By clothing-bag, 24/04/2022

The underwear store that I wish had existed in my teens

From 12 to 19 I wore the wrong bra size and it was probably because I was too embarrassed to buy underwear.

I had to go with my mom to a department store, choose anything and get out of there as soon as possible, without trying anything on.

What envy the amount of options that there are now.

A few days ago I went to the opening of Aerie de Perisur, the largest in Mexico, and I would have loved it to exist when I was a teenager.

Its concept is called Aerie Market and it offers users the opportunity to experience all the items on display.

It also has different stations with interactive displays, a lounge area and an Aerie photo opportunity (do you understand me that buying underwear is no longer embarrassing but you can even take ultracool photos!?).

La tienda de ropa interior que ojalá hubiera existido en mi adolescencia

The BFF's

For some time now, Aerie's goal has been to be a safe and friendly place for female shoppers.

That means that the staff will never judge you on your size, nor will they comment on your body; the testers are decorated with phrases to cheer you on and the atmosphere seeks to be welcoming.

They have a concept that seems magical to me: the BFFs, that is, Best Fit Finders, are part of the staff at Aerie stores and their mission is to find what you are looking for, in the right size and according to your needs.

"The Best Fit Finders have a whole protocol and language code; for example: at the beginning they ask 'what size do you feel comfortable in?' instead of 'what size are you?'. We don't want to pigeonhole you into one size or one type of beauty, there are similar sizes, many models and styles, and the BFFs will help you," Adriary López, public relations officer at American Eagle and Aerie Mexico.

The new Aerie Perisur is the tenth store nationwide, it is now open to the public.