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We tested the BMW C 400 GT: a premium scooter for the A2 card that improves in the motor and still lacks a load space

Paraphrasing a certain car brand of competition, something is changing in BMW.The scooters of the firm of the propeller face a total reform process because the electric era has already arrived with the BMW CE 04 while the great C 650 Sport and GT are at the end of their life cycle and they will not haverenewal.

Meanwhile to the mid -range it is still life ahead, and that is why we have climbed into the new BMW C 400 GT, one of the best scooter GT in the market that has improved in those points where I had margin.Although it is true that others have been left in the inkwell.

BMW C 400 GT: Premium class

The most accessible range of BMW Scooter is still totally in force.It appeared in 2018 as a somewhat risky bet inside the German house, but that has been confirmed as a success, both by product and for sales within the segment to which they are destined.

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Three years after its appearance, the BMW C 400 GT receives its first update with more interesting changes than it might seem at first glance.On the outside we can hardly differentiate it from the previous version.We will have to spin fine to find the differences.

The simplest thing is to look at the range of colors, which has changed for this 2021.It has been wanted to extol the elegance of the model with three finishes: standard dresses in white alpine, the Calist.

Aesthetically it seems more graceful than C 400 x.His brother plays the trick of a risky design with personality and a certain DNA of the German Trail family, but this C 400 GT is not short either.It looks more conventional but chooses a design of straight lines, angular and very modern.

On the front it stands out for a continuous LED lighthouse that goes from side to side of the front, locked on the sides of the shield that rise to a large screen that in this case is not adjustable.Below this modern design has been maintained with vertically integrated LED intermittent.

Traveling to the rear we have a large seat, with a good support where the GT logo of the model appears embroidered, a lot of passenger site and rigid handles protruding from almost smooth side covers.

The rear is also very different from C 400 x.In fact, the C 400 GT has the rear topped as it should, with the pilot and the flashing integrated in the final part of the body instead of placed in the nursing.Maybe it could be a more compact set, but aesthetically it is more graceful in any case.

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Deepening a little more in C 400 GT we lift the seat and find an improved lighting with respect to the outgoing version.What has not improved is the load capacity.The flexcase system is still there and gives us a capacity that goes from 32 liters in progress to 45 liters in standing if we extend the lower part.

This translates into that in stand.Something that leaves him in a clear disadvantage with respect to the competition that can have the capacity for two integrals without pulling design flourishes.

As a complement to the main load space there are two glove companies after the shield with good capacity and that also now have a USB load.A good detail: the centralized closure together with the rest of the compartments thanks to the Keyless series system.

Comfort, solvency and 34 hp with better touch

When we sat at C 400 GT, the first thing we notice is that the seat is broad and comfortable.It is so wide in fact that for 170 cm of stature we will have to move towards its front to reach the ground with both feet and move it in a larger or lesser ease.

Probamos el BMW C 400 GT: un scooter premium para el carnet A2 que mejora en motor y le sigue faltando espacio de carga

The height of the seat is 775 mm, not too high but the arch of the legs and the width of the platform force us to be quite open.Of course, it is really comfortable for both hardness and form and for the generous lumbar support we found in the back.

Ahead we have a wide handlebar, with the same pineapples that are used in the brand's motorcycles, including the rotating control that we will use to navigate the 6.5 -inch digital control box menus that rises a little later.

This picture is not series, but is part of the standard equipment in the C 400 (X and GT) range.Apparently it is the same as the one that mount the large motorcycles of the house, but with certain caveats that make it different.To start we see that the resolution is not the same, it gives a little less sharpness.The structure of the menus is also different.

The navigation is tremendously simple thanks to the controls of the left pineapple, and when we take ourselves we realize that the menus are not as nourished as in higher models or the information offered is at the same level.The screen we will use to circulate will be reduced to tachometer, speedometer and small partials.It can offer us more information, but we will have to look for it to other menus.

The screen itself has good visibility, except sometimes extreme lighting (sunny day in the middle of summer) or when it shows its ease to accumulate dirt faster than expected.

The system allows us to use the BMW Connected Ride with which via app (Android or iOS) we can manage music, calls or visualize the indications of the GPS on the screen.Its operation has seemed to us that it slows down more than the account and, in addition, if we are not going to use it, it is not that this screen provides great advantages over a traditional picture beyond aesthetics.The price of the Connected Ride package is 678.21 euros.

Once familiar with the C 400 GT we start up and we find a behavior very similar to that of the model we already knew before.Has ease to function in narrow environments despite being relatively large.The 214 kg in the gear order are allowed both standing and raffling cars at low speed.

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The engine is still the same four -stroke monocylinder and 350 cc (yes, it is not a 400 cc even if it puts it in its name.BMW says it yields like a 400) with 34 hp and 35 nm torque.The same as before? You will say.Yes, but with notable differences in behavior.

If we look carefully at the technical file we will see that the power is the same to the same 7.500 rpm and the motor torque too, 35 nm, but now at 5.750 rpm instead of 6.000 rpm.This advance delivery in 250 rpm indicates that there have been changes internally, and there are few.

The arrival of Euro5 regulations implies changes to reduce emissions, but also BMW has refined the operation of the block.Thus he uses a new butterfly box for admission, a cylinder head with a specific profile and accompanies it with a new switchboard to control everything, in addition to a gas recirculation circuit and a tuned slowing system to make pollutants to pollutants.

But the changes are not there because taking advantage of this, a new electronic accelerator has also been implemented (before cable).And this above all will be the most notable change in the day to day, because C 400 GT now offers a better, more direct response, between the right fist and what happens in the rear wheel.In addition, the new distribution of the torque curve leaves us with an engine that pushes something better and in a cleaner way, something in which the new adjustment of the variator cobbies.

All this leaves us with an average scooter that defends itself with self -confidence in middle grounds and it would only lack a little more muscle to shine also in fast -road recoveries, but we must not forget that we are facing a 350 cc.Its action range is very wide and allows us.

Stability control has also received a new parameterization, but in telling you really, we cannot issue an assessment in this regard because we only notice it to work on one occasion and for a sudden loss of grip.There all the controls cut in an abrupt way.And thanks.

Also aerodynamically it is very well resolved.The screen covers the whole body and the shield wraps the driver.The feet are well collected inside the platforms and we only miss that the screen has electrical regulation as the Honda Forza.

Another interesting change for this 2021 model is the incorporation of a reinforced brake system.Before it already had four -piston radial tweezers, but the previous bybre has been replaced by j.Juan with best mordant.

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Stop well and allow you to stop very strong, so much as to jump the ABS more easily than we thought and leave us with the impression that the brake team is now much superior.What they could have changed and have not done have been the handles, which still have no possibility of regulation.

The rest of the cycle part is intact.The chassis is the same steel tubular frame to which a 35 mm telescopic fork is anchored in the front train and a double shock absorber in the rear.Neither the tarados nor the geometries have been touched, so their noble character is still there.

The BMW C 400 GT has a behavior in which stability prevails, with an ability to take progressive curves without falling inwards and a slightly quieter behavior than C 400 x.This is not motivated by its configuration or by its engine, but by the simple fact of having a different geometry that makes you load some more weight on the front train in the X.

BMW C 400 GT: A lot of equipment, but nothing cheap

With all this, the BMW C 400 GT is postulated and remains one of the best GT category scooter in the market.It is comfortable, it is well equipped at the mechanical level and of cycle part, its finishes are good and can also go very, very well equipped.

Of course, all this equipment has a direct impact on the price, so the BMW C 400 GT leaves until 7.990 euros, that is, 1.000 euros more than his brother C 400 x, and adding the optional equipment our unit touched the 9.500 euros.

With this price it is well above its competition where the closest rivals are the Kymco Xciting S 400 (6.399 euros), Yamaha Xmax 400 (6.799 euros) or the Honda Forza 350 (6.050 euros).

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Apart, the greatest but that we can put to the BMW C 400 GT and more looking at its competition is that despite being the most technological and advanced of all, of the best engines in the category and aesthetically interesting, we cannot ignore the handicap ofspace under the seat.It seems that BMW has preferred to distinguish itself by ingenuity rather than by load capacity, and for some clients that can be a negative point.

BMW C 400 GT 2021 - Valuation


Suspensión delantera7
Suspensión trasera6
Freno delantero7
Freno trasero6
Comodidad piloto8

In favor



TipoMonocilíndrico de cuatro tiempos, 4 válvulas
Cilindrada350 cc
Diámetro x carrera80 x 69,6 mm
Potencia34 CV a 7.500 rpm
Par motor35 Nm a 5.750 rpm
EmbragueCentrífugo automático
TransmisiónVariador continuo
Parte ciclo
ChasisTubular de acero con pieza de aluminio fundido
Suspensión delanteraHorquilla telescópica hidráulica de 35 mm, 110 mm de recorrido
Suspensión traseraDoble amortiguador con regulación de precarga, 112 mm de recorrido
Freno delanteroDoble disco de 265 mm, pinzas de cuatro pistones de anclaje radial con ABS BMW Motorrad
Freno traseroDisco de 265 mm, pinza de pistón simple con ABS BMW Motorrad
Neumático delantero120/70ZR15
Neumático trasero150/70ZR14
Dimensiones y pesos
Avance81 mm
Longitud2.210 mm
Anchura835 mm
Altura1.437 mm
Distancia entre ejes1.565 mm
Altura del asiento775 mm
Peso en seco202 kg
Peso en orden de marcha214 kg
Depósito12,8 litros
Precio7.990 euros
La unidad de pruebas ha sido cedida por la marca. Para más información, consulta nuestra guía de relaciones con empresas. El equipamiento utilizado durante la prueba ha sido: Casco Bell RaceStar, cazadora RST Warrior, pantalones Spidi Furious Pro, botas XPD X-Village.

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