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Shapex: We tried them and now we want to take them with all our looks!

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If you listen: 'Body Shape', you surely enter terror and imagine a couple of super uncomfortable and very tight belts.And yes, we are not going to lie.In most cases this type of underwear is to compress your silhouette, but this time we will give a twist to that idea with Shapex.We assure you that after knowing this proposal you will not be able to stop using them.


Shapex is a Mexican company that was born from the idea that the body is to celebrate it.In your collection you can find shorts or bikers, Panty belts, high waist leggings and sports bras.The plus?All the tissues used in these garments let your body move freely, you never feel tight and in addition to being the option of Underwear ideal for certain garments, you can also take them as part of your look.So we are practically talking about two pieces in one!Keep reading to know the details.



For some months the white costumes have taken possession of our closets.But if you are from my team and sometimes you feel that the pants are somewhat transparent and your underwear is noticed, breathe girl, I found the solution! The nude color bikers are per-dates to wear as an underwear in this case.There is no sewing, or brands.I would dare to say that it is invisible.What made me feel comfortable with my white pants, pink and of all colors!

Shapex: ¡Las probamos y ahora las queremos llevar con todos nuestros looks!

For dresses or another outfit option, you can opt for a body.Remember that it is about highlighting your natural curves every day regardless of what you wear.Feel comfortable with what you carry will show the world that you love being yourself.



A Body Shape in view of all?Of course!The same bikers we talk about before you can combine them with a top and a jacket to have a super relaxed and super cool look without so much effort.Bonus: This garment always stays in place, the legs do not roller and if you do not want the shot to be so high you can fold it without problem.The tops can also occupy them to give a sports mood to your look or to sleep.

To know your products you just have to click ESHAPEX.MX, discover your ideal size with your measurement table and everything will reach the door of your house.Do not worry about sizes, they have from the XCH to the 2xg.And if you have more doubts you can write directly by message for personalized attention.And when your package arrives I can only tell you: Hello beautiful! #Efectshapex


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