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Yuya appears with underwear loading her baby |News from Mexico |The impartial

MEXICO CITY.- Yuya has managed to consolidate as one of the most important ‘youtubers’ in Mexico and is currently enjoying one of the best stages of his life to be a mother.

Although the ‘influencer’ is usually a person who maintains his life in private, little by little he has been showing part of this new adventure of Mom, who is living next to his daughter Mar.

It was through her Instagram account that Mariand Castrejón published a photograph in which she appears with underwear at the top of her body and as her belt rarely left the air.

But what moved her fans is that the 28 -year -old, took the picture in front of the mirror and can see a little face of her son, the fruit of the love she maintains with the singer Siddharta.

Surely his followers sent their reactions to the publication because they are constantly pending what the ‘youtuber’ shares in addition to having evident their good wishes.

Yuya aparece con ropa interior cargando a su bebé | Noticias de México | EL IMPARCIAL

Remember that at the beginning of his pregnancy he preferred to keep him hidden so as not to cause controversy and enjoy the entire process, but it was approximately 7 months of gestation that published a video giving the good news.

A few days ago Yuya published another series of images in which he appears next to his partner and what was part of his pregnancy, of course he received many samples of affection from his fans.

Yuya is spending difficult moments

A few weeks ago it was announced that the brother of the ‘Youtuber’, Sergio Castrejón had lost his twins, after his wife Pao Pouulain had an infection in the kidneys and had to be intervened for a Césarea.

Lamnetably the two little ones did not resist and died, in this situation Yuya could be seen very moved in some videos that he shared in his stories, of advertising but in which it could be noticed that he had possibly cried.

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