By clothing-bag, 14/03/2023

Tikitakas Kim Kardashian wins $ 1 million in a minute after launching the collaboration of Skims and Fendi

The morning of this Tuesday, November 9, the businesswoman launched the most recent Skims collection, her underwear brand, sleeping clothes and molding clothing.However, Kim Kardashian decided to go further and expand his range of articles and prices when collaborating with the high fashion brand, Fendi.

Since the end of October, when the socialite announced the collaboration with Fendi, thousands of people have been waiting for the launch to buy their favorite pieces and what the launch has been a success!since sales reached a million dollars in a short time.

Kim Kardashian earns a million dollars in just one minute!

Although there are still some available items, many of them were exhausted in just one minute, time in which the sales of the line reached a million dollars.

Tikitakas Kim Kardashian gana   millón en un minuto tras lanzamiento de la colaboración de Skims y Fendi

According to TMZ, the launch of the collaboration with Fendi is already on the way to becoming the most successful in the three years of Skims history.According to this same medium, more than 300,000 people signed up to be on the waiting list before the collaboration launch.

The price of the articles in the collection with Fendi varies from between $ 100 and $ 4,200.The collection included the dark brown leather dress that Kim used at the Wall Street Journal Magazine’s 2021 Innovator Award, where he received a prize for Skims.This article is the most expensive in the entire collection.On the other hand, the most affordable article was a $ 100 bra.

¿Cómo surgió la idea de está colaboración con una marca de lujo?

Kim explained that the collaboration arose after meeting the artistic director of Fendi, Kim Jones, who praised Skims, so the businesswoman sent some Skims products to Jones.Subsequently, the artistic director traveled to Calabasas to discuss how to work together.