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Showroom 10 heated garments to say goodbye to the cold in winter and give as gifts at Christmas

LIFESTYLE Showroom 10 prendas calefactables para despedirse del frío en invierno y regalar en Navidad Showroom 10 prendas calefactables para despedirse del frío en invierno y regalar en Navidad

Socks, coats or vests are some of the products with built-in heating and various temperature levels, ideal for use at any time

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Coping with the cold in winter can sometimes be a problem, especially if you are one of those who cannot stand low temperatures. It doesn't matter how warm you are or how high the heat is at home: some are simply not made for this time of year. Fortunately, and beyond the more conventional remedies, there are methods that can help you stay warm all day and wherever you are. If you don't believe us, take a look at these 10 heated garments available on Amazon and Aliexpress that we have selected in Showroom for you and that can become the best gift this Christmas.

These are socks, coats, vests and more specialized clothing items to combat the cold that incorporate a heater with various adjustable heat levels. Most products work by means of a rechargeable battery that feeds the panels distributed by strategic zones of the garments. Hurry up, get your favortio... and spend a winter safe from the freezing temperatures.

Lupantte Electric Heated Socks

Perfect for any winter outdoor activity – walking, playing sports, working, etc. – these heated socks are made of cotton, polyester and wool, and serve to cover the instep, forefoot and toes. With three heat settings, the garment is equipped with premium alloy heating wire with characteristics of uniform heating, temperature stability and resistance to chafing. Plus, they're ideal for people with arthritis, stiff joints, or chronically cold feet. The socks use a rechargeable lithium polymer battery with overcharge and overcurrent protection and a range of 4-8 hours.


Dekinmax electric heated vest

Available in five sizes – S, M, L, XL and XXL – and for men and women, this electric heated vest is designed to acclimatize the back, neck and abdomen. For this, it has three heating modes: high, normal and energy saving. Additionally, the garment features a dual control switch with a left button to control the front and a right button to control the back and collar. The product is made of polyester (95%) and elastane (5%), although the interior is made of very soft spandex without radiation. The included USB cable for charging is hidden in a small pocket on the left side. Wearing this vest can promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.


Sidiou Group electric thermal coat

Showroom 10 prendas calefactables para despedirse del frío en invierno y regalar en Navidad

This coat works in the same way as the vest and also has a heat controller with three levels: warm (45ºC), comfortable (35ºC) and energy saving (25ºC). To heat the body, the garment uses an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly carbon fiber cable, which feeds three panels, one at the back and two at the front. The coat requires a USB rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 8-16 hours, depending on the capacity of the battery (not included). The electrical elements, meanwhile, are waterproof and make the product washable both by hand and by machine and can be dry cleaned.


Yeah-hhi Heated Pants

Soft, warm, durable, breathable, wear-resistant, ultra-light… these are just some of the features of these electric pants with three temperature settings. The objective: to achieve a suitable temperature in the stomach and legs instantly. The garment, which is heated by carbon fiber, is a must-have for winter and helps promote blood circulation, relieve sore muscles, and generally restore vitality to the whole body. The product, which allows easy hand washing, is also available in its version for women.


Kemimoto heated motorcycle or snow gloves

Thermal and also compatible with all types of touch screens, these heated gloves are perfect both for motorcycles and for activities in the snow –skiing, snowboarding…–. The garment is equipped with three heating levels and a battery with a range of 4.5-6 hours. In addition, the product also has protection on the knuckles, fingers and palms of the hands, and contains a non-slip rubber, useful for stable grip. Comfortable and warm, the gloves are waterproof, breathable and feature an adjustment wrist strap.


Yinuoday Thermal Fingerless Gloves

It has happened to all of us: we are working on the computer, browsing the internet or playing a video game and, suddenly, our hands feel cold. This situation can be easily resolved with these fingerless thermal gloves, ideal for not hindering the activity that is being carried out. The garment is equipped with a heating pad on both sides and is capable of heating the palm of the hands and the front of the hands. Made of wool, the gloves are powered by a 5-watt USB cable that can be connected to any device.


Thinkthendo shoe insoles

These insoles can be purchased in five different sizes and are designed to heat the foot in a uniform and progressive way. The product, which is equipped with a USB cable, has three heating modes. Made of plush leather and designed in brown, the insoles are the best allies of those who suffer from cold feet, especially during winter.


Beurer FW20 foot warmer

With a super soft and very pleasant touch, this foot warmer offers the user maximum comfort. The device has an ultra-fast heating system that eliminates body tensions and ailments immediately, reaching the highest temperature level in less than 10 minutes. Breathable and with the possibility of acquiring it in two colours, the product can be machine washed –at a maximum of 30ºC–; To do this, all you have to do is remove the power cable. This foot warmer is a complete success on Amazon where it has an average rating of 4.2 out of five and accumulates more than 1,400 user ratings.


Alikafeii heating mat

The ultimate goal of this heating mat is the same as that of the foot warmer. However, the method of operation is different and you don't even need to take off your shoes. This product has several versions: one with two standard heat levels, low (40ºC) and high (60ºC) and a panel switch at the feet. However, there is another with a broader pattern of options, up to 10 levels (between 0-65 ºC) with a power of 60 watts. The manufacturing material is PU for the surface and silicone for the base. In addition, the mat is waterproof.


Nuonove portable heating pads

If what you want is to stay warm at all hours, these portable heating pads are your product. Because each unit can be easily attached to the clothes of your choice to also relieve muscle pain and fatigue. Stick them to your jackets, vests and other clothes and carry them easily (they are very light) anywhere. With three temperature levels, high (45-50ºC), medium (40-45ºC) and low (35-40ºC), each panel is connected to a USB port that charges them.


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