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The most ingenious tricks that use the 'royals' with their clothes: windproof skirts, antitropiezo shoes

Estos son las claves de un estilo siempre perfecto.

Por Marta Martínez TatoLos trucos más ingeniosos que usan las 'royals' con su ropa: faldas a prueba de viento, zapatos antitropiezos Los trucos más ingeniosos que usan las 'royals' con su ropa: faldas a prueba de viento, zapatos antitropiezos

Rain, wind, spend several hours uploading to heels, chafing, treacherous necklines ... These are risks that our sets must overcome air in the same way as those of the queens and princesses only that they have cameras prepared to capture any unforeseen event.A little desired image that will be immortalized forever.Therefore, throughout history the Royals have been managing them and have put into practice infallible tricks to maintain their impeccable style whatever happens.We review some of the most curious and useful because, even if we are not members of royalty, we all like to go impeccable and show off without the need to suffer ...

Ropa interior con electricidad estática y pesas casi invisibles

What seems like a system of doubtful efficacy to lose weight or get some aesthetic result is actually the trick that ‘royals’ such as Kate Middleton or Queen Elizabeth II to prevent their skirts from getting up with an unexpected wind blow.It is at least what Myka Meier said, an expert in protocol, in Harpers Bazaar.Apparently they choose underwear with a lot of static electricity so that the skirts adhere to the body naturally.An uncomfortable feeling for many that avoids photographs however much more uncomfortable.

The trick used by the Queen ** Isabel II ** would be guided by the laws of physics.Apparently the monarch uses small imperceptible weights that are sewn inside the skirt.The weight would avoid exposing the queen's legs in an unfortunate carelessness.

A la hora de comprar tus zapatos, procura que sean una talla más grande

When we buy some shoes, it is normal for us to try our size to ensure that, indeed, the last adapts to our feet.That they are well subject seems essential if we also talk about heels.Well Meghan Markle does the opposite.In a matter of salons, the Duchess of Sussex is preferred by a larger size.It is the way to avoid the hateful chafing.They are also a good option for summer and prevent shoes from tightening us because with heat and after spending time without sitting, the foot tends to swell.A trick of course, suitable for experts because walking on loose heels without losing the style is not an easy task.

Que nadie te diga dónde llevar esa gargantilla

Los trucos más ingeniosos que usan las 'royals' con su ropa: faldas a prueba de viento, zapatos antitropiezos

A trick applicable to any jewel and that will depend a lot on the ability to imagine each and the style that knows how to take it.Diana de Wales fulfilled all her requirements and in her desire to find her own style and, why not, surprise the world, she began using some of the most impressive throats of her jeweler as a headband or tapefor the head.One of her most striking was that diamond and emerald chin that she presided over Lady Di's forehead during a gala dance in Melbourne.

Evita que se te salgan los zapatos, ese incómodo imprevisto

According to Buckingham Palace protocol, the women of royalty are always obliged to carry socks.It does not matter that it is hot and a terrible cold, the socks are an essential part of the clothing code.A detail that can sometimes cause unwanted effects such as shoes are continuously left due to the slippery tissue of the stockings.Kate Middleton found the solution on her wedding day when she chose a means with built -in silicone template.This non -slip model of the John Lewis stores has become the essential ally of the Duchess of Cambridge since then and has them in all the colors available: black, nude and tan.

El accesorio perfecto para escotes arriesgados

When Diana de Wales began to mark her own style and leave baby neck shirts behind and dresses with a naive touch, she took a radical turn and showed her sexiest facet.But, she always respected the strict protocols of the Royal House and one of them dictates not to leave indecorous images.Something sometimes difficult to meet when they wear pronounced necklines.And what did Princess Diana do to prevent her from photographing her in an oversight?Diana de Wales used her clutch as a protective shield, placing it in her neckline when she bent down or left the car thus avoiding indiscreet photography.

El truco que ya usaban nuestras abuelas para lucir un moño perfecto

Long before the disheveled bun was a trend, there was no major hairdresser than a collection that was getting rid of every step.To prevent those rebel hair from ruining the hairstyle, the famous Redecilla was invented.A fine network available in various colors to match them with the hair tone and keep any bun in place as necessary.A habitual resource in the world of ballet and to which Kate Middleton also goes when she looks more elaborate hairstyles.Because if something works for so long, why change it?

No menosprecies nunca el efecto de los ingredientes naturales

Sometimes homemade tricks are undeniably homemade.Our grandmothers are experts in them and thus have revealed valuable ways to clean this or that object efficiently and with what we have at home.Well, Queen Elizabeth II is about to show you a new one.Angela Kely, Buckingham trusted designer and the person in charge of caring and maintainFrom England they look as bright and transparent as the first day is to submerge them in a mixture of water and gin.Easy and, in sight it works.

El truco final para mantener sombreros y tocados en su sitio

We return to Diana de Wales.Style icon that, how could it be otherwise, has left us more than a advice to always look ready.One of her key style ingredients were her hats and touched on her.She took them in all shapes and colors and she never was afraid to try risky and original designs.But how did she always stay on her site?The secret was hidden inside her: several combed combs in the headdresses assured her position in her head and allowed Diana de Wales freedom of movements without fear of losing her hat.