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Ricky Martin appears with "new face" and the networks do not forgive him


Internet users believe that the Puerto Rican singer underwent an aesthetic procedure

Por Claudia Pacheco Ocampo
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More and more celebrities are resorting to surgeries or non -invasive procedures to stop the passage of time and although Ricky Martin had resisted the aesthetic procedures finally seems to have yielded to them.

Although it seemed that the singer was the exception in the group, he finally agreed to have something on his face and his followers noticed him, so he became a trend this Tuesday through social networks.

Through a rain memes, Internet users mocked "their new face", referring to a possible touch -up that far from favoring it, harmed him, because he looks weird and nothing handsome.

Ricky Martin aparece con

"Rick Martín disfigured her face.That is the problem of the cute, in their despair to remain perfect they are ruined.And that is where the ugly took revenge ”, was one of the comments that stood out on Twitter.

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“Years were breaking it for the balls with which Ricky Martin did not seem the age he was and now that he begins to seem, do they surprise ???He is 50 years old, ”said another user.

At present, Ricky Martin makes a tour of North America next to Enrique Iglesias and Sebastián Yatra.


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