By clothing-bag, 11/11/2022

Marc Márquez, one more Dutch at the Max Verstappen party as Formula 1 champion

Formula 1 lived one of the most exciting career in its history this last Sunday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.Max Verstappen was proclaimed world champion for the first time advancing in the last return to his great rival, Lewis Hamilton.And there were those who were very happy at the MotoGP paddock.

This is Marc Márquez, the MotoGP world octocampeon who did not hesitate to show on social networks his enthusiasm for Verstappen's success.Márquez has been showing in these last races of the World Cup in Formula 1 his preference for the Dutchman until he reaches the jubilation of this last test.

In Márquez's videos you can see that he progresses from his diplopia

The Formula 1 2021 World Cup has had a resolution of the most rocambolesca.After an incredible season, everything was resolved in a last round after Safety Car between the two applicants, and Max Verstappen could advance Lewis Hamilton on track for joy of all his fans, including Marc Márquez.

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With the voice remarkably taken, Márquez, who had been following the whole weekend of Formula 1 on his social networks, uploaded a video after the race in which he congratulated Verstappen and Red Bull, although he recognized the merits of Hamilton.However, the British situation is similar to his: a great champion who sees the new generation coming.

Marc Márquez, un holandés más en la fiesta de Max Verstappen como campeón de Fórmula 1

No one escapes that this Marquez fervor for Verstappen will largely be motivated for sponsorship: Red Bull is the main sponsor of both Marc Márquez and his team, Repsol Honda.And Verstappen is the tip of the iceberg that involves the participation of Red Bull in motor sports.

In addition, Red Bull has won this World Cup using Honda engines, the brand for which Marc Márquez runs.A double combo that inevitable that the six -time MotoGP champion was with Max Verstappen.Although Honda will stop actively participating in Formula 1 and next season.

On the other hand, these videos on social networks also allow us to see something that probably matters much more to motorcycles: how Márquez's recovery progresses.It is pleasant to verify that the champion is in quite good conditions, and gives hope for his return to the clues.

Recall that Márquez returns to suffer an episode of diplopia, very similar to the one he already suffered in 2011 and that makes him double vision.At the moment they are waiting for muscle injury to refer for itself and, otherwise, we will have to resort to surgical intervention that could put their career at risk.

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