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We tested the Peugeot Metropolis GT and SW: two twin lions with 36 hp for the car card and a huge load capacity

In the past fall we met the new Peugeot Metropolis 400, and now it has touched the turn of growing at the three -wheeled range of the Gallic manufacturer with the incorporation of the GT and SW versions.

In Peugeot Motocycles they have listened to their customers and now they offer two differentiated models that share the same base but with an independent proposal: on the one hand a more sporty version, and on the other the variant with the greatest load space of the market thanks to aIntegrated trunk.

Peugeot Metropolis 400 GT and SW: and three go

As there are not two without three, or so says the saying, Peugeot has taken two new versions of the Metropolis 400 out of the sleeve.Your three -wheeled scooter now adopt new forms and separates from the conventional model to adapt to very different tastes.

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On the one hand we have the Peugeot Metropolis 400 GT, a variant that inherits the experience of the previous RS or RX-R versions to please those who are looking for a more racing character without compromising the functionality of a vehicle that must be precisely that: practical.

Thus the Metropolis 400 GT looks a new dark style, starring the new satin gray color with yellow contrasts, in the style of the newly released Peugeot 508 pse of 360 hp and the logos in black.The sinister look is complemented with a short smoked windshield.

Other specific details that complement this GT version are the naked double height handlebar, in the style of Naked motorcycles and subject by a robust platerine with the logo well in sight.Matching metal coverage with rubber inserts for flat soil.In the back there is a comprehensive helmet and under the seat there is more space to store objects.

For the Metropolis 400 SW in Peugeot they have played the trick precisely to satisfy those who wanted more load space, but instead of placing a trunk they have integrated a chest as if it were a family body in one of its cars, from therethat shares with them the name SW.

The rear of this variant is much more voluminous, but in return we have a load space where we can place two overlapping helmets (although we have not been able to verify that the most aerodynamic) maintaining space under the seat to store a laptop, a fine jacketor other objects.

The opening of the chest is done remotely from the back of the shield, and inside there is a small lid to separate both spaces or so that the helmets do not touch each other to avoid scratches.The closure is manual, and it does not always work as we could see in one of the available units.

The two versions are well equipped with keyless stood technology, central locking for all locks and a picture of I-Connect controls with a large TFT digital screen between two analog spheres, animations in the style of the Lion brand cars andCompatibility with smartphone.

We were able to check this connectivity via app through a somewhat tedious link process and that as usual we do not see too useful beyond to receive the GPS instructions on the screen.Instructions that in this contact worked until it recalculated at the second intersection and the rest of the tour was frozen.

Two twin lions with a differentiated character

Probamos los Peugeot Metropolis GT y SW: dos leones gemelos con 36 CV para el carnet de coche y una ingente capacidad de carga

At the mechanical level there are no changes.The Peugeot Metropolis 400 GT and the same base that was released last year to overcome the Euro 5 is used.That is, a 399 cubic centimeter monocylinder propeller that offers a power of 36 hp and 38.1 nm of torque.

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With these figures both metropolis move with ease both in urban and interurban, with a forceful power delivery from a very low regime and with a good stretch.A stretch that is also absent from vibrations thanks to an engine that operates velvety.Interestingly, standing a little more but once underway it is softened.

We cannot forget that we are facing a tricycle and that in the standard version already homologated 271 kg in a vacuum.We do not have the weight data of these two new versions but approve the same figure.Actually the GT will have a similar weight and the SW will be more heavy.

With about 300 kg in a march order and a considerable mass on the front train, both Metropolis 400 feel heavy at low speed, with a lot of intercia to break the verticality especially in stop.You have to move it with a decision and take the point, once the security that contributes two wheels in front of a barbarity is achieved at the time of racing.

Detalle del manillar del Metropolis 400 GT.

The front train steps well and is never going to be pushed by the train after accelerating, if that heaviness is perceived by entering some curves noticing that the front is strength to the outside, but based on the counter -channel, it is solved quickly.The SW feels a bit heavy predictably due to the increase in weight.

In the suspensions section the work is good and because we have been able to prove these two versions in the contact organized by the brand we do not notice benefits in the change made in the rear.

Now the double simple shock absorber of the basic model has been changed in the two versions by a sparkling couple with separate gas cartridge and rulea regulation control.The adjustment is easier but in practice and in city we have not perceived a substantial improvement.

In general, both are comfortable and easy to move, with a good balance between consistency to endure the masses and comfort.Yes, you have to keep in mind that we are going with three wheels when undertaking a bump or approaching a curb, or even at the foot of another motorist standing at a traffic light because we can step on it if we approach a lot.It has happened to us.They have caught us one foot.

The brake set does not receive changes.We have a double -channel braking system that equips two 230 mm front discs with simple piston and 240 mm rear disc.At the orders of the front handle the braking is overwhelming and in very strong decelerations the ABS can jump but without losing the stability at any time.By the way, in very strong braking the warning as alert.

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The rear wheel brake has less effective behavior, jumping soon the ABS.It also has a hidden electric parking brake that is activated by moving the lion shield on the handlebars in the SW version (as in the normal);In the GT when the handlebar is undressed that button becomes in a small housing under the direction.

Peugeot Metropolis 400 GT and se: The French solution to mobility

In short, the new Peugeot Metropolis 400 GT and SW are an intelligent form by the French brand to complement its range and offer very different products with the same starting point.

It is a very interesting product for those car card users who want an agile vehicle to move without taking off the motorcycle card, and who want a product that is solvent both in the city and on an open road, and that value a well -finished product.

In return, they will have to be willing to pay a high price as the Metropolis 400 GT costs 9.890 euros and the metropolis 400 sw 9.995 euros.That is, the new versions are 400 and 505 euros more expensive than the Peugeot Metropolis 400 in allure finish from which the two leave.It is not a big price difference but a big difference of character.

Its great competitor is going to be the Yamaha Tricity 300, a three -wheeled scooter that is remarkably cheaper (8.099 euros) and lighter (239 kg in gear order), but at the same time less powerful 27 hp and perhaps not so well aesthetically executed, although that is a matter of taste.

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Peugeot Metropolis GT and SW 2021 - Assessment


Suspensión delantera7
Suspensión trasera6
Freno delantero7
Freno trasero6
Comodidad piloto8

In favor


Peugeot Metropolis GT and SW 2021 - Technical file

Tipo Monocilíndrico, cuatro tiempos, inyección electrónica
Cilindrada 399 cm3
Arranque Eléctrico
Diámetro x carrera 84 mm x 72 mm
Potencia 36 CV a 7.250 rpm
Par motor 38,1 Nm a 5.750 rpm
Refrigeración Líquida
Encendido Electrónico
Embrague Variador continuo
Parte ciclo
Chasis Tubular de acero
Suspensión delantera Monoamortiguador hidráulico, 150 mm de recorrido
Suspensión trasera Doble amortiguador, regulable, 80 mm de recorrido
Freno delantero Doble disco 230 mm con pinzas de pistón simple, ABS
Freno trasero Disco de 240 mm con pinza de pistón simple, ABS
Rueda delantera 110/70-13
Rueda trasera 140/70-14
Dimensiones y pesos
Distancia entre ejes 1.500 mm
Longitud 2.152 - 2.210 mm
Anchura 750 mm
Altura asiento 780 mm
Depósito 13,5 litros
Precio 9.890 - 9.995 euros

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