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Atlantic Copper receives the Alas Alas to Internationalization in the category of 'Exporting Company' | - Huelva Economic and Business Information

The Minister of the Presidency, Public and Interior Administration, and president of Extenda, Elías Bendodo, has presided over the act of delivery of the 15th Alas Alas to the internationalization of the Andalusian company, organized by the Ministry itself, through Extenda-AndalusiaForeign export and investment, which has been held this night in the navigation pavilion of the Island of Cartuja, Seville.

Atlantic Copper, S.L.U.;DCOOP, Andalusian Cooperativa Sociedad;AIRTEC SOLUTIONS S.L.;Grupo Queraló S.A.U.;DIRECTEDmetal 3D S.L.(Meltio);and Indago Innova S.L., as well as the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA) have been the winning signatures of this edition of the awards that have been held since 2001, having been chosen by the Regional Jury, after a selection of finalists from eachOne of the provinces.Tonight they have collected their award in an act in which the work of the 31 finalist companies chosen by the jurors of the eight provinces has also been recognized and, in general, all the exporting companies of the community, for the contribution they make to theGrowth and employment creation in Andalusia.

Thus, this awards ceremony coincides at a time when Andalusia has just beat its historical export record since there are approval data (1995), with 25,081 million euros between January and September (last month accounted for), with a growth of the growth of the22.4% year -on -year, which in September shot up to 42%, twice as much as the national average.Sales that allow you to maintain a commercial surplus with the exterior of 2,015 million, compared to the deficit of Spain as a whole, which is 13,267 million euros.

Historical data whose prominence falls to the 23,302 exporters counted in Andalusia in the first months of the year, which represents 26.2% more on the same period of the previous year, and up to a thousand exporters rather than in all 2020, whatwhich reflects the reactivation of the Andalusian foreign sector above the pre-pandemic data and the importance it acquires in the reactivation of the Andalusian economy, representing 20.1% of the total regional GDP (data of the first semester of 2021)

The counselor of the Presidency, Public and Interior Administration, and president of Extenda, Elías Bendodo, highlighted the importance of all these data, highlighting that the Alas Awards “come to recognize the important work of the exporting companies, represented by the winners and finalistsof this year;the important role they have in society and their contribution to it in the form of wealth and employment. ”

Atlantic Copper recibe el Premio Alas a la Internacionalización en la categoría de 'Empresa Exportadora' | - Información económica y empresarial de Huelva

Bendodo put the Andalusian exporting sector as "Example of strength and leadership, which does not stop growing even in the toughest moments, and acts as an engine of the economy in times of crisis."In this sense, he pointed out the “Absolute commitment to the Andalusian Government to its growth, with the double support budget he had in the previous program, the 618 million euros that the internationalization strategy of the Andalusian economy 2021 has 2021-2027 ”.

Finally, the president of Extenda has also commented on the peculiarity of this edition of the Alas Awards, which includes a category 'special overcoming COVID-19', an award that is justice, to recognize the immense work of the Andalusian companies that contributedThe best of themselves to give society what I most needed in the worst moments. ”

In this modality, the prize fell to the Cordoba Innova firm, being its CEOS, José Manuel Sánchez Jurado and Francisco Javier Ruiz Medina, those in charge of receiving the award from the president of the Andalusian Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Services and ServicesNavigation, Javier Sánchez Rojas.

Seven winners in different categories The Minister of the Presidency was in charge of delivering the two International Trajectory Awards: in the Institution modality, to the President of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia, Javier González de Lara, and in the business modality, toAntonio Luque, president of the Malagueña Dcoop cooperative.

In the implantation category abroad, it was precisely the president of the CEA, Javier González de Lara, who delivered the prize to the two founding partners and current CEOs of the Malaga company aircraft solutions, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, and Vicente Padilla.

By Atlantic Copper, a company based in Huelva, distinguished in the category of export company, was his CEO, Javier Targhetta, in charge of collecting the prize from the Vice Minister of the Presidency, Public and Interior Administration, Antonio Sanz.

In the International Ecommerce, the president of the Queraló group, Reyes Queraló, was the one who received the award from the Secretary General of Foreign Action, Enric Millo;While in the export initiation, the CEO of Extenda, Arturo Bernal, delivered the prize to the CEO of the Jiennense 3D (Meltio) firm, Ángel Keychain.

Alas Awards: 15th edition Alas awards have the main objective economic activity.

His election implies a participatory process of eight provincial jurors, chaired by the respective Government delegates and with a majorSanz.

The winners of the first four categories, Export Initiation, Ecommerce Internacional, exporting company and implantation abroad, were chosen by the regional jury among the 31 finalists nominated by the eight provincial jurors.In addition, the Regional Jury was in charge of directly designating the winners in the special category ‘Overcoming COVID-19’ and the two modalities of the category of ‘International Trajectory’, both the company and the institution.

The Alas Awards lack economic endowment, although both the provincial and regional finalists benefit from two advertising campaigns that are organized, which also performs an audiovisual for finalist and winning companies;Also allowing companies to use the finalist legend or winner of Alas awards, and giving the finalists a commemorative diploma and the winners a statuette representative of the award, in the form of 'winged foot', which represents Hermes, god of tradeIn Greek mythology.