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40 chollos and offers of the day at Amazon that you can buy with discount after the prime day: a 40%Alexa, an Xiaomi electric bike for 25%

It is no longer hours that have passed since the end of the Amazon Prime Day 2021, but almost more days.The great annual event that the e-commerce giant gives to the subscribers of their prime service so that they can benefit from thousands of offers, chollos, discounts and promotions.

This year, for 48 hours, the sales even reached 86% in products of all imaginable categories: technology, sport, beauty, home, food...Great purchase opportunities that millions of Spaniards did not want to miss.

The 40 chollos that still have a discount after the prime day

The truth is that the Amazon Prime Day 2021 has ended, as all good things end, but the electronic commerce platform continues to offer magnificent opportunities to buy products with great valuations at scandal prices.If you are one of those who are still interested in tracking chollos, from Bazar Marca we have prepared a selection of 40 products that you can still buy with discounts of up to 50%.Do not miss them.


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Boss t -shirts

Basic garments combine with everything and get you out of trouble when you don't know what to wear.That is why they should never be missing in your closet.Leave for other combinations the prints, the stripes...And choose plain and neutral colors when you want to give strength to another garment of your outfit.This 3 -shirt pack will be very useful.They come white, gray and black, are short -sleeved (perfect for summer) and are made totally cotton.

You can buy it here for 34.49 euros al14% discount

Battery starter

The Noco Boost Plus GB40 enjoys a good reputation in the battery start.Compact, light, powerful and very safe, its internal battery is lithium ions.Taking it close can save you from a bad day.Protected against sparks, reverse polarity, short circuits and on heating, also has USB output to recharge mobile phones, cameras, video games and headphones.

You can buy it here at a price of 49.99 euros (with a discount of 21%).


The new 10 5g TCL offers an ultra -grape connection rate to see, play and download without waiting.The films and series in high definition will be loaded in seconds, the games will not have a delay to be able to enjoy them in real time, and the downloads will take seconds to complete.The screen is 6.53 inches, large and clear.The camera is pretty good for its price range.

It has a lot.Also, marriage with footprint works well and has a lot of battery autonomy.

You can buy it here for 249 (at 41%).

Samsung Galaxy M11

Samsung Galaxy M11 smart mobile phone is a free and cheap mobile phone without contracting.A smartphone with functions that you would only find on higher range mobile phones, such as the 13 MP rear camera, mobile unlocking through facial recognition and fingerprint sensor.Thanks to the high battery performance of 5000 mAh, up to 49 hours of video playback on this mobile.The Samsung Galaxy M11 has Android operating system with high -end functions.

You can buy it here for 89 euros (24%).

Hot air fryer

Have you heard of hot air fryers?Friture is one of the traditional techniques most present in the Mediterranean diet, although today it enjoys bad reputation for unhealthy.The truth is that it is difficult to resist its delicious crunchy finish but, fortunately, there are healthier alternatives.These devices promise practically identical results to traditional fried fryings, but with the minimum fat and without all the discomforts that entails.Like this recent princess invention.

You can buy it here at a price of 94.82 euros (with a 10%discount).


See your favorite series on Netflix anywhere, take your travel books, listen to podcast, work...If you are thinking of investing in a tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite model has a great discount and is similar to a laptop that fits in the palm of the hand, with a good combination of screen and sound for a device of these dimensions.An incredible multimedia experience, excellent for video games.

You can buy it here at a price of 227.55 euros (a 30%discount).

Nintendo Switch memory card

The Sandisk brand already enjoys international recognition as a reference card in the sector.In all its variants, both capacity and size, they are able to adapt to each need.This MicroSD model, 256 GB, is specially made for the Nintendo Switch console.Save endless games and enjoy them optimal thanks to their reading speed of 100Mb per second.The card design also winks to the Japanese video game house, since the famous Mario Bros saga star is in the front.

You can buy it here for 39.99 euros (56% discount).

Oral B Pro 2

Oral B Pro 2 2000 is the best -selling electric toothbrush of Amazon.It has two brushing modes (daily gums), pressure sensor that warns if brushing is too strong, professional timer that every 30 seconds warns to change zone and battery indicator.It contains a pink mango and a black handle with charger in addition to two replacement heads.Take advantage of Prime Day to buy this pack of two units.

You can buy it here for 80.54 euros (38% discount).

Superautomatic cafetera de'longhi

With this superautomatic coffee maker of'longhi ecam you can prepare your favorite drink just by pressing a button.You can customize how strong, long or hot you want your coffee.It is equipped with an adjustable manual device for cappuccino or hot milk, long coffee button, heat cups and water filter.Incorporates a digital screen with two text lines and a capuccino system with adjustable foam degree to enjoy your coffee with maximum creaminess.

You can buy it here for 399 euros (43% discount)

Internet by USB

Are your network card on the plate or seek to improve the connection?This USB adapter of the TP-Link brand is one of the most affordable models on the market.It is the fastest solution to guarantee great transfer speed.As easy as connect and voila.Equipped with a USB 3 port.0 and a gigabit Ethernet port, provides a high -speed data transfer rate up to 1000 Mbps.It also has a compact size makes it easier to save in your pocket

You can buy it here for 11.50 euros (62% discount)

Grill Tefal

40 chollos y ofertas del día en Amazon que puedes comprar con descuento tras el Prime Day: un Alexa al 40%, una bicicleta eléctrica Xiaomi al 25%

Who said there is no beyond classic barbecues?This Optigrill XL grill offers the most advanced technology at the service of the most delicious kitchen.By presenting a 33 % larger cooking surface, it is optimal to invite family and friends to eat.Thanks to the "cooking with automatic sensor", time and temperature are automatically adjusted depending on the thickness and the number of foods placed on the plate, on the basis of 9 hamburger cookBirds, seafood, bacon and pork and a frozen food mode.

At the same time, an indicator light allows it to supervise it directly: purple for preheating, blue and then green at the beginning of cooking, yellow when food is little made, orange when they are at their point and red when they are very made.Just lift the lid to remove the meat that is already ready and let the rest continue to cook the additional manual mode with 4 adjustable temperature levels.

You can buy it here for 180 euros at 30% discount.


Do you like gardening?Would you like to have a tiny garden?If you don't have space for a conventional garden or you simply want a compact and functional space where to plant, you are in luck.This high gardener of outsunny will love.It is made of solid firing wood, has 4 drainage holes and the interior is lined with breathable geotextile mesh.The best of all is the height, which in addition to giving it a decorative touch, facilitates the care of your spaces.

It is made of solid firing wood and its total measures are 100x70x80 cm.

You can buy it here for 75.99 euros at 5% discount

Deodorant for men

The exquisite fragrance of Old Spice will make you feel safe, right now when summer comes and we all sweat more.It comes in a 4 sticks pack and eye, does not leave those unpleasant white or yellow spots on clothes.It will give you protection and good aroma throughout the day and will not irritate your skin.Don't go out without him.

You can buy it here for 7.96 euros at 39% discount

Braun shave

An ideal option for those sensitive skins that, however, are looking for a maximum shave.While it is true that models such as this Braum shaver could be more associated with elderly people, since the blades supplanted them a while ago, they still enjoy the support of an audience that likes to have a precise and soft hurry.In part, thanks to the sonic vibrations that slide on the skin for greater softness.

In addition, this series 9 has five synchronized sharp elements that catch the hair to the first pass of the machine.Is electric and rechargeable.


You can buy it here for 328.99 euros (39% discount)

Infrared thermometer

Escar on the forehead, shoot and in just a second you will get body temperature.Therefore, this thermometer is perfect for babies and young children who do not endure calm the time the measurement of a conventional thermometer lasts.Above 37.8º emits a sound beep alerting fever and stores up to 32 data sets to do historical monitoring.

In addition, it also measures the ambient temperature.

You can buy it here for 4.99 euros (50% discount).

Satisfy pro 3+

Two engines, 11 intensity levels and 10 vibration programs.The satisfy Pro 3+ together with the rest of the house models, has revolutionized the world of female sex toys.Stimulates the clitoris simultaneously with pressure and vibration waves to achieve a much more pleasant experience and its silicone head, soft and pleasant to the touch, it is very easy to clean.In short, this combination of stimuli ensures more frequent and durable orgasms.It even has a whisper to get in a more reposada way.

You can buy it here for 31.65 euros (47% discount).

Emergency light for the car

First were the triangles, then the vests, and now it is convenient to carry an emergency light to make us visible, next to our car, when we have to stop on the road for any incidence.The Help Flash consists of an emergency light and also a frontal flashlight.Approved and authorized by DGT, offers visibility of up to 1 km and 360 degrees, so its emergency position is maximized by avoiding accidents.

It can be used in adverse climatic conditions such as rain, wind and dust thanks to its IP54 approval.And in moments of stress the vehicle will be marked in less than eight seconds easily and intuitively.It has powerful antislation and autonomy fixing magnets of 2.5 hours, with 3 AAA batteries included in the beacon.

You can buy it here for 21.90 euros (at 22% discount).


Laser or pulsed light hair rays are gradually replacing the classic mechanical shafts.Among other things, because devices like this Philips Lmea promise to end 92% of body hair in just three sessions.They say from the brand that this product has been developed by dermatologists and is designed to be used at home "safely, simple and effective".

The device includes four intelligent curved accessories that allow the device to be adapted to the different areas where hair removal is usually necessary: face, axilas, English and the rest of the body.In that sense, in addition, the PHILIPS LEMEA has a smartskin sensor that automatically detects what the necessary intensity is based on your type of hair and skin tone.

You can buy it here for 439.90 euros (27% discount).

Cream Nivea Q10

The new Nivea Q10 Power Antiarrugas Formula DAY CARE CONTAINS COENZIMUM Q10 identical to the skin that provides energy and protects the complexion, naturally fighting aging.Effectively reduces wrinkles and expression lines in four weeks and leaves visibly firmer skin in just two.

With FP30 and UVB/UVB protection, it helps protect the skin against the formation of sun -induced wrinkles and prevents the appearance of spots.Dermatologically proven.

You can buy it here for 15.49 euros (29% discount).

Piz Buin tan accelerator

Traditional tanning oils allow a fantastic tan, but provide scarce or zero protection against UVA/UVB rays.Meanwhile, conventional sun creams with high SPF can make you have too long to get the desired color.

This tan accelerator of the Piz Buin brand has SPF 30 that protects against solar radiation and vitamin E, which helps prevent premature aging.Non -fat formula, in spray format.

You can buy it here for 10.58 euros (47% discount).

49% Robot Robot Robot

Today you can get the queen of smart vacuners for less than half of its price thanks to the prime day offers.Irobot's 981 Roomba ends with dirt, remains and pet hair both on your floor and in carpets, and without efforts, thanks to its Dirty Detect technology.

Extract, raise, aspire, filter and clean, with a suction power up to 10 times greater than the conventional.Mape your house to trace the cleaning tours and is programmable from your own mobile.It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

You can buy it here for 509.90 euros (49% discount).

Xiaomi little m3

The Xiaomi smartphone little M3 Pro 5G offers you for a very small price compared to other devices of its range, 64GB and 4GB of RAM.It has a Dual Sim card, and an FHD+ 90 Hz screen of 6.5 ", to offer faster images and a more fluid use experience for users.It also has triple 48 MP camera with AI, with macro and depth lenses.Nightly arrange and the possibility of recording slow camera videos.

You can buy it here for 145 euros at 19% discount

Satisfy pro 2

If you are one of the few women who do not have their satisfying (yes, with your own name) you must get one already.This clitoris sucking machine, the best -selling sex toy in its segment, emits expansive waves and pulsations that allow the orgasm to be very easily and in a short time.Beyond, it is demonstrated that female self -planter helps reduce stress, menstrual pain, increases dopamine release...What are you waiting for?

You can buy it here for 22 euros (23% discount).

Garmin Phoenix 6x Pro

It is one of the smartwatches of the moment, one of those that everyone seeks at a good price this Amazon Prime Day 2021.The Garmin Phoenix 6 PRO has a heart rate sensor and is able to measure blood oxygen saturation, but also has the PAC Pro application, which is found allows planning routes based on the rhythm, recovery control and otherVariables.

The MPA Topoactive of Europe also has pre -installed, with an endless identifiable location if you go out to do trail running.For the rest, the Garmin Phoenix 6 PRO highlights for its sobriety and its elegant design both in the 1.4 "and 3.6" version.And of course, beyond sport, with this Garmin you can pay for a wrist hit.

You can buy it here for 568.99 euros thanks to the 19% discount.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Impossible to find this Redmi Note 9 of Xiaomi.At least, Amazon users who have tried it maintain very high assessment.It will be for its quality-quality, for its compatibility with Alexa, for its quadruple camera (2MP, 5MP, 8MP, 48MP) or for its processor..

But neither are its 64 GB of RAM or its 128 GB of digital storage or its long -lasting battery its powerful Helio G85 high performance game processor G85.Carries Android 10 operating system.0 and, in addition, it is compatible NFC.

Buy it here for 128 euros (at 36% discount).

Rod blender

It has double 'titanium' blade of great solidity that makes no food resist.Your stainless steel foot is disassembled for easy cleaning.It has 1.000 w of power and, in addition, an electronic speed regulator and two buttons.Its front is made of stainless steel, like its foot.Includes a stainless whisper, a chopper with a blade and a meter vessel with 600 ml lid.It also carries a ring that allows it to easily hang.

You can buy it here for 31.92 euros (at 45%).

Oral-b irrigator

If you want to have your teeth always clean as if you finished leaving the dentist, it is best to get a oral irrigator like this oral-b.This product helps to get deep cleaning and healthy gums.For those and many other reasons, he is sweeping Amazon for some time.Thanks to its microburbujas technology, clean in depth under the line of gums and attacks harmful bacteria.

Oral B irrigator also eliminates food remains softly, avoiding damageing the enamel or gums.It is the ideal complement to daily brushing, since it has been clinically tested and is recommended by dentists around the world.

You can buy it here for 52.01 euros (48% discount).

Echo Dot, intelligent speaker with Alexa

If Alexa still does not have, this is your chance to get the most famous smart speaker on the market.What can you do with him?Well, from programming the washing machine (boring but very practical, especially now with the new rates) to ask for your favorite song or ask for a pizza.

You can also check the time, listen to the radio, ask for the news and even a joke to improve a bad day.Nanas also sings, in case you were asking.For lovers of household houses, the answer is yes, you can adjust thermostats, light lights and regulate them, call a friend or even make communications to the whole house with messages as important as "dinner is ready" (goodbye to say itvoice in shout).

You can buy it here for 42.99 euros (28% discount).


Estos calzoncillos modelo bóxer de Jack & Jones con tonos blancos negros y grises se comercializan en paquetes de tres unidades.They are made with a combination of very flexible materials -95% cotton and 5% elastane- and have a wide cacta, those two characteristics delve into their comfort.But in addition, this cotton mixture can go through the washing machine without suffering excessive wear.One more reason to bet on this male underwear, which also has a special discount on the occasion of Prime Day.

You can buy it here for 20.09 euros (20% discount).

Amazfit GTR 2 clock

Amazfit is the brand under which Xiaomi, the Chinese telecommunications giant, sells some of its latest wearables.Among them, especially smartwatches like this of the GTR2 series, which combine the elegance of a quartz clock and the functions of an activity bracelet.

The belt is silicone but the sphere has a classic circular design.As for technological benefits, it is equipped with Biotracker, a system that monitors precision heart rate 24 hours a day to alert in case of suspicious irregularities.But not only that, it also has a blood oxygen level meter and a sleep quality meter.It has 12 modos deportivos y se puede sumergir en el agua a 50 metros de profundidad.

You can buy it here for 134.90 euros (20% discount).

Huawei wireless router

With this router the wifi signal will even reach the farthest room of your office or your home.Huawei AC1200 is capable of connecting endless devices at a maximum 5GHz speed in total in dual bands and in a very fluid way.In short, such a powerful modem is very practical in a work environment.Without unsuccessful waiting, you will enjoy incredible speed you can connect the router with your Huawei smartphone in just three steps.

You can buy it here for 29.90 euros (46% discount).

Furminator for cats

This tool has the sole function to eliminate loose hair that is left with daily brushing.The manufacturer states that Furminator eliminates up to 99% of loose hair and recommends using it 1 or 2 times a week in sessions of 10 to 20 minutes on dry hair.There are for various types of animals and sizes and this is specifically designed for short -haired cats of more than 4.5 kilos.

Furminator warns that, before using it, it is convenient to check our pet to rule.It should be used with unbridled hair and in its growth direction.

You can buy it here for 20.99 euros (48% discount).

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

The Assassin's Creed Valhalla is one of the most desired video games and in Amazon you can get it with a more than half discount on its original price.This edition of the popular video game is set in the world of Vikings and ensures hours of entertainment with incredible graphics.In this adventure you control Eivor, a legendary Viking Guerrero educated with battle and glory stories.The usual in Assassin's Creed: loot your enemies, expand your settlement, and increase your political power in the race to win a site among the gods of Valhalla.It is for over 18 years.

You can buy it here for 34.90 euros (13% discount)

Control vibrator ring

Take out the devil that you carry inside with the traditional Durex vibrator ring: this flexible ring adapts to any penile size and is designed to achieve greater stimulation of the clitoris during sexual practice.Thanks to its design with stimulating head and relief points, the sensations for the couple will be very exciting.It is flexible and is made with soft non -toxic materials.

You can buy it here for 6.24 euros (at 30% discount).


This Active Ultrafine Bathroom scales has 4 weighing sensors that offer incomparable precision in stones, kilos or pounds.It has a large platform that guarantees that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the surface, and a 6 mm tempered glass structure that offers a lasting and elegant design to any home.

Your simple and easy -to -read screen is equipped with a LCD backlight.It also incorporates energy savings technology by automatic ignition/off.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros (20% discount).

Hummel shoes

High cane and with a retro style very similar to that of the basketball shoes of the eighties, these shoes of the Scandinavian firm Hummel are presented in the Prime Day as one of the great chollos as far as fashion and clothing is concerned.These high sneakers with a predominant white tone are made almost entire.Available in a wide range of carvings, from 36 to 48.

You can buy them here for 59.90 euros (21% discount).

Alexa Echo Dot for 33 euros

The Echo Dot, the most popular smart speaker in all colors and at a bargain price: 19.90 euros.A unique opportunity to get him with 60% in this Amazon Prime Day 2021.Comes with a cloth finishing design that fits any small space perfectly.

Control music with the voice: reproduces songs on Amazon Music, Spotify, Tunein and other services in streaming.

In addition, you can control home devices, send messages, answer calls and even play Pasapalabra.

You can buy it here for 32.99 euros (43% discount).


This abdominal-lumbar electrostimulator 2 in 1 with EMS technology is an ideal belt for individual treatment of the low back and abdominal area.The tape is flexible and adjustable and pleasant to use with its flexible and ergonomic shape.It is equipped with 5 preprogrammed applications and adjustable intensity that can be stopped at any time.The belt of the abdominal and back muscles accompanies the training of the central abdominal muscles and the lumbar zone.Waist circumference can be adjusted flexibly.

You can buy it here at 49.99 euros at 28% discount


BOX OF 24 CONVATIVE UNITS CONTROL XL.It is a preservative wider and more long than normal, so it is more comfortable to place and by providing a better anatomical adaptation, sensitivity increases during the relationship.It is made of natural rubber latex and has 57 mm nominal width.

You can buy it here for 11.98 euros (14% discount).

Xiaomi folding electric bicycle

This bicycle gathers all attractions to be a best seller in large appointments like Amazon Prime Day.It is light, it is foldable, it is electric and is Xiaomi, a brand that we all associate with excellent value for money.

What are your benefits?Well, it has a 250 -watt engine, a battery with autonomy of Hast 45 kilometers, a force sensor on the rear wheel and an on -board computer that will allow you to monitor all types of data from your performance to the pedals: strength, speed,Distance traveled, calorie consumption...

You can buy it here for 749 euros (25% discount).

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