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Top 13 mountain items of first brands at the price of outlet

How did a brand that began by manufacturing radio amateur stations have ended up wearing eightomilists to crown the great peaks of the world?Undoubted.

To be able to enjoy outdoor activities implicitly implicit a good equipment, with quality garments and materials, which provide us with safety and freedom in all our movements.

We have currently seen how many mountain brands have emerged that promise to offer all these benefits but, nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to find those that offer good value for money.

Some of the techniques that people use to find good prices in prestige brands are the outlet.In this online mountain outlet you will find Trangoworld clothes with great discounts.

In this article we have made a selection of the products with the best value for money that you will be able to find in this tragoworld outlet.

The winter season is approaching, so it is important that the garments that we wear in our outdoor activities are thermally protect against all the weather..

When choosing cheap trekking pants we must take into account certain essential technical characteristics such as elasticity, impermeability or lightness.In addition, the “All Season” garments are increasingly fashion.

Pants burned and niseko tragoworld

Trangoworld's burning pants is a unisex long pants suitable for both winter and summer.Among its main technical characteristics we find breathability and fast drying.

Top 13 artículos de montaña de primeras marcas a precio de outlet

In addition, it has free tissue that confer elasticity and freedom of movements despite its adjusted cut.

Thinking about cheap trekking pants for women, we have found Niseko pants, an ideal brand seller for all types of outdoor activities.It has zip pockets on the sides and adjustable belt.They are also adjusted but manufactured with bielastic tissues to provide freedom of movement to the body.

In addition, they are fast drying, which makes them perfect for winter excursions.

Mountain jackets

Equally important as pants are the jackets or mountain parkas, as it becomes an essential article in cold times.In the mountain dress they are known as the third layer, and they are the garments that will protect us against wind, rain or low temperatures.

If what is sought is a mountain jacket for men, versatile, valid both to do trekking and to make skiing, climbing or even for urban use, the Hoek Termic jacket is the ideal product.

It is waterproof and light, but with great thermal capacity thanks to its fiber fiber filling.In addition, it is also breathable and windwalk.As extra, it has a detachable hood, pectoral pocket and zipper, in addition to an interior.

The Swakop jacket model meets all interior features but is much lighter, so it is intended for extreme skiing and freeride.

Cheap trekking jackets for women

In the cheap trekking jacket models for women we find the tragoworld Dhua jacket, made with Winstopper fabric, which makes it windwalk, water repellent, as well as breathable.

Thermal underwear

Sometimes the third layer is not enough: a first one is also necessary.The first layers are those that are attached to the skin, that is, the thermal underwear.

The quality of these garments must be excellent, since their function is, in addition to functioning as thermal insulator, keeping us dry in the face of moisture or sweat.

In women's thermal clothing we can find these thermal meshes for thermal woman model, made with elastan/polygiene polyamide fabric.Adapts perfectly to the body.This fabric, in addition, is anti -smell.

Outdoor accessories

As for accessories, in Outlet Mountain we can find from cheap mountain backpacks both for one -day excursions and for several days crossings and, for example, this HBT Polie 35L 35L mountain backpack model.

To practice skiing or freeride we can find the 40L ski tour backpack, as it has several tapes and straps to transport material abroad.If you are looking for a lighter 40L tour.

If we plan to spend several days on the mountain and make aliveac, it is important that the backpack is not very heavy.That is why the sleeping bag that we choose must be light but in turn has good thermal capacity.This specific model is a very economical sleeping bag but with very good performance, because it does not weigh even half a kilo and is very compressible, so it will barely occupy space.

If you go to sleep in a mountain shelter, recommended, more than a sleeping bag, it is a cotton sheet sack.


Finally, trail running lovers also have their space dedicated by tragoworld, because we can find from trail running pants for men or women, to accessories such as the Tx Crab backpack (which also works as a fanny woman).

The polyamirip furry with a bottle complement, perfect for mountain races or background skiing.

In addition to these items, on the Outlet Montaña website you will be able to find much more mountain clothes with discounts of up to 70%.