By clothing-bag, 09/08/2022

Men: How to dress for a beach day?• The new daily

The time to escape to the coast is approaching, you have to think what beach elements you should carry in your bag, it should not be exaggerated, it is enough that what is necessary according to your plans becomes.Next, according to the suggestions of the UCV website as a family, we provide you with a list of garments and accessories with which you can build the perfect look to go to the beach, now you just have to worry about resting, using sunscreen and enjoying theclimate.

1 swimsuit

Men have the advantage that they should only occupy the swimsuit and solve the lower part of their looks.They can choose Bermuda or the shorts that returned absolutely with everything to the shirts.There are those who use boxer or speedo, this is very similar to underwear and are lycra.

2 Short manga shirt

This shirt should not be tight but not lazy.You must offer you the opportunity to combine it with a pole.It should not be very long and remember that you should not necessarily wear the shirt inside the pants.The secret: the mouth of the sleeve should be the same width of your arm, so it looks more modern.

3 sandals

Hombres: ¿cómo vestir para un día de playa? • El Nuevo Diario

The well -known "hook sandals" must be simple, those of plastic texture would be fine to go to the sea.You can use them in case you want to travel the surroundings of the beach.Now, leather sandals are unnecessary, unless you think about spending a night at sea to attend an informal event, but it is a dinner, some espadrilles would come well.

4 short

It must be short and not a bermuda.Preferably the length should be just above the knee, otherwise it will seem like a swimsuit or worse, a fisherman pants.It should be neutral, both the material and the texture.If you have a printed short will be more complicated to combine it.For example, a blue cloth shorts would be ideal.

5 sun lenses

Good sunglasses should never be missing in your beach look.You must take care of your eyes from both the sun's rays, as well as the sand or any element that could be in the air.In addition to protecting you, they will contribute all the wave to your look.

6 hat or hat

Here you can use both a simple and modern hat or even a jockey.Both options are valid, depending on your style, but both fulfill the same function that is to protect your head and face from the sun.

7 basic accessories

At the time of going to the beach, carry a spacious but comfortable bag to put the towels, blockers, medications and the most important water, remember that you will be exposed to the sun and need to have liquid so as not to dehydrate yourself.Similarly, load small plastic bags to put dirty or wet clothes.And a large umbrella in case, to the beach where you go there is nowhere to take refuge from the sun.

8 tip for a party

Fiesta on the beach at night? In case you plan.You can replace it with a short color and a white sport shirt in black or black.