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Radical! The designer of motorcycles like the Ducati 888 or the Multistrada resurrects the mythical Ducati Supermono

If I tell you about something about Pierre Terblanche, you may not know who I am talking about, but if I tell you that he is the designer who created the Ducati Supemono 30 years ago, it may sound more familiar to you. Well, this incredible master has returned to the work table to reborn a motorcycle that made us fall in love at first sight.

For this he has started a collaboration with the museum of the Barber Motorsport Park circuit in Alabama, United States in which we have already been able to see a motorcycle with the same signs of identity. Of course, they have hardly given information. We only know that it is called Supermono 699SC but we have no idea of ​​the material that it incorporates in its structure, nor the technical solutions applied, nor even its benefits.

A limited edition model or a one-off?

To talk about the new concept bike inspired by the Supermono we have to talk about his father, the designer Pierre Terblanche. This design genius born in South Africa in 1956 has under his belt the conception of a multitude of motorcycles, almost all of them of the Ducati brand where he mainly developed his career. Among them we can count on the Ducati 749/999 saga, the Ducati 888 or the Multistrada.

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However, one of the most recognized and unique in the world was the Supermono. A motorcycle created to enter the single-cylinder championships that were so well received in Italy and the United Kingdom. Only 67 Supermonos were built between 1993 and 1995 for the sole purpose of winning races.

¡Radical! El diseñador de motos como la Ducati 888 o la Multistrada resucita la mítica Ducati Supermono

To do so, it had a 572 cc engine with a power that amounted to 77 hp at 10,000 rpm and the most complete equipment in which there were Öhlins suspensions, Marchesini magnesium wheels, Termignoni full exhaust or Brembo competition calipers. .

Well, 30 years after the creation of this myth, Pierre Terblanche has announced that he is collaborating with the Center for Advanced Design at the Barber Circuit in Alabama to bring back this iconic design. We know that the first prototype is being shown to the public in the museum, however, we have little information on whether this bike will reach the market or if it is a one-off, on what materials it uses or what technical solutions it has implemented.

What we do know for sure is that it has been named Supermono 699SC. A name that suggests to us that to animate this creation he is using an engine derived from the Ducati 1198, the 1198 cc Testastretta but with one less cylinder to honor his heritage. Its monocoque chassis is, to say the least, disturbing, as it has a single beam in which the engine itself is used as one more element of its structure.

The suspensions are more of the same, pure engineering fantasy. It has a conventional front fork to which a "Y"-shaped attachment has been attached at the top, assisted by a kind of stem that, in turn, rests on the seatpost. A technical solution that we do not know what kind of advantage it entails. The rear part is unfinished, but we can see how its huge swingarm lacks a usual suspension, so we assume that it will have some kind of internal linkage.

We do not know what type of material it uses for the rims but they seem light, although what is striking here is that it has solid front brake discs (without perforations) with an outer ring that dissipates heat. In addition, the double caliper is arranged axially and radially, so braking seems as interesting as the rest of the set.

If we take a look at its bodywork, we see that it is super minimalist although it incorporates state-of-the-art technical solutions such as side wings and a very short dome. As we mentioned, we don't know if this beautiful motorcycle will go on sale to the public or will remain as a curious tribute, what we can assure you is that we will be attentive to any news that may reach us about it to update you.

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