By clothing-bag, 23/12/2022

Could your underwear put you in danger?

in danger of death. However, there are several health problems that can attack you if you wear very tight accessories.

Some studies have revealed very interesting data in this regard. And while some sound terrifying, others might make you lose your fear of all kinds of intimate apparel.

Better take a look at the following and take the necessary precautions to know how to buy when making your next wardrobe choices.

Dangers for the 'little friend'

Believe it or not, wearing tight clothes and having a penis can be something a little incompatible, especially because of the danger involved. However, here we tell you which is the most comfortable option.

In 2018, Oxford Academic published the study Type of underwear worn and markers of testicular function among men attending a fertility center. It found that men who wore tighter models on their testicles had lower sperm counts.

This is because the pressure on the scrotum naturally increases its temperature and affects this situation.

Could your underwear put you in danger ?

< p>But what if the last thing on your mind is having a good sperm count to conceive? Well, here come some hygiene problems that yes or yes can become a danger by wearing tight underwear.

The heat also produces sweat. And although in itself it cannot be so counterproductive, in some cases it can lead to the formation of fungi and urinary infections.

Tight underwear looks good until it becomes a hazard. / Photo: AliExpress

In Defense of Sexy

Although all these facts are true, it is also true that much of the danger of tight underwear also has to do with the circumstances and the fabric of the garments .

The online health site Healthline made a rather interesting compilation that proves that, by certain measures, your underwear is not at odds with your health.

For example, in an article on the site, Dr. Debra Rose Wilson recommends using natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo. These will help to absorb excess sweat without problem and allow air to flow better.

Finally, she says this about the dilemma of choosing tight vs. loose underwear:

Do you prefer tight or comfortable? / Photo: Pinterest

With all this information at your disposal, do you think tight underwear could put you in danger?

With information from Healthline, Oxford Academic and The Guardian