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The sexualization of women in WWE, synonymous with success in professional wrestling in the United States

Professional wrestling has a great cultural, social and media weight, especially in the United States.It generates and moves a lot of money and is one of the entertainment mastodon.The boys idolize their favorite wrestler and dream of being like him, while girls do the same with the fighters.Adults cling to their adolescence while growing with their referents when they were kids.We talk about a show for all ages, but perhaps not for all audiences.And not because of the theatrical violence of their fighting, but by the return to that tendency of the past in which the figure of women in wrestling was sexualized.

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The WWE, the most important professional wrestling company, took a turn years ago, trying to enhance the figure of women in the industry, giving it a depth that until then did not have.Characters like Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair promised a new era in the company's female division, with the flag talent by parking the sensuality and eroticism that had always accompanied the girls of the promoter.She wanted to break with the fights in bikini and underwear, the whipping and the wrestlers.What was intended was precisely that, that they were fighters with all the letters.

So much so that the WWE was even further and took an event with women on the billboard from the manga.He called him Evolution and marked a before and after in the history of wrestling ... although unfortunately he did not give continuity and ended up being in a want-and-no more to appear than to support.To the point that, from a time here, the sexualization of women has returned to collect prominence in the company, especially in its training brand, NXT.

La sexualización de la mujer en la WWE, sinónimo de éxito en la lucha libre profesional en Estados Unidos

Seeing that WWE's ‘quarry’ does not just function as the company had thought, NXT muttered an updated version of it, under the original name of NXT 2.0, in which there are two very defined trends.On the one hand there is the search for male talent with which to nurture the two main brands of the WWE (RAW and SMackDown) and the Women's Erotic/Sensual/Sexual Claim to attract an adult audience, or on the way to ageadult

You just have to take a look at the weight names in NXT's female division to realize what we are talking about.The champion Mandy Rose and the henchmen of her and champions by couples toxic Attraction are the best example of the new direction that the company has taken.Google and Instagram are an inexhaustible source of tight clothing, infarction necklines, looks and morritos.And unfortunately, it works.

The audiences and visualizations send, and demonstrate that the segments in which the attractive fighters monopolize the screen are those that arouse a greater interest on the part of the spectators, and further shoots even more if the matter is sexualized.The WWE makes this type of fighters to the fullest and gives them a greater weight in the company, putting ethics and principles behind the income.While the public consent and consume it, it is worth everything.

From time to time, WWE is an attack of professionalism and/or dignity and cleanScarlett Boudeaux are very loud, especially because the fighter sought to accommodate on the Onlyfans platform while he could return to the quadrilaterals with another company.And sadly it is not the only one, although after all it is the exit that puts many of its fighters the little scrupulous criterion of the WWE of a time to here.