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23 things you may not know about 'Sex in New York'

The mythical sex in New York returns with the sequel to HBO Just Like That.These are 23 things that you might not know about the series.

The series is based on the book 'Sex in New York' by Candace Bushnell

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The sex book in New York, similar to one of the plots of the television series, is composed of the New York Observer press columns of Bushnell, which were published between 1994 and 1996.

Bushnell wrote about his own love life in New York City and interviewed other people about their sexual lives, adventures and misadventures.In his articles he referred to herself with the name of Carrie Bradshaw, her alter ego.Finally he signed an agreement with the creator of the Darren Star series worth 60.000 dollars (about 53.000 euros) for the rights of history, according to Deadline.

Many characters are inspired by real life people

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Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones and Charlotte York-Goldenblatt are inspired by real-life people who appear in the sex press columns in New York.

Big is also inspired by the Real Life Editorial Executive Ron Galotti, with whom Bushnell came out for a year after knowing himself at a party in 1995.

"It was one of those types of New York with a great personality.One looks at him as soon as he enters the room.I called it Mr.Big because he was a great man, "Bushnell told New York Magazine magazine in 2004.

The scriptwriters often incorporated their own experiences and anecdotes on appointments that do not work out


One of the reasons why some of the scenarios in which the 4 main characters are so real is because they are.According to Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, author of Sex and The City and Us, the personal problems of the scriptwriters were often included in history.

"The talks among all in the script room became group therapy.Suddenly being single became an advantage.Each bad experience in an appointment became a good plot.The unfortunate romantic relations no longer discouraged the screenwriters;They were eager to get to the office the next morning to talk about it, "said Armstrong.

Sarah Jessica Parker had to be convinced to play the role of Carrie Bradshaw

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When Parker received the script for the first time, she doubted: she did not see herself playing Carrie Bradshaw or any of Carrie's friends, as indicated in the book Sex and The City and Us, and was not sure to commit to commitWith the television series for fear of endangering his film and theatrical career.

However, he was attracted after meeting with the creator of the series and executive producer Darren Star, who was open to his opinion about the character and even offered him the opportunity to be a producer.

Kim Cattall also let the opportunity to play Samantha Jones at the beginning

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The actress was nervous because the character was 10 years older than the rest, as well as for the opportunities she would offer to play such a character, since she had experience with markedly sexual characters.

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However, he ended up accepting after meeting with Star and learning that Sarah Jessica Parker had already said yes to the project.

Kristin Davis was offered at the beginning the role of Carrie

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While Star tried to recruit Sarah Jessica Parker for the series, he sent the script to Kristin Davis, who at that time tried to make a place in the field of comedy, and asked him to do a test for the role of Carrie.

However, according to Armstrong's book, Carrie's description discouraged Davis.It seemed like a fantastic character, but he identified much more with Charlotte.

After convincing his agents, Davis got his favorite role, Charlotte York's.

Charlotte York was going to be a secondary character compared to the other 3 protagonists

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According to Sex and The City and Us, Davis was informed that Charlotte would be a recurring but not protagonist, so he would not go out in all episodes.However, as the series progressed, the screenwriters and creators realized that Charlotte had to be part of the group of the 4 protagonists.

Cynthia Nixon is not a natural redhead, but she agreed to dye her blond hair for Miranda's role

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"For me it was important that hair color, body types and everything was different.When Cynthia Nixon came to read for the first time, she was blonde.However, I imagined Miranda Relirroja.Fortunately, I said that jump of faith, "Star told MTV, according to Elle.

'The New York Star', the newspaper in which Carrie Bradshaw's column appears, received his name from the creator and executive producer of the series

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The name of the fictional newspaper was created as a tribute to Darren Star, who is attributed the creation and production of the series.

You can visit Carrie's apartment in real life, but it is in a totally different direction than the one mentioned in the series


In the series, Carrie's apartment is located at the Upper East Side on 73th Street, between the 2nd and 3rd Avenue.However, the exterior of the apartment is really in West Village in Perry Street.

The interior of Carrie's floor was shot in a sound stage.However, fans of the series can visit the reddish stone steps and take photos from outside (since they are closed because people live there).

In the third season, Sarah Jessica Parker had to get vaccinated against tetanus after shooting a famous scene

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While the scene was filmed in which she and mr.Big, played by Chris Noth, fall to the pond in Central Park, Parker cut his foot.As a security measure, he had to get vaccinated against tetanus as soon as he got out of the water, according to Grazia.

Mr's real name was not thought about.Big antes del final


In one of the final scenes of the series, it is revealed that MR's real name.Big is John.However, executive producer Michael Patrick King later recalled that the name occurred on the march.

"In the last episode, at the last moment, I realized [that I had] to say the name of MR.Big and I got 'John', "King told Entertainment Weekly in 2017.

Sarah Jessica Parker was the only actress of the 4 main ones who refused to shoot nudes

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Although the series is called sex in New York, fans have been able to verify that Parker does not seem naked or half -naked in any scene.Even in the most uploads, it almost always has a sheet to cover itself or the bra, and the same goes for the rest of the projects that it has shot.

"I have no prejudice against anyone who decides to do it.I think it's fantastic for people to feel comfortable doing it.It is not for principles or any type of religious or ideological position in my part, "he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016.

In the assembly of the original intro, Carrie has a totally different outfit to the now iconic pink and white set


The iconic sex inrob.However, that was not the original beginning.

In the original intro sequence, Parker wore a light blue dress, instead of the tutu.

"There were 2 outfits.One was the tutú, and we made a pass in which Sarah Jessica wore a blue dress and was not splashed by the bus.What happened in the original was that he tripped when he saw the announcement, "recalled the creator of the Darren Star program to Entertainment Weekly in 2017.

The costume designer, Patricia Field, bought the white tutu for $ 5 (just 4.43 euros)

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"When I showed it to Sarah Jessica, she loved it..."Patricia told Emmy TV Legends in 2012.

After convincing Darren Star to allow them to use the piece, it became a representative symbol of Carrie's character.

The series shaped many trends and increased the popularity of the 'cupcakes'


The series gave rise to the "cupcake phenomenon," said Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, author of Sex and The City and Us to Business Insider.

"There was a phenomenon with the cupcakes, and everyone agrees that the series had a lot to do.It was just a scene, but it turned out to be very influential, "Armstrong explained.

The fans of 'Sex in New York' convinced the creators to bring back the character of John Corbett, Aidan Shaw, after he and Carrie separate in the third season


According to New York Daily News, Corbett was supposed to only appear in a few episodes.However, after Carrie's heartbreaking rupture and he, fans begged the producers to bring Aidan back.

"What happened was that fans joined through the Internet.They sent emails [to the producers] in which wooden chairs appeared without saying: 'Do not leave Aidan without finishing' (since the character is dedicated to manufacturing furniture), "Corbett told Daily News in 2019.

In the first episode of Los Angeles, flight from New York, Carrie was supposed to meet a different actor from Matthew McConaughey

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According to Marie Claire, McConaughey was the fourth actor offered by Cameo, behind Alec Baldwin, George Clooney and Warren Beatty.In fact, if you look closely at the scene in which the guest star Sarah Michelle Geller tells Parker's character who will meet, she pronounces Beatty's name, but "Matthew McConaughey" is about him.

Parker was pregnant during the fifth season

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The shooting team and the costume department did a great job by hiding Parker's pregnancy while filming the fifth season.

This is also the reason why the fifth season was interrupted and the sixth season was divided into 2 parts, since Parker was maternity leave.

Sarah Jessica Parker had to stick her heels with adhesive tape as she ran through the streets of Paris at the end of 'Sex in New York'

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Although it cannot be seen in the final version, Parker had an adhesive tape on his heels to avoid slipping.

The only garment that was used several times was Carrie's skin coat


It is well known that the cast of sex in New York never repeated clothing garment, except Carrie's famous skin.

It appears several times during the first and second season and then disappears completely to the final episode when Carrie walks through the streets of New York talking on the phone with MR.Big.

Christopher Noth's favorite scene is the time when Carrie Bradshaw throws a fart in bed


En el episodio de la primera temporada titulado La sequía, Carrie se tira accidentalmente un pedo mientras pasa la noche en el apartamento deBig.He mocks her and she is worried that she never see her again in the same way.

"I practiced the sound a lot to do it well," said Noth during an appearance in the Kelly Clarkson program.

Sarah Jessica Parker took home a lot of series clothes and the 2 films after


In November, Sarah Jessica Parker told Vogue that "he kept many things from his stage in Sex in New York".

The actress said that she retains many elements of the series and films, from the iconic blue heels of Manolo Blahnik that carrie carries when MR.Big le pide matrimonio en la primera película hasta las bragas que usa su personaje durante un desfile de moda.