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Six keys to identify a safe page to buy | The nation

Almost all online stores will tempt your pocket this 'Black Friday' with special offers. Seis claves para identificar una página segura para comprar | La Nación Seis claves para identificar una página segura para comprar | La Nación

Before choosing one to make your purchases, check the authenticity of the site since some pages may have wrong information or be part of a scam.

In fact, there are six keys to safe shopping online.

Claudia Selva, Aerocasillas Marketing Manager, and Gabriela Apuy, JetBox Marketing Manager, explain what they consist of:

1.Use a secure connection: do not carry out financial operations from computers that are publicly accessible, such as in so-called Internet cafes or in university laboratories. Those machines could have spyware that monitors your information and then sends it to some criminal.

2. Buy from well-known sites: Choose online stores that have a long history of selling their products in the market. If you don't trust any website, check with the locker company. They usually have a list of safe pages divided by categories.

3. Check the address online: When you enter a site, make sure there is a closed padlock next to the email address. This symbol indicates that the page is secure. Also, check that the email address begins with "https", a protocol that indicates that you are browsing securely. Unreliable sites start with the letters http; that is, they do not have the letter "s".

4. Look for the registration option: almost all online stores have an option for the consumer to create their user profile. This function allows them to review the status of their purchases and monitor the shipment of their packages. If the page does not include that option, it could be an indication that it is not secure.

Seis claves para identificar una página segura para comprar | La Nación

5. Check the contact information: online stores should publish their phone, email and virtual chat so that the consumer can contact them if they have any questions. If that information does not appear, it could be a sign that the page is fake.

6. Read customer reviews: most stores allow users to leave their opinion about the service or product purchased. If you find a lot of complaints about the company, proceed with caution.

La Nación offers you reliable page options for your online purchases.



Merchandise: Electronics, furniture, toys, clothing, DVD movies and series, video games, books, shoes and accessories, among others.



Merchandise: Electronics, collectibles, household products, sports equipment, car and motorcycle accessories, clothing and shoes, among others.

Toys R Us


Merchandise: Christmas decorations, toys, video games and electronics.

Old Navy


Merchandise: Clothes for women, men, children, pregnant women and special sizes.

American Eagle


Merchandise: Clothes, shoes, accessories and fragrances.



Merchandise: Clothing, shoes, toys, furniture, decoration, electronics, TV series and movies, sports, Christmas decorations and party products.



Merchandise: Appliances, baby and children's items, clothing, shoes, home, toys, sports and tools.

JC Penny


Merchandise: Clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, Christmas decorations, appliances, electronic devices and household products.



Merchandise: Clothing for women, men, children and pregnant women.



Merchandise: Clothing, home, appliances and sports.

Forever 21


Merchandise: Clothing, shoes, accessories for women and men.

Victoria's Secret


Merchandise: Underwear, casual, sportswear and swimwear.

Disney Store


Merchandise: Clothing, accessories, toys, decorations, video games, books, music, collectibles, electronics and costumes.