearning, saw the light during that time.To show the cropped tops and holders to view, wide jeans and low -shooting pants or those sports garments that sneaked into our street looks long before the term Athleisure was coined.

Of course, there were always dramatic extremes and interpretations.His stylistic boldness, intrinsic to any music star also today, has left behind a large number of looks that, if examined carefully, seem to have inspired some of the collections of the season.From Christina Aguilera to Britney Spears, passing through Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Pink: Here 10 Looks of the pop divas of the 2000s that could have been in the ‘Moodboard’ of some spring-summer collections 2021.

The dress with ‘Cut outs’ by Brandon Maxwell

And not only by Brandon Maxwell but also many other firms such as Laquan Smith - whose designs are very similar - or, more contemporary and subtle, Victoria Beckham.If there is a trend that belonged to the costumes of the 2000 pop divas are the garments with great openings that emphasized the well -toned abdomen of the most popular singers of the time.Christina Aguilera took this dress to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony of the year 2000 and her resemblance to the first look of the US designer's collection is so obvious that it is not crazy that she was inspired by the singer when creating it.The hip strip that appeared from the design of Aguilera, a wink to the thong in sight so common at that time, has also been emulated in the skirts of Versace and Acne Studios (which already have their own version in Zara).

Dion Lee Laces with Laces

The tops neckline or the sides of the pants, always low shooting, tied by laces were another of the great classics among the 2000 music stars.Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, the members of Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera - in the image, in the VH1 Music Awards of 2000 - they bet on them for their performances, video clips or perched on the red carpet.An aesthetic that also recreates the usual openings but, this time, through a appeal that comes, ironies of life, of the Victorian era.The Dion Lee collection presents a few looks that could have belonged to the tour of any of the aforementioned singers, but not only for their garments with laces: the low shooting pants, the square brackets and the strips of the underwear toThe view also seems a tribute.

The ‘Double Denim’ Balmain end

Las divas del pop de los años 2000 inspiran las tendencias de primavera-verano 2021

Few images of red carpet are as popular as that of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the delivery of the American Music Awards of 2001 with two toilet looks from head to toe.A not so exaggerated of the Patchwork Denim Type (and in huge amounts) of which was used at the beginning of the century.Although wearing cowboy tissue garments have been a trend several seasons, Balmain proposes for this spring a somewhat more dramatic double Double (and in pieces that leave the classic hunter and jeans look) that inevitably remembers that "momntazo" ofBritney and Justin.

The metallic biker of marques'almeida

Disco aesthetics, characterized by rhinestones and metallic flashes, is one of the spring-summer 2021 views in firms such as Paco Rabanne, Balmain or Balenciaga.Although we could have chosen any of the looks of those collections and compared it with the bling bling dresses that looked the pop divas in their concerts or in the Red Carpet, we could not avoid paying tribute to the locker room that Britney Spears wore on his tourOOOPS!I DID IT AGAIN.Specifically to this design that, although unclassifiable, is based on a silver biker hunter.Casualities of life, one of the looks of the Marques'almeida parade transforms this garment into a dress and the comparison between both looks is difficult to ignore.

Boho Chic ’Brock Collection look

Boho long skirts marked the most relaxed looks and off-duty of pop divas and also many other characters in the decade such as Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz or Sienna Miller.Although Zíngaro -style garments, whose aesthetics was generally baptized as Boho Chic, have their echoes in this spring season but in a more sophisticated key, this Brock Collection look looks like the discreet version 2021 of that set that Britney Spears wore in the MTVItalian Awards (formerly known as TRL Awards) of the year 2006.The Cropped Jersey Effect of the Pop Queen was a mandatory of the time.

The look "arranged above, comfortable below" by Balenciaga

Before the pandemic made us rethink the need to combine sophisticated higher garments with comfortable pants, the 2000 divas such as Gwen Stefani or Pink already did this association almost innate.His rebel and sports style was not at odds with the rhinestones and sequins that made them shine on stage, while danced and jumped comfortably with their tracksuit pants.This well-known look that the vocalist of No Doubt took in his performance in the Super Bowl of 2003 was a little crazy today until we saw this set of the spring-summer collection 2021 of Balenciaga.

The fastener-bikini and the rokh's skirt

Gwen Stefani's eclectic style in the late 90s and early 2000.If the skirts of school style pictures were one of the most recurring pieces, along with chains and skewers, the bikini fasteners in a triangular way - as this one that Stefani wore in the Billboard Music Awards of 2001 - were no less.Two elements present in unison in the dark spring-summer collection 2021 of Rokh with harnesses and other winks to fetishism.

Balmain's top ‘cts-cross’

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani were regular to the halter and silhouette tops crossed in the 2000s: another garment of the time that, far from insinuating, showed the abdomen in all its splendor.This Cross-Cross design that the no Doubt singer took to a party that celebrated the collaboration of her firm L.A.M.B.With the Lesportsac bag brand in 2003 it has its sophisticated and red carpet version - but no less two thousand - in the Balmain spring parade, one of the ones that has most referenced some of the must have of those years of those years of those years.

Miu Miu's tracksuit jacket

That tracksuit and sweatshirts are trend this spring is not any mystery but, within that sports universe, there is a very specific garment that triumphed very especially among Brit Pop singers like Damon Albarn in the 2000s: theZip and Neck Chandal Jacket With Details of Strips and Rays in Contrast.A design that has starred several looks from the spring-summer collection of Miu Miu and that also belonged to the Black Eyed Peas Fergie locker-.

Gabriela Hearst's crochet dress

Halfway between the Boho Chic look and the exhibitionism inherent in the 2000s, crochet or crochet dresses played an interesting role as a candid and revealing garment in equal parts.Although now these designs, such as Gabriela Hearst's spring dress, are observed more from the craft prism, we cannot forget its impact on the red carpet of some events as in the case of singer Pink in the Billboard Music Awardsof 2001.Beyoncé and Sienna Miller, among others, also took them.

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